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The Baikal vacation of

this year I was lucky to go on summer holiday. Each May evening we sat down with daughters at the computer, studied responses, watched photos and dreamed of how we will go to the sea. At the sea none of my children were, all talk was only about the forthcoming trip. I have two remarkable daughters, Masha - 10 years, Ksyushe - 3. After much debate decided to go to the Sea of Azov as judging by responses on the Internet, there are a lot of entertainments for children, besides, not so expensively, as on Black.

to us should deliver to

the younger daughter an inoculation in policlinic, and here we were waited by an unpleasant surprise. The matter is that Ksyusha last year had mononukleozy. The doctor struck it off the register, however within the next year strictly forbade to change climate, the long time to be on the scorching sun, registered a hardening and all-improving procedures. About a trip at the sea there could not be also a speech.

Children sobbed two days, especially senior. The option to go with it together and to leave younger at home we did not consider. We live in the Irkutsk region therefore the decision to go to Baikal seemed to us the most logical. Not the sea, of course, but all - water, fresh air, besides, there it was possible to continue a hardening. I decided to show to children the native land.

we Began

, of course, with Listvyanki. The first that to us was evident, this large number of foreigners. Americans, Chinese, Japanese, Germans. Masha even tried to get acquainted with one girl, strangely enough, they understood each other though English of my daughter put aside to wish the best. In Listvyanke we visited nerpinariya, the museum of minerals, on the way stopped by at Taltsy. I showed to children the Shaman - a stone, told the well-known legend of Angara and Yenisei, of how Baikal threw a stone after the rebellious daughter who was running away from it.

We saw a surprising ancient bowl. If to rub at it handles, then water in a bowl begins to begin to boil, at this moment it is necessary to make a wish. What is surprising, at children water foams practically at once, and here adults should sweat. I do not know that my daughters thought, and I asked to myself family happiness and still children.

Two years ago at me the husband, the only thing died that rescued me then, is my children. I bring up girls one that, of course, is very heavy and not only in the material plan. I should be both mother and the father. During this time I became much stronger and more fearless perhaps. All dissuaded me from this trip: a pier where with children, Ksyushka small, it is cold there, you will chill. I nevertheless decided and did not regret about it.

the Trip took with

us two weeks. During this time we passed by the Krugobaykalsky railroad, were on Small Sea Strait, Olkhon, in the Sandy bay. I told children about animals and plants of Baikal, many of them. meet anywhere any more We photographed Baikal, collected a herbarium, beautiful pebbles. Got acquainted with very interesting people from the different cities, exchanged phones and now we continue to communicate.

Tourist bases on Baikal generally well-planned, at least, to me with children it was rather comfortable. With falling asleep problems were not, in a day children umatyvatsya so that filled up, having only concerned a pillow. Food in dining rooms quite monotonous, but a row, as a rule, located numerous cafes where it is possible to eat anything. Especially to children were fallen in love the Buryat cuisine. Fresh milk, sour cream, cottage cheese, strawberry. It seems to me, they ate without stopping. I leaned on a smoked omul more.

Children drove both by motor ship, and on the yacht, went by horses, went hiking, Ksyusha mastered the bicycle. Impressions there was a sea. For all trip of the daughter never quarreled. We were lucky, there were few rainy days during our trip, days stood very warm, at the same time there was no exhausting heat. In spite of the fact that the bright sun was not, all of us very well sunbathed. All know that sea suntan very quickly descends. At us keeps still. Children at me got stronger and recovered, I for some reason grew thin though I ate much. Probably, physical activities affected.

When we left, it seemed to me that my backpack became absolutely very heavy. I hardly brought it in the train, then which - as lowered on the platform. Then I thought that I was simply tired, however at home it turned out that my children so did not want to leave Baikal that took to themselves for memory of pebbles - laserworts, approximately kilograms five. Probably, for long memory. It was a pity to throw out stones to me. I was just going to do repair in a bathroom therefore decided to use these pebbles and instead of a tile laid out them a floor. In - the first, it is unusual and beautiful, besides, it is useful for children`s feet. Now, coming into a bathroom, my girls remember Baikal and our trip.

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