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After the delivery: the beautiful breast and a flat stomach of

After the delivery a figure often suffers, but if to aim, former beauty it is possible - and it is necessary - to return. Now more and more women address plastic surgery. The most frequent questions of various procedures and operations in a stomach and a breast are answered by doctors of the Moscow versatile medical center “Art - Honey“.

U me a small breast whether it is possible to increase it if I plan in the future pregnancy and feeding by a breast?

This question should be heard on consultations quite often. Operation on increase in a breast of a malotravmatichn and at installation of an implant under a muscle ferruterous fabric does not suffer, respectively, problems with a lactation do not arise. But there is also another, quite popular, option of installation of an implant - through a nipple at which the surgeon is forced to destroy ferruterous fabric - feeding by a breast in this case is impossible.

Can increase a breast by means of the resolving implants?

Theoretically such opportunity exists, however we do not recommend statement of such implants. Unfortunately, they not really well proved, operation on increase in a breast with use of such type of artificial limbs are accompanied by high risk of complications. It is necessary to apply the certified implants with the minimum risk of complications and predictable result - it is extremely important if you want to receive a beautiful and natural breast.

After the delivery the stomach hung small folds, especially in a navel. What can you recommend to me somehow to reduce these folds?

your problem - one of the most frequent after the delivery. During pregnancy the volume of an abdominal cavity repeatedly increases, there is stretching of skin and muscles. Unfortunately, not at all young mothers the tone of the stretched fabrics returns to normal. The surgery can come to the rescue. Through small punctures in a navel endoscopic restore a tone of muscles. Laser procedures effectively influence a skin tone. Several procedures - and only your children will remind of pregnancy.

I Deal with the problem of excess weight years five, I manage to lose weight, but skin right there droops. Whether lifting of a stomach will help me?

Often lifting of skin of a stomach or an abdominoplastik - the most effective way in fight for a harmonous waist. For lifting of skin of a stomach are used pass - an abdominoplastika and a traditional abdominoplastika. Quite often we combine these interventions with a liposuction for achievement of the maximum effect.

After pregnancy and childbirth extensions on a stomach, rather noticeable appeared. There passed 9 months, in the near future plan still the child. Extensions need to be cleaned after the second pregnancy? Through what time it is better to begin?

After the second pregnancy of an extension can amplify therefore we do not recommend to carry out surgical correction at the planned repeated pregnancy. It makes sense to undergo a series of cosmetology procedures for preparation to skin, otherwise then it will be much more difficult to cope with a problem.

fight is represented to

With extensions on a body difficult and ineffective. For achievement of result it is necessary to be adjusted on observance of necessary rules at once. This and contrast rubdown, and continuous carrying the specialized supporting linen (corsets, bandages), and also continuous cosmetic care of skin for maintenance of its elasticity.

Through what time after the delivery can do to

operations like lipofiling whether can make the feeding mothers change hypodermically - fatty cellulose?

At a lipofiling fat, your own material, replace to the places demanding increase in volume. The Lipofiling practices in the world more than 30 years and it is considered the most perspective direction in plastic surgery.

Theoretically pregnancy and the period of feeding is not contraindication for carrying out procedure of a lipofiling, practically we recommend to wait for not less than a year after the delivery before addressing the plastic surgeon. In this case the result from carrying out procedure of a lipofiling will be longer.

As fat which was replaced to other place in several years whether there are delayed consequences behaves?

Introduction to the patient of his own fat - absolutely safe technique, on condition of performance by the qualified specialist, with observance of all rules of sterility and training of the patient. In fact we move own material of an organism, at the same time there is no addition of any substances, actually it is pure fabric. The main problem when performing procedure of a lipofiling - survival of the replaced fatty tissue. Depending on a technique it fluctuates from 50% to 80%. With use of modern systems, such, for example, as Lipivage, we reach a prizhivleniye more than 80% of the replaced fat. The critical period reaches 3 - x months, after that fat practically does not leave. Insignificant loss of volume through of 1 - 1,5 year is noted. It is rather rare, it demands carrying out repeated procedure, but in smaller volume. Considering simplicity and comfort for the patient, it usually does not represent a problem.


After removal of a tattoo formed a colloidal hem on a stomach how it is possible to move away him?

Unfortunately to clean a tattoo without trace rather difficult, a lot of things depend on depth of introduction of a pigment. After laser removal practically in 50% there are rough hems. We can offer ionoforez with lidazy, seamless plasticity, installation of a fabric expander, etc. What of numerous methods will suit you, it will be possible to learn on the basis of survey of the hem.


U me formed pigmentary spots in a stomach and a bikini zone from procedures of an electroepilation. Whether it is possible to remove them?

Most often the spot appears after incorrectly executed procedure. To remove a pigment not easy - effective and perhaps the only method is laser destruction. Unfortunately, completely it is difficult to restore color, but to achieve good cosmetic result quite really.