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We pull out ourselves from a stress of

From time immemorial the woman acted as the keeper of the family center. On her shoulders both the house, and children, and care of aged relatives lay. And also for the spouse it was necessary to remain the most charming and attractive!

For the last hundred years women had new rights and freedoms - and new obligations where without them. Now, besides homeliness, the fed children and well-groomed appearance, from the woman the higher education, financial independence, knowledge of “Internet“ is required and it is a lot of - a lot of things still.

At everything at the same time inherently women remained

the same. Yes, we with interest master new kinds of activity, we enjoy independence and we value the option. But aspiration to safety and predictability, thirst for a cosiness and beauty, inescapable alarm for close people - all this still with us.

Therefore - that the present situation of general instability - in economy, policy, in our country and around the world - is given us especially hard. Add the continuous haste, traffic jams, a chronic sleep debt and urgent questions waiting for our decision here.

At work and houses we receive “a double dose“ of uneasiness; all we forget to get on well at attempts about ourselves and we lose contact with the female essence. And, torn off from the roots, we feel the increasing loneliness and vulnerability in the huge storming world.

not to go crazy and to find the place in the sun, to us it is necessary to be able to calm down. Yes, first of all to take care of itself! Perhaps, it sounds improbably: how minutes or hours of tranquility can improve the world around us? They really will not improve the world, but can change our view of all events, instill enthusiasm and confidence in the forces. Creating on a grain of sand a pacification island in the heart, we receive a certain point of support and we can act from it, gradually extending clarity and orderliness to all spheres of the life.

Here some concrete steps which can be undertaken on the way to peace of mind.

of the Yogi. About advantage of yoga told much so I will designate only some moments. Choosing where to go to be engaged, it is worth paying attention to the level of physical training demanded for occupations and - it is obligatory! - on the identity of the teacher. Your mentor has to inspire trust and an arrangement, only then occupations will be really useful to you.

fine figures and shining faces of the women practicing yoga for years can serve

as the Additional motivating factor: it seems that time over them not imperiously!

If lacks

time for a visit of the center of yoga categorically, it is always possible to begin occupations of the house - the benefit, on the Internet of materials it is enough. For example, pay attention to video - lessons of a kundalina of yoga of beautiful Maia Fiennes.

Physical activity. the Considerable part of our uneasiness is connected with a sedentary life. Stress hormone cortisol, getting to blood, demands active actions - to run, shout, hide. Generally, to escape. And we quite often realize this impulse to action absolutely not structurally - we try to keep step with a sigarette or we cut off an excess piece of a cake.

So look for an occasion to move in everyday life - avoid elevators, park far away from the destination, instead of a sit-round gathering to cafe go to joint walk. Organize to yourself at least small, but regular loading, and you will see how the emotional background of your life will change.

Hormonal contraception with a natural formula (otherwise it is called natural oral contraception). Thanks to the modern level of technologies we can not only control birth rate, but also increase quality of own life.

the Fear of unplanned pregnancy pursues the most part of women and creates an additional reason for uncertainty in the future. The new generation of hormonal tablets, besides contraceptive reliability, close to 100%, possesses a number of the advantages considerably simplifying sexual life of the woman. In particular, it is about oral contraceptives with the hormone chemically identical to women`s hormone to estrogen. Its soft and delicate influence promotes maintenance of own feminity and appeal. The dynamic mode of dispensing created taking into account internal female hormonal fluctuations promotes excellent health, and, both physical, and emotional, in any day of a cycle. And it, in turn, helps liberation and transition of intimate life to new quality.

Insurance. Besides “insurance“ from pregnancy and discomfort, pertinently still to remember also about a usual insurance. You are afraid that the grandmother will flood neighbors? The husband jumps with a parachute and does not think of life without the hobby? In the yard there is not enough place, and your car was already scratched by the unknown? You can receive financial “pillow“ on a case of a set of different troubles for rather small sum of money and sleep far more quietly.


It is clear that all these points - not an axiom, but only single examples from an infinite set of options. The main thing - to begin to work. Having tried something, you will gain invaluable experience, positive or negative. And your further movement will be more and more conscious and “correct“ for your situation. At each of us the way to harmony and tranquility.

do not forget

I, please, that the your sincere world is more serene, the more forces remain at you for love and care of close people. So, this search of own way is important not only for you, but also for wellbeing of your family.