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Hygiene during pregnancy of

Expecting the birth of the kid, future mother watches over the health, tries to eat and support properly herself in good physical shape, collects information on development of the child and care of it. What else should pay attention during pregnancy that the baby was born healthy? It appears, it is worth remembering hygiene.

we Care for ourselves

is known to All that at future mother, especially in the first trimester of pregnancy, immunity decreases. It is physiologically justified - so the mother`s organism creates the best conditions for development of a fruit. However the woman becomes during this period of more vulnerable for different infections - both respiratory, and causing diseases zheludochno - an intestinal path. Usually such diseases do not do harm to future child, however any indisposition during pregnancy is undesirable, especially if there is a need to take medicine. How to be protected from infections?

the World expert in the field of hygiene of Dettol ® pays special attention to the infections which are transmitted through hands. We got used to consider that flu and a SARS extend vozdushno - a drop way: we avoid contacts with the chilled, sneezing and coughing people, we use gauze bandages, we try not to be in crowded places during the periods of mass diseases. All this is especially actual during pregnancy. However it is not less important for protection against respiratory infections... to wash hands!

Infectious agents wait for us not only in air, but also on surfaces which the large number of people touches. These are door handles in public places, hand-rail in transport, furniture and counters in cafe and shops. During pregnancy the habit to wash hands with soap after any similar contacts can serve good service. If water and soap are inaccessible, it is worth using special products of Dettol ® - antibacterial hand gel and wet towel wipes. Dettol ® hand gel; provides purity of hands for 99,9% and possesses pleasant aroma, and antibacterial napkins of Dettol ® carefully clear and moisten skin of hands. Convenient packing with one of these means can always be had at itself.


will be helped by antibacterial means and at risk to catch intestinal infection - not without reason call similar indispositions “diseases of dirty hands“. During pregnancy be especially attentive to where also what you eat. There are several councils which will help to avoid zheludochno - intestinal diseases.


It is thought of future kid

Unfortunately, there are such infections which are capable not only to cause an indisposition in future mother, but also to damage to a fruit. So, it is possible to be protected from a rubella or chicken pox if to do vaccination even before pregnancy, or to avoid contact with the disease carrier. But sometimes not the person, and a pet becomes a carrier of an infection, dangerous to a fruit.

If you hold houses a cat , for the period of pregnancy ask someone another to change cat litter. The matter is that excrement of an animal can contain the elementary parasites - toxoplasma. The toxoplasmosis caused by them can have an adverse effect on development of future kid.

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independently purity of a cat`s toilet, touch a tray and a filler only in disposable gloves then carefully wash up hands with soap.

If you have a domestic rodent (for example, a hamster or a guinea pig), ask someone from family members to look after him till the child`s birth. Domestic rodents, such as hamsters, sandworts and guinea pigs can be carriers of a virus of a lymphocytic horiomeningit, infection with which is dangerous to a fruit.

Domestic reptiles (lizards, snakes, iguanas, turtles, etc.) can be carriers of the salmonella who is contained in their excrement therefore they also pose threat to health of the pregnant woman and future kid.

Surely put on disposable gloves for care of similar animals and wash hands after communication with them if you cannot entrust it to someone from the house.

Washing of hands will be more effective if to use one of Dettol ® products;. Antibacterial liquid soap and lumpy Dettol ® soap; delete up to 99,9% of bacteria, including colibacillus and golden staphylococcus. Dettol ® antibacterial liquid soap; is issued in four options, carefully clears and does not dry skin. Dettol ® soap; Original works also effectively and will suit those who prefer traditional lumpy soap.

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health of a family

Preparing for the birth of the kid, it is worth thinking of what habits of members of your family are contrary to rules of hygiene and to try to change them. When in the house there will be a newborn, will late teach the young father to wash hands, coming from work, and to remind the grandmother to make it after cutting of meat. We hope, your example, convincing explanations, and also the new device for washing of hands will help to be reconstructed to your relatives.

It is valid, a novelty from Dettol ® - the automatic touch system “No Touch“ for antibacterial liquid soap - wins more and more admirers among children and adults. In the No Touch system vacuum dispensing which allows to avoid formation of drops of soap after use is applied, and through a transparent window it is possible to trace the remained amount of soap. Spare blocks with antibacterial liquid soap for Dettol ® hands; are presented by four different aromas - original, with aroma of grapefruit, green tea and with cucumber aroma. The system takes very few place and turns washing of hands into easy and fast procedure.

Especially it is important

if in your family the birth not of the first child is expected and there are senior children. They should communicate with the kid too, and they have to maintain purity of hands independently, without your reminders. With the No Touch system it will do easier and more cheerful!

we Wish you quiet pregnancy and a joyful meeting with the new family member!