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You Tell Etudes ex abrupto About silence of

if to you is what to tell. And even better keep silent when to you is what to tell because all the same nobody will hear you. And if hears, then it is obligatory on an own harmony, having perverted, having turned inside out and having put upside down your truth so you will be terrified “the“ thoughts. Therefore you are silent because only having ears yes will hear. And to hear, it is necessary to be able to be silent.

you are silent if your point of view does not coincide with standard. Do not try to overpersuade the clever speech wrong, it you only strengthen them in the correctness. Only for a little excellent, different view on a thing, you can be counted as “black sheep“, the strange person, the sectarian, the fool. You can even secretly be begun to hate. Though it is not excluded that you can be started to respect.

you do not condescend to an empty sudachestvo, even to make it is pleasant to someone. Thereby you will spoil the fool and will frighten off clever. Respect yourself and the opinion.

you are silent a tout prix when do not agree with someone. Any statement for a wrongfulness will push your interlocutor to “verbal protection“ of the point of view, having brought down on you the indignant stream of the borrowed cliches, the read all-nonsenses, superficial conclusions. you Tell

when agree. But be not verbose because verbosity always conducts to a complexity, raises doubts, and finally devastates.

you are silent when you hear the fool. Do not humiliate with the wisdom either him, or yourself. Also do not try to talk some sense. It is a pursuit of wind and waste of time. Because only having ears and will hear.

you are silent when you hear the wise man. Do not humiliate with the nonsense either him, or yourself. Try to hear and absorb, it is as much as possible. Having ears and will hear.

you are silent because only silent will hear God as looking will behold God. And, maybe, vnemlt it to manuals. Sometimes, to be heard it is necessary to grow dumb and to see to go blind.

God likes to talk to silent. It allocates them with wisdom and relieves

of vanity.

Saying much, love themselves much. Verbosity always or from big

nonsense, or from big self-conceit. Self-conceit always from arrogance. And arrogance, as we know, - the most great sin from which there are many troubles human.

Is frequent “rights“ speaking louder all. Who louder and is more verbose - that and “is right“. For whom the last word - that “is also “right“. Who is more eloquent - that and “is right“. It - truth of people.

the biggest nonsenses put on in the most beautiful clothes from words. True wisdom is always modest and laconic.

the biggest liars - those who much and beautifully speak. Silent almost never lie. Unless to.

glorifies Silence and promotes the contemplation conducting to an enlightenment. Garrulity, on the contrary, belittles, devastates a body and soul.

to be silent it is necessary to study. To speak - gift from the birth is more often.

Paraphrasing the known Latin saying, silentium est potencia, or in other words - the word - silver, and silence - gold. Unfortunately, silver deposits, as before, meet today much more to a bowl of a placer.