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Interferona - how to treat the kid?

Now interferon preparations (candles, ointment or drops are more often) are almost in each home first-aid kit. And time so, to us to know about them better it is more - then it will be easier to choose interferon for treatment.

From where undertook?

Interferon - one of the “youngest“ pharmaceutical means - for the first time about what appears is the certain substances suppressing growth of viruses, the Japanese virologists of Yasu - an icha of Nagano and Yasukhiko Kodzim even in 1958 reported. Before was considered that can cope with viruses unless vaccines (which these misters just and studied). However, the technology of purification of interferon (and so, and its productions, though primitive) appeared much later - in 1978. And in 1980 mass production genno - engineering interferon appeared.


Actually therefore many doctors also repeat still that only the immune system and nothing more - the vast majority of textbooks on which our doctors were brought up can cope with viruses, were written to 1980 - x years. The fact, of course, regrettable, but to us is enough - only navsy - to meet this information lack. What we will also make.

As an interferona work?

Interferon is such protein which is produced in an organism and struggles with various infections - not only virus, by the way. And as this interferon - connection absolutely natural (moreover and not others to us), its side effects either are minimum, or are absent at all. Even the allergy to interferona is extremely rare and belongs to area of medical casuistry. To strengthen already existing allergic reaction interferon, of course, maybe, and to become here its reason - no.

And what is done by interferona with viruses? Yes practically all - if to answer shortly. If to speak more precisely, then interferon is capable to block reproduction of any viruses at any stages. This universal remedy against almost any viral infection, including, by the way, hepatitises and AIDS.

But the most interesting even not in it. The mechanism of effect of interferon is that begin to block reproduction of viruses ANY cages, and not just cages of immune system. That case when on an aggressor lean the whole world and win easily it - by the way, with a lethal outcome for an aggressor. What preparations of interferon it is better for p to choose

On a label of any medicine made on the basis of interferon it is possible to read, say, such obscure phrase:“ human leykotsitarny γ - interferon“. On other medicine the inscription will already say that it “recombinant α - interferon“. Or “recombinant γ - interferon“ and “genno - engineering α - interferon“. What does all this mean?

That it, for example, α (alpha), β (beta) and γ (scale)? It is the molecular weight of those molecules of interferon which were used at production of this or that medicine. In practice it means all - navsy with what speed these molecules will be thrown out from an organism. It is most slowly removed α slightly quicker β and γ at all takes off with whistle, having hardly got to an organism. Scale - interferona are appointed often, an alpha - interferona - it is rare.

It is much more interesting than

that the mysterious words “genno-engineering“, “recombinant“ and “human leykotsitarny“ mean. It is a peculiar report of producer where it took this interferon before selling it to you.


“Human leykotsitarny interferon“ that interferon is received from donor blood - as it was received in 1970 - x years. Certainly, donors - even those whose blood goes on especially technical needs (for example, on receiving interferon) are very carefully checked, but even in the most fine sieve all the same there are holes. If you are afraid of AIDS, syphilis or hepatitis, it is better to choose other interferon - genno - engineering or recombinant, received at all not from donor blood. And from what then?

Sources genno - engineering interferon - microorganisms which live in the millennia side by side with the person. For example, colibacillus. Agree, this symbiosis is not always pleasant - at least, to us. Here experts in biotechnologies also forced colibacillus to work a little bit for all those arts which it created.

As? Yes it is very simple. Took a gene from a human cage, responsible for production of interferon, placed him to colibacillus and forced the last to produce interferon in industrial quantities. It turned out, in - the first, is cheaper, than to emit interferon from donor blood, and in - the second, much more safely. At colibacillus though hepatitis does not happen. However, as a result it turned out that this colibacillus appeared genno - the modified organism, in abbreviated form - GMO.

What the risk from - for badly purified donor interferon or risk from the use of a mysterious product of genetic engineering is more terrible - to catch hepatitis? Probably, all - the first. Genno - the modified colibacilli nevertheless do not get to ready preparations of interferon.

Side effects of interferon

Temperature increase

Why? Because interferon so works - will mobilize all resources of an organism for fight against a virus. Besides, temperature increase happens not every time when doctors or parents apply interferon, and on time temperature from actually viral infection lasts much less, than.

Strengthening of allergic reactions

Why? Because interferon not only struggles with a virus, but also stimulates the immune answer - including those its links which participate in allergic reactions.

What to do? If the doctor appoints interferon to the child - the allergic person, it is obligatory to warn about it the doctor - let along with interferon will appoint also antiallergic means. Or will choose something else - instead of interferon.

What preparations of interferon happen

Reaferon, realderon, gammaferon - the preparations intended for intramuscular introduction. Are now appointed only in hospitals. As a rule, are made on the basis of donor blood.

Grippferon - recombinant interferon which is issued in the form of drops in a nose. From a nose cavity in blood it is not soaked up therefore works only at a mucous membrane of a nose. It is considered that all can apply it without any restrictions. Is issued as means for prevention of a SARS, however perfectly works at already begun virus nasmorka.

It is important: if the child has a high temperature, it is not necessary to be limited to only one grippferon - preparations which are soaked up in blood are necessary and struggle with a viral infection on all organism.

Kipferon - recombinant interferon, however are its part also scale - globulins against a chlamydial and mikoplazmenny infection. (Which, by the way, are received from donor blood - there is no place more). Is issued in candles - it is very convenient as the preparation is soaked up in blood literally in minutes. Candles are executed on the basis of confectionery fat therefore at application of a kipferon it is not necessary to be afraid of an allergy to cocoa butter - it is not there just.

it is Most often appointed at chlamydial or mikoplazmenny pneumonia as an auxiliary preparation in addition to antibiotics.

Viferon - too recombinant interferon and too let out in candles. But not confectionery fat, but cocoa butter therefore on allergic reactions are possible forms a basis for candles.

It is important: if your kid has an allergy to chocolate, surely warn about it the doctor! If the allergy already began, it is shown in the form of skin rashes. Certainly, she passes completely, but it is worth reporting about it to the doctor nevertheless - at least to replace a preparation.

Genferon (genferon light) - too recombinant interferon in candles. Confectionery fat so it is not necessary to be afraid of an allergy forms its basis. However at application local undesirable reactions in the form of irritation are possible.