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Cheap rest in Dzhemeta (on June 25 - 30, 2002)

in the Spring of 2002 I had grandiose hassle. By June 20 I which - as was quit with all problems, but felt just disgustingly. There was a wild desire to escape from the city anywhere and 3 thousand rubles in a pocket. Decided to risk, the benefit, the sea from Krasnodar - “no distance“, it is less than 200 km.

it was clear to

At once that I go with children. And the daughter already more - swims less, and the son at all never at the sea was and, most likely, will be afraid to come into water (and it happened). It turns out that I have to be at the same time and near the daughter in water, and near the son on the beach. It is unreal... It was lucky - with me the girlfriend Lyudmila agreed to go at once with the daughter Nastena who is only 3 months younger than my Vanya. And once again it was lucky when Lyudmila`s father suggested to bring us by the car. Especially we estimated it when we finally packed all baggage: things, products (for economy purchased in Krasnodar), a carriage, toys. . the total weight of baggage made more than 60 kg plus three children - together with Lyudmila we would not drag off it.

the Following question. In principle from Krasnodar it is easy to reach any place of the coast of the Black and Azov seas, beginning from Sochi and finishing Primorsk - Akhtarsk. Through familiar Gelendzhik and Arkhipo - Osipovka was rejected practically at once: the stony, quickly leaving on depth beaches and which - where also piers were not suitable for two-year-old children at all. Decided to go to Anapa (from us 190 km) though both of us were there at pioneer age last time.

Due to the strongest shortage of finance decided to look for the place where - nibud in villages near Anapa. It was succeeded even to find the acquaintance who had a rest so last year, it drew the detailed scheme how to get on this place and where to move down from the route... Naturally, the law of meanness proved in all beauty, on searches of the necessary turn we killed nearly 2 hours of time, found nothing, children from already five-hour trip on a heat were in absolutely deranged state. Therefore went to Anapa. Bypassed several houses there, but we were not lucky, rooms, very inconvenient for housing, surrendered everywhere: far from the sea, with narrow beds and almost total absence of the place for childish sports in the yard. Tried to pass further, and got to Dzhemete.

Generally, we were sure that there the housing is more expensive, than in Anapa, but children stormed with might and main therefore left children with Lyudmila`s father in a tenechka, and seized the first intermediary - the taxi driver. Intermediaries stand at every turn, at accurately certain requirements select housing quickly enough for 10 - 20% of payment therefore arrived with taxi drivers it is difficult to bargain, and here if simply legs round the area to walk - to ask owners - the bargaining is pertinent.“ Simple“, I did not see not an intermediary taxi, all pervopriyekhavshy by a taxi automatically are considered brought by the taxi driver. Therefore for economy it is simpler to put children with someone from adults in a cafe (the choice is huge also reasonable prices), and most to look for housing on foot. But I learned it then. Went, found the room to the address Sand.

to Rent the room on 5 people of sense was not, younger children sleep with mothers therefore at once the requirement “wide beds“ accurately was defined. Just this hostess has width of each bed meter with a small tail so together with the child you accommodate quite freely. At once you look at the hostess`s attitude towards children, in several places we refused to remove only because hostesses from a threshold began to be terrified “so many children... they are such noisy... on their washing so much water leaves...“ . It to listen to Nervotrepno. But there where removed, the hostess very friendly treated children, it was possible to agree also about that we prepared after 11 in the evening though theoretically in the 11th the hostess closes kitchen, in practice one day we fried pancakes, then stuffed them, then still poured glaze... Finished almost at one o`clock in the morning, and nobody told the word of reproach to us, the hostess just left keys to the night security guard, and it closed then kitchen behind us. That who with children, it is very convenient.

In rooms the socket, beds, a case, a bedside table, mirrors in rooms and even in soul a mirror freezes up. Doors of all rooms leave to the yard under a canopy, near a window there are plastic little tables with chairs. On 24 rooms - 2 kitchens, in each kitchen of 2 normal refrigerators and 3 gas stoves, 6 flourishes, 6 toilets plus wash basins and the place for a postirushka. The yard which on both sides is not closed therefore there constantly easy breeze... Generally, for that money for which we withdrew, conditions just paradise. The only shortcoming - in kitchen there was not always a hot water (in soul - always) therefore it is better to buy on the place something washing, like “Fairey“.

Ah and, about the prices... In Anapa in 15 minutes from the sea the price at the end of June of 100 - 120 rubles from the person. At the same time different hostesses differently consider children: one - as adults (respectively, it turns out 500 r / days with the company), others agreed also for 450 and 420 and 400 rubles... Where we removed, it was succeeded to agree for 350 rubles (day of arrival - day of departure in one day, total with 25 on 30 number of 1750 rubles, a fifty-kopeck piece the hostess conceded “on fruit to children“:-))

At once for the interested I write

the approximate prices until the end of a season (inquired before departure at the hostess). Numbers are specified approximately and depend on weather (the more warmly, the earlier pass to higher price) and quantity of arrived.

at the same time if it has many free rooms and if there comes the big company at once, the hostess reduces the prices. In the same quarter there are some more similar structures, too it is pure, beautiful and convenient, the prices approximately the same so will settle it is possible.

About housing it seems everything if missed something - ask.

is farther than

about the beach and the sea. From a lodge I one reached the beach in 2 - 3 minutes, with children, covered by bags, inflatable pools / mattresses / balls, with toys, shovels, water, food both other and other, we went minutes 5 - 6 (constantly something fell, someone from children was stopped about the next tent with toys).

the Beach sandy, is a lot of cockleshells, the beach is tried to be cleaned. Sand quite is suitable also for construction of locks and just for excavation. Vanek pulled out every day in sand on a hole to which then and got. The sea in the first day was very warm, but with a heap of seaweed and small jellyfishes. It was necessary to leave on this bog of meters on 100 from the coast (there to me up to a breast, the daughter up to a neck depth) to leave this bog. If not children - I absolutely in vain would jerk from there. At night wind blew from the coast and carried away all ooze together with warm water as speak local “layers turned over“, and water temperature since morning was in general + 17C, by the evening got warm to +19. It happens only in June when cold water still close from the coast, somewhere from the middle of July no direction of wind influences water temperature. This day in water was the person of 8 loonies - walruses, including my Mashka and I (forcedly, watched for it). Zmerzla, a yak a puppy :((

By the morning the sea was still 19, by the evening already became warmer to 21, and near the coast whitebaits, crustaceans began to appear, and already and crabs got out to the next morning. Water without seaweed rather transparent, children drove these living creatures with the great pleasure. Water was even warmer than the 29th, and 30 when we left, got warm to 24C. Mashka has a good swim.

to the People and to float a hole in sand (meters 30 - 40, depth about 2 meters), then there is a place more small again, there the people have not enough, especially with children very few people get there, it is possible to dive without risk that to you somebody on the head something will get.

In comparison with Gelendzhik people on the beach 10 times less, along the sea 2 - 3 rows of covers go and further the beach is completely free. With kids we were very much rescued by the inflatable pool which we filled with water, and children lapped there. On the beach during our rest put a water hill (the inflatable hill watered by water), 15 - 20 meters high if we stayed there still at least couple of days - would drive. If soon I get there (perhaps, I will go with relatives to show the way) - I will share impressions.

can practically be Bought

on the place all. All streets / descents to the sea from two parties are filled with tents and little shops. The prices are quite reasonable. Fruit - to buy vegetables not the problem too, at the end of June of kilograms of raspberries / peaches / apricots cost 50 rubles, tomatoes - 35 - 45 rubles, cucumbers - 25 - 30 rubles. From that place where we lived to the central market of Dzhemete, minutes 5 on foot. Only it is necessary to be with milk purchase more carefully: it is better to buy or from private traders (stand along descent to the sea in the morning), or to take packages of “The Kuban Burenka“, they are calculated on 90 days of storage during a heat, other milk sometimes came across sour. Prices more: bread of 6 rubles, 1 kg of sugar of 19 rub, 1,5l a bottle of sweet water of 8 - 30 rubles, a liter package of juice from 25 rubles, is a lot of domestic wine (we naprobovatsya with all the heart). Full of cafes, complex, very dense lunch costs 50 rubles.

we did not manage to go To an aquapark, those who went from neighbors, all spoke very laudatory of the Anapa aquapark and is reserved - negatively - about Novorossiysk. It is possible to go (in 3 minutes from our lodge a stop of minibuses), it is possible with excursion (from 150 rubles). Still there are excursions to Nebug (dolphinarium), it is possible to ride horses (2 - hchasovy walks to some valley). There are sea excursions, there is still some (I did not remember), generally, a wide choice.

In September I plan to return there for a month. If there is opportunity - will leave with children once again in the summer, but it is improbable.

On finance - I kept within 3 thousand rubles quite: 1200 for housing, for 600 rubles I in Krasnodar bought products, 200 rubles we with Lyudmila in half serviced the vehicle, we spent 500 rubles on the place for fruit / ice cream and toys and for 500 I did photos:-) Returned much more peace and quiet: -)

General conclusion: for rest with small children (to 8 years) the place ideal, for children is more senior it is possible to consider also other options.