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Rules of safe travel

Every year more and more our compatriots goes on the vacation to the distant countries, it is a lot of among them and families with children. And if 10 years ago very few people did without the help of travel agency, then the number of independently organized travel, and in the most exotic corners of the world grows today. How to carry out conceived, having kept at the same time good health and mood? Dettol ® brand; - the world expert in the field of hygiene - will help us to staticize knowledge of safe food and will remind the simple rules of hygiene famous since the childhood.

we Will begin

with of drinking water - its quality happens very different. So, if residents of Finland and Sweden are proud of the fact that they can drink water from - under the crane (they and do), then in the popular resorts of Bulgaria and Turkey this way it is impossible to act, only bottled water suits for drink. In the countries of Africa and Hugo - East Asia - especially. Local water, in - the first, has other microbiological structure, than to what we got used in the homeland, and this in itself can cause disorder of digestion. In - the second, with water dangerous microorganisms - such as colibacillus, various viruses and even a cholera vibrio are easily transferred.

the General rule on any travel: not to drink unboiled water, water from unchecked sources (wells, springs, etc.) to use only bottled or to boil and purify water special means. To brush teeth, to wash down drugs and to wash vegetables and fruit it is necessary also safe water. If you are not sure of quality of local water, do not use ice in cubes - it could be prepared from unboiled water.

Several words about water in bottles . Upon purchase of water be convinced that the cover is not damaged, and at restaurant ask that the bottle was opened at you. (The matter is that in developing countries of a bottle sometimes use again, filling them with water from local sources.) Always have with yourself a bottle with clear water in case you become thirsty during the day. Also follow the main hygienic rule: one person - one bottle (if you drink from a neck). If a bottle one on all, for drink use disposable glasses.

As for of other drinks , tea and coffee are safe

freshly cooked hot. Beer and wine are also usually safe - drink them and other drinks only from the bottles of industrial production uncorked at your presence. Do not drink crude milk. Drink freshly cooked fruit juice only if you know that fruit, the blender and hands of the person touching them were hygienically cleared.

the Crude water - the shortest way to catch an infection or to get poisoning, it goes as transit goods through a stomach, is practically not treated to action of gastric juice and begins to be soaked up only in intestines, mucous which it is most susceptible to dangerous microorganisms. But with food on travel it is necessary to be not less careful.

Be attentive

to two components of healthy food: safety of products which you use, and hygiene of meal.

Signs of safe food:

the Food causing fears:

It is especially important to li to protect

from substandard food of children - their organism is less steady against various infections. If it is necessary, prepare for them independently from known to you and qualitative products. For the smallest universal food on travel is maternal milk. For children of the first three years of life take with yourself habitual baby food of industrial production - on the place it can not appear necessary products, or their search will take too much time.

So, you are sure of food and water which you eat, but there is one more opening for microbes - our hands and all they touch. Maintenance of purity of hands - the easiest way to avoid diseases zheludochno - an intestinal path, respiratory infections and other indispositions which can be transmitted from the person to the person through hands and surfaces which we touch.


it is regularly Especially important to wash hands with soap on travel - the soapsuds mechanically delete bacteria and do our touches to food, the person, sanitary products safe. However in other country, especially with hot climate, other microbic environment can demand elimination of the maximum quantity of bacteria, and then antibacterial soap will come to the rescue. Dettol ® brand; the Reckitt Benckiser companies more than 70 years lets out antibacterial means, including for personal hygiene, and you can take with yourself in travel of any of its products.

So, antibacterial liquid soap for Dettol ® hands; kills with 99,9% of bacteria, including colibacillus and golden stafilokokk*. Soap in convenient packing with the batcher is issued in four options. And for admirers of traditional lumpy soap at Dettol ® there is a soap Original - it not only disinfects skin of hands, but also moistens it.

Last development of Dettol ® - the touch No system - Touch which automatically doses antibacterial liquid soap for Dettol ® hands; does not take a lot of place and it is simple in use. The No system - Touch especially pleased children - now to wash hands it became more cheerful! to

However on travel also - or local water and soap do not cause in you trust. On this case of Dettol ® prepared antibacterial gel and napkins for hands. They possess a pleasant smell and do not dry skin. Gel and napkins of Dettol ® will be useful also on distant travel, and on usual walk.

Constantly caring for purity of hands on travel, you allow your plans to be carried out in the best way. We collected some widespread situations characteristic of trips and we suggest you to estimate antimicrobic protection of the family with the help of the test. Each answer “no“ is a defect in hygiene. whether

you Wash with

hands (or you use antibacterial napkins, gel) when:

you buy by you Remember

: any surfaces which many people (door handles, cranes, a handrail, etc.) often touch are capable to extend microbes. And it is possible to protect itself and the family, only following the rules hygiene. Dettol ® offers means of hygiene for all occasions: for use of the house when there is water, and on the way when water is inaccessible. Good luck - and happy travel!

* According to EN12054 test results concerning Staphylococcus aureus, Pseudomonas aeruginosa, Escherichia coli, Enterococcus hirae at contact during 30 sec., according to Biolab S laboratory. p. A., Vimodrone, Italy, 2010