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Organic Bioyod for health and longevity of

At any age of people needs continuous receipt in an organism of an important microcell of iodine. But even the healthy nutrition not always allows to receive this microcell in enough. As to protect itself and the family from a yododefitsit?

is considered to be that production of iodinated salt and its mass use solved this problem long ago. But, as it appears, it not absolutely so. The considerable part of such salt is used for cooking, but at heat treatment it is lost to 60% of iodine. And salt in itself remains iodated not for long. This element is in it in the form of an unstable chemical compound and therefore quickly enough disappears - through three - six months. And many families prefer to buy similar products for the future and to store them about a year, and even longer. Besides salt is contraindicated at many diseases.

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any more: more than 50% of the population of Russia lack for iodine therefore they are in a zone of the increased risk on iodine deficiency diseases. Participating in all vitally - important exchange processes in a human body, this microcell influences intellectual and physical development. Also it strengthens immunity that helps to fight against infectious and viral diseases. Protective properties of iodine at influence of radiation are well-known. And here is how only the organism feels a lack of iodine, various indispositions - from a breakdown before lag in intellectual and physical development in children and adults begin.


What standard daily rate of iodine is necessary for the healthy person? The requirement changes depending on gender and age. So, under WHO recommendations, kids till 12 months need to receive on average about 50 mkg, to children under six years - 90 mkg, to teenagers and adults - of 120 - 150 mkg, at pregnancy and during feeding of the child a breast - 200 mkg of iodine.

B to the Wednesday surrounding us iodine is present at the soil, water and even at air. However that is easy to receive it to our human body not so-. For example, vegetables contain all 20 - 30 iodine mkg on kilogram, in grain - 50 mkg, milk, cheeses, eggs and animal fats - 35 mkg, and only in fish contains from 100 to 200 mkg of iodine on each kilogram of a product. That is, to receive day norm of iodine, it is necessary to eat a large number of iodinated products daily.


It is obvious that in the regions removed from the sea where environment is also poor in iodine, as well as food, it is necessary to resort to additional resources of correction of shortage of iodine in a diet for protection of members of the family against a yododefitsit. Choosing an iodinated preparation, it is important to pay attention what connection contains iodine. That the organism did not experience additional strain at assimilation of alien connections, the group of the Russian scientists of the Innbiotekh company created innovative nutritsevtik with high bioavailability of organic iodine - “Bioyod“ which technology of receiving is protected by the patent. In the major chemical element is mute contains in the digestible form, natural to the person, similar to natural connections which the child receives with mother`s milk, and the adult - from vegetable and animal products, including cow`s milk. The unique structure covalent communication of atoms of iodine with serumal milk protein allows to regulate balance of iodine in a human body, i.e. to receive exactly so much this microcell how many for it it is necessary, and to remove “surplus“ without harm through kidneys. Nutritsevtik “Bioyod“ is recommended to apply as an iodine source in an organic form to decrease in risk of development of a yododefitsit and the related diseases. It is known that at the use of the preparations containing inorganic forms of iodine (potassium iodine), there is a surplus of iodine and the so-called “overdose“ connected with accumulation of iodine in a thyroid gland that considerably worsens its work. And in it essential difference of iodinated preparations.

to Find deficiency of iodine not easy. Often it is expressed in fast overfatigue and decrease in working capacity. If the child quickly gets tired, easily loses concentration of attention and hardly overcomes school tasks, it is an occasion to consult with the expert, to change a diet and to choose for it a safe iodinated preparation. to fill shortage of this important microcell. One of them - modern nutritsevtik new generation “Bioyod“ which contains organic iodine. For a children`s organism it is essentially important to receive necessary amount of iodine constantly: besides successful study, it promotes full physical development of the child, increases immunity and reduces risk of developing of catarrhal and infectious diseases.

All family members need unique “live“ iodine not less school students at all. Nutritsevtik “Bioyod“ can become the irreplaceable assistant to people at any age, the person interested to keep the vital activity, working capacity and health!


innovative nutritsevtik organic iodine - “Bioyod“ - in drugstores of your city!

as advertizing. Is not medicine. Dietary supplement. At application it is necessary to study the instruction or to consult with the expert.

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