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On Friday...

- On Friday at 10:00, thanks to the director, will arrive to us from national court with

lecture. Subject of the lecture “Contracts and Everything That Is Connected with Them“. On this subject all to prepare questions for the end of the working day - vigorously the deputy director declared all.

It is necessary to tell that at the enterprise where worked Daredevils, everything became,

thanks to one person, only one person, - to the director. All questions, all innovative developments, all problems were solved only under its aegis. It seemed, the enterprise from 1000 people existed only thanks to great and awful Ivan Ivanycha`s efforts.

Until the end of the working day there were no more than three hours and therefore to Smelchakov

had no time for questions. He needed to glance in shop and to find out how many production was handed over by the first change, to discuss ways of cooperation with the new client, to fill in the sheet on receiving a salary of all his workers, well and so on, - well, there was enough work. And here, some questions. It is direct as at school.

All second half of day, the subject of tomorrow`s lecture, continually, emerged then, there as if it was not more important than anything. Office lawyer reminded of study, declaring as it is important that by tomorrow all were ready, colleagues began to discuss with all the might lungs tomorrow`s lecture - that it is better to put on and how more effectively to ask the question, the immediate high superior, San Sanych rushed into an office, and began to torment all - prepared questions or not.

On the termination of working hours, having said goodbye to all, Daredevils, as usual, remained to make currency statistics - this question was not from important, as well as some other, for the administration, - and therefore Daredevils was engaged in it after work.

The door of an office was sharply opened, and unruly San Sanych inside rushed:

- Prepared Questions?

- What questions?! I have a statistics and …

- To me on. a host on your statistics. Give birth questions. That tomorrow in the best possible way. There will be a director, understood? - and, having left in a huff, went to drink beer with the best friend Tula Valery Hlamidovich.

Next day all were driven without fail to the assembly hall. There, women dressed up, men important - in total as for a holiday, expected arrival of important delegation of national judges. The last were obviously late, there were about eleven hours, but it very few people concerned - from the stuffy hall nobody was let out.

The chief Smelchakova, San Sanych, shone with the starched shirt and a tie, all look representing from himself important diligence in connection with the approaching event. Ladies - colleagues put on the best dresses and accepted effective poses in the first row. Here and there the small talk was heard.

Smelchakova all pomposity and ostentatious splendor of the atmosphere sickened. And washed away it defiantly to rise and go to go about the own business, but not to sit in the filled hall waiting for important guests.

At last the door was opened, and inside a vigorous pace two men in suits and one lady of solid build proceeded. It is noisy having taken seat in presidium, they pulled sugary ulybochka and with the exaggerated hospitality began to meet the audience.

From the first words of newcomers of the youngest of them jumped from the place and, having gone over on other party, began to click the professional camera of the impressive sizes to imprint this important action for history. Having made thus not less than ten “shots“, he returned on the place and began to listen with an attentive look to each word of the senior colleagues.

- The Contract is an important document by means of which two parties legalize the business relations - the lady of the impressive sizes snuffled, pretentiously driving in air handles.

- In the contract names, middle names, surnames and positions of the persons signing it and also full the name of the organizations have to be surely entered - as if for first graders she explained.

Smelchakova began to drive in a dream. Not to fall asleep and by that not to drop the reputation in the opinion of the administration, he began to draw the presiding lady in the notebook. It is proud the raised head, the massive case, hands upraised in air as in a prayer.

The door of the assembly hall was opened and inside exaggeratedly carefully, on tiptoe, three more glossy strangers entered.

- And it is our colleagues - the lady in presidium joyfully declared - later they will act and will explain you everything concerning the collective agreement.

“It seems that the song will be begun till the lunch“ - having deeply sighed, thought about

of of Daredevils.

The full lady continued to squall some all the known truth long ago, continually without finishing the thought, zazhevyvy the terminations of words, jumping from one thought on another, without having finished the first. The hall sadly was silent. Unless snore was not distributed. It was felt that not one Smelchakova this performance of parched theater bothered.

Suddenly the door of the hall was widely opened and inside stepped - cavorted ““. Director. Terrible Jupiter. Ivan Ivanych. The audience as on wave of a magic wand, started, quickened and began to listen to overdressed judges with genuine interest. Judges also quickened, and continually shooting eyes towards the director, with even big diligence began to explain to ignorant public that there is a contract.

The young man with the camera jumped again and with captation began to fix for history serially the director and judges. Judges and director.

San Sanych, the chief Smelchakova, also woke up, schuffled on the place, moved forward, then back, sideways, again forward, again back, very clearly expressing diligence and eagerness which so loves the high administration.

Ladies, the colleague Smelchakov, accepted pride poses, having effectively thrown a leg on a leg, from time to time quietly exchanging words and also showing diligence and eagerness.

- Who has questions? - the full lady took an interest, having finished the ardent speech.

- At me - San Sanych started, it is servile zyrknuv eyes in a sotorna Ivan Ivanycha, - tell, for the conclusion of the contract it is necessary to receive all pages of the certificate or only the first on which there are a name and requisites?

- So, very interesting question. The question very interesting - was muttered by the lady - the chairman - I think that the first page with names and requisites is very important. It is necessary to demand it. Yes, yes. There is all information on the party signing the contract. And this information is very important. Without it you will not sign the contract. That to other pages, I think that if on them there is no important information, they can be not demanded. But if on them there are some important data on the party signing the contract, then it is necessary to demand also them. What do my colleagues think?

Colleagues thought also. Colleagues were ready to discuss this important

question in details. But their stream interrupted consciousnesses ““.

- Here you tell me. I signed the contract for repair of our club recently. - it is necessary to tell what the director seldom told “we“. Or “enterprise“. And if spoke, then it at it turned out as at that French king “We, the king of France“. - In the contract terms, a type of repair, cost were specified. But the adverse party did not fulfill in full the obligations, and I decided to punish it, having deprived of it part of earnings. Correctly I made or not?

- If services were not executed in full as you agreed as it was written down, so you had the right to punish an adverse party, having deprived of it part of earnings. If services were executed in full, so you had not the right to punish an adverse party - one of judges wisely concluded. But I do not doubt that the decision made by you was correct - Smelchakova it seemed that now in honor of the director an applause will burst, on a breast to it will hang up a star of the hero and all in turn will begin to thank him for his sensitive and fair management.

- I have a question - San Sanych quickened again, having schuffled on the place and having thrown the clear look towards the employer.

- So, please. Today our companions are very active. It very much encourages - the full lady was complacency.

- Tell if one of the parties changed the address, moved down, or it changed the head whether it has to inform other party or not?

- The Question is very interesting. And important. Whether it is necessary to inform other party if you changed the head or you replaced the address. Or whether other party has to inform you if it changed the head or the address. Let`s begin with the fact that it is always necessary to specify the postal and legal address in the contract … - Daredevils could not take out this Chinese torture any more.

- I need to leave - he whispered on San Sanychu`s ear. That disapprovingly nodded,

askancing towards the director.

Daredevils went to shop, ran in accounts department, and, having returned to office, called two clients. It did not return to the assembly hall any more.

At last, in an hour, enthusiastically brisk as if nothing is more interesting than this judicial performance they did not see for all the life, the colleague Smelchakov rushed into office.

- And you saw what brooch this lady had? And what ridiculous person at that judge? And what cream suit at the director! And the red face, is obvious with a hangover!

- Oh, I put on new shoes and so to myself rubbed legs! Oh, I cannot!

- San Sanych, and you that as the pioneer the blue shirt was put on?

- And the director`s daughter, saw what to herself made a hairdress?!

All were joyfully excited and, seemingly, nobody was sorry about a downtime.

- And you what was silent, Daredevils? - snatched on it which imposingly collapsed on a chair and happy with itself San Sanych. All questions were asked, took active part, and you? Stupid, perhaps? - in a step and San Sanychu`s sensitivity was not equal.

- Yes and so everything is clear to me. In addition I have not a direct bearing on contracts. I while you sat there, was in time and two times to come into shop, and with the client to have a talk, and …

- To me to sneeze where you came there and to whom talked. At the hall there was a director. You had to prove … understood

of Daredevils that to argue with the administration is useless. It is always right. “I am a chief, you - fool. You are a chief, I am a fool“.

He sat, silently having buried in the computer monitor, is lazy touching the become numb fingers on the keyboard. He wanted to get up from the place and from everything to miss a chance on this face which swam away a fat with piggy eyes. To send all where far away. To throw everything and to become at last the free person. At least per day. For an hour. For a minute. To throw all the person that they are poshla, are vulgar, disgusting. But he understood that in he already it will not make thirty five. Will not make as made once when to it there were twenty, and he was not ready to be reconciled with meanness, hypocrisy, lie. It was not ready to be reconciled with conventionalism. With equalization. With that boastful and narrow-minded pharisaicalness which lives almost in each office, in each kabinetik, in each desk. Therefore he continued to sit silently, having gloomy stared in the computer and thinking over immemorial Russian “What to do?“, and as always without finding the answer.