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Gelendzhik - here so much!

this year I had a rest from June 17 to June 27, 2012 in the wonderful resort town of Krasnodar Krai under the name Gelendzhik (as a matter of fact, shortly before the awful tragedy).

Was going to go with mother, but she changed the mind at the last minute, and we handed over the permit. I went to rest with the best girlfriend Alyona. About the road I will not tell as it was boring and it seemed that time lasts long very much, there was a strong wish to swim in the sea and to sunbathe on the beach.

As soon as arrived to the place, we plunged into the sea at once, and later went to hotel to sleep off. By the way, we were occupied in hotel under the name “White House“. At us in the city so call possession of administration and not only at us, I think.

For the second day of our stay we visited an aquapark “A gold bay“. Sincerely I advise all who are going to Gelendzhik it to visit! It is just water paradise! But I am a terrible coward - did not risk to slide from high descents. There so everything is bright and colourful that time seems fades... The real fantastic city where there are no problems and cares...

Having ridden and having acquired long enough, we came into a pizzeria which is in the territory of an aquapark. I never ate such tasty pizza! And we ordered mushrooms pizza, I do not remember precisely as it is called as the girlfriend bought. Everything melts in the mouth, dough that - about - this... Generally, when I arrived home, at first dinned to mother into the ears about gentle pizza but only then about all the rest.

the Beach - very pure, water - unreal. I do not like to sunbathe and almost all the time was in the sea. I felt like the Little Mermaid - unearthly pleasure. I on a horoscope - a water sign therefore enjoyed native elements! This madness of waves and sea surf! Still collected cockleshells and even saw a jellyfish. Home there arrived absolutely not suntanned. And suntan at me red, skin grows bare then.

Surfing... What a pity that I am not able to ride a surf! It is my big miss. Also indelible impression was made also by sea walk on the boat - I felt as the hostess of this life. On I weed with a parachute if it is honest, did not decide. But I think that at me still ahead! I even tasted the most tasty wine - though I do not drink at all. But it was necessary to be acquainted with local culture!

Dolphins, a concert, the sea of cakes from cafeteria, a safari - all mixed up in a kaleidoscope of sincere passions. It is a pity what time was so a little, in Gelendzhik the mass of entertainments. I surely will go there and the next year. I consider that my mother lost a lot of things!

Oksana Mosyagina