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I remember the weight loss conducting to an illness of

“How many itself - was always a fatty. To tell more precisely, I do not remember that I sometime was thin“. Marina Korpan, the specialist in weight loss and correction of a figure with use of a respiratory technique of Bodifleks, passed rather drama way before understood how to find a slim figure and the world in soul.

Weight loss began

on October 5. I cannot explain to you why on October 5 - probably, this day something happened in the Universe for me. Accurately I remember that, having woken up in the morning, told herself: such as now, I will never be any more. Came to kitchen, having collected all will in a fist, and declared everything that I do not eat from the general copper any more, and I eat separately - and the way to a slim figure began.

Honestly stayed

on a diet 2 weeks, it was succeeded to lose about 5 kilograms. And after that I as though was changed. Yes, forgot to tell that starting weight was 75 kg with a height of 1,60 m. I began to rush in all diets, to buy up all books on food. The understanding about need to connect trainings came. Here the situation was more difficult. Frankly speaking, I as many other people, was aware not especially, than are engaged in fitness - clubs. The brother`s wife came to the rescue: it went to a gym and somehow suggested to join.

Having learned

that I want to grow thin, the trainer ordered to lay down, swing a press and to raise legs up from a prone position so much how many I will be able, and then to twist pedals on the exercise bike. Descended in fitness - club three times, on it all also ended. Since then and till today inclusive the gym did not see me.

A bit later the wife of the brother settled to work as the massage therapist in fitness - club and invited to come to occupations a step - aerobics. That for an interesting feature this step! Occupations very much were pleasant, sheaves grabbed on the fly - the dancing past helped. But it was frightening to fall or stumble on a platform. The truth it proceeded too not for long, but not because it was heavy or it was not pleasant but because I was not lucky with the mentor. From the trainer no power proceeded. There was a full feeling that it conducted trainings only in order that all hour to admire by itself. We (in group there was a lot of chubby) were for this woman a complete nonentity. On it to group trainings the end came. Nothing needed to be done, except as most to begin to study fitness - disciplines.

the Main criterion of the choice of this or that training. If it was the impressive figure, the option was accepted. Having practically ceased to eat, I began to lurch from one extreme to the other, from one diet in another. Now precisely I do not remember any more, on how many kilograms a month it was possible to throw off, but weight reduction was rather prompt.

Prior to weight loss I never turned attention to how slender people eat. But during diets unclear from where there was a feeling of rage to thin for what they so eat a little. The first time is feeling appeared in the head when we with the close girlfriend went to have dinner at institute. Hungry as a hunter, I really understood that I can afford nothing, except vegetables. And she chose a small cutlet and stewed cabbage from all abundance of food. For such choice at unlimited opportunities it is possible just to kill.

“I began

as the fanatic to increase physical activities“

the girlfriend helped to Endure diets to me very much. She spoke:“ Really the food is so important for you? Why is very much? It is possible to eat a little, and then if you want, still you sing“.

Here stereotypes concerning food so slowly began to break. To admit it is honest, it was very heavy. It was necessary to take in institute with itself the container with the cut vegetables. Sat and from - under school desks gnawed carrot, cucumbers, cabbage, the Beijing bran salad to a vprikusk.


shoveled so much literature about weight loss, diets, the correct way of life, trainings!. All home library turned into a collection of books about diets.

you Can imagine

in what stress there was my organism? Every week or two he had to keep to some diet. The most awful that all this even gave pleasure. Magazines of an eye tried to discover information how many kilograms it is possible to lose on this or that diet.

But at extremists business by one diets is not limited to

: they finish themselves up to the end. And I began as the fanatic to increase physical activities.

Day began

so: rise in 6. 00th mornings. 6. 00 - 7. 00 - aerobics and shaping, 7. 30 - 7. 45 - jumps on a jump rope. Before leaving in institute skim cheese - thank God though I ate it every other day was eaten! - and low-calorie cheese or porridge on water. After classes 40 minutes twisted the exercise bike, then 30 minutes ran on a ladder from the first on the seventh floor.

even. All neighbors at an entrance knew about this bustle. After a ladder hour training under the cartridge with the favourite trainer followed. After all this forces were enough only for falling to a bed and to fall asleep.

Through a couple of hours, having slightly restored, sat down to have dinner. A plate of meatless vegetable soup and salad with a lemon. From such food many vitamins and minerals began not to be enough for an organism. The organism just demanded lemons - they were eaten as apples, on 3 - 4 pieces a day.

Mother always told

:“ Yes better you would eat a piece of chicken and gorged on, than the whole basin of salad, all the same go hungry. Only to yourself you stretch a stomach“. I had supper lentil and again salad. While parents watched TV, put on earphones and danced to music. Here so tortured itself day by day.

“Dehydration began

, hair began to drop out“

Passed month three, I fine grew thin, was happy, but fell short of treasured 55 kg yet. And here the first call that something in an organism goes not so rang out - delays of monthly began. Did not attach special significance to it. Then hair, always long and dense began to drop out. Gradually from braids there is no half left also. Further - more. The turn all of the known “soup diet“ came - when the whole week you eat vegetable soup in unlimited number.

At first everything went just perfectly. Kilograms continued to leave - at last came nearer treasured 55. Nobody recognized new Marina. Acquaintances just passed by while did not call to them. “My God, it you?“ And it was just the skeleton fitted by skin, literally other person - even features exchanged.

Many asked

whether I am sick, and the close friends observing all process of weight loss admired:“ Marinka, we are proud of you. You told that you will grow thin, and you made it“.

to Tell

it was honest, valid what to be proud. How many grow thin? Weeks two, and all will keep to a diet. Threw off several kilograms and threw. As if not so! For me it was competition. Who whom: I - extra kilos or they me. Fight is won, but what price I had to pay for all this!.

the Organism began to ask literally about mercy, he began to devour himself. Missing protein was withdrawn from muscles, from all stocks where it still was. Little eaten too was not late. There was wild diarrhea which was not allowing to sit out lecture. Full dehydration began.

When mother asked

whether go at me monthly, it was necessary, to lie and say that yes. But here it became valid terribly and it was necessary to admit to it that monthly there are no several months. The diagnosis - amenoreya was made. Medicine was taken, but no improvements happened, is normally I did not begin, being afraid to recover. The doctor could not understand in any way why there are no positive changes. But then all - got to the core of a trick and began to beg literally to increase food caloric content: “Well eat at least 5% cottage cheese, I ask you“.

Ya always remembered words of the doctor that of 60 - 61 kg needs to weigh, that monthly returned. Continued to drink hormones of a month more 3 - 4. Monthly went steadily, to the day. I will tell honestly, somewhere it was at heart terrible to get down from hormones: and suddenly monthly will not go?

After a while on reception the doctor told

: “Everything, we cease to drink tablets and we look how the organism will be able to cope without them and whether will be able in general“. Also added:“ We need healthy and pretty children, let the organism begin to work itself“. As I was grateful for this phrase! Something switched in the head, and accurate priorities in life were defined.

From the book “Bodifleks. Breathe and grow thin“