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First class, first day: how to prepare the child of

the First day at school is important not only for it, but also for you. Of course, it is necessary to you much heavier. As a rule, in the first school day more tears are shed by mothers, but not children. It is one of the first instructions on the fact that your kid began long process of withdrawal from the house.

the Introduction on school Wednesday means gradual finding of its private life, his own friends and secrets. We begin to turn into the guests who are periodically looking in life of own child. For the first time it is left in the sea of other children without adult watching each his step.

It is hard day and for fathers, but nevertheless they treat such things more philosophically. I felt nervousness when my eldest son for the first time went to school, but was glad for it, knowing that ahead of it great adventures expect.

his mother cried.

I do not want to deride its reaction as she rejoiced to its first steps by the beginning of independent life too, but on the first school Mother`s Day feel special pain of division.

- Well, - I when we went back told, - at least, till three o`clock in the house it will be silent.

Has to notice

that in several days when the initial trauma from parting decreased, she agreed with me and since then adhered to this point of view.


the fact that the first day at school turns into harder and harder ritual surprises A little. As though receipt begins earlier and earlier and lasts longer and longer. Before this important day parents repeatedly attend school and remain there at several o`clock, and sometimes and days to facilitate to the precious children adaptation to a new situation.

From my point of view, it is search. Many teachers consider that presence at a class of parents distracts children from occupations, and those with whom I spoke about it just rolled up eyes and politely smiled.

Me it seems to

, such behavior of parents is simply silly.

Ya for smooth transition of children to school as it really facilitates the beginning of new life, but the more attention you pay to it, the more attention is paid to it by your child. Especially it is fair for boys whom the school frightens as parents fuss only when an event really unpleasant. Presence of parents says to the boy that there is something important, capable strongly to afflict and therefore they have to be nearby.

Here is how you can prepare the child for school:

Begin to tell

always considered


Ya that we seek to cultivate confidence and independence in our children. If we behave so as if the beginning of school life so large-scale and injuring event that we by all means have to stand nearby, hold them by a hand and hours to wipe tears, it will not help our children. I do not want that my sons thought as if I do not believe in their ability to cope with important events in their life. On the contrary, they have to know that I believe in their ability to cope with them.

Not at all the beginning of school life will be

a lung - sometimes the movement to independence is followed by tears. If it is difficult for your son to get used to school, talk to the teacher and understand everything. However you should not remain in a class only because he is upset. He will surely calm down - most of teachers are able to communicate with the upset children. If you remain, then confirm his alarm and you can warm up a hysterics.

you Leave.

at the beginning of study of my eldest son days when I left it crying and upset happened. I seemed to myself the deceiver, reproached myself and was sure that he will begin to hate me. However I advised to leave to hundreds of parents and could not lose heart, having appeared in a similar situation. I left, my son coped and now loves school.

Kids easily are upset, but with not smaller ease forget the chagrin.

From the book “Synologiya. Mothers who are bringing up sons“