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Beach games

there is a wish to live carefree and joyfully in the Summer. That everything as in the childhood, - both the sun, and the huge kind sea and to bathe long - long, to “goosebumps“. And then to gather a cheerful team and to play before dark... On the beach of entertainment will be for all. The following story about games for grown up, and even absolutely adult “children“.

of Game on sand

the Starfish

are Played by two teams: And yes B or two players. Driving from team A lays down on a back as a starfish, having stretched legs and hands. Players from team B put five stones between “star beams“, i.e. between a-headed and right hand, between the right hand and the right leg etc., stones do not concern driving and form approximately equilateral pentagon. Problem of driving: to turn over, without tearing off a back from sand and without concerning stones so that the head appeared on the place of one of legs. And again to represent a starfish with stones between five beams. Other team players And help councils and warn against a touch to a stone. Team players of B have just fun, looking at this floundering. Complexity of game can be regulated, having stones is closer to driving or is farther from it. Game is good also the fact that it is possible to play it and to one, independently displaying stones and perfecting skill of revolutions.



Again are necessary to

two teams and driving in one of them (let now from B), ready to lie on sand. What it also does, laying down on a stomach, facedown, blindly, having a leg and a hand in compliance with instructions of team players And. Players from And put five stones (reeves) near driving where they want, without concerning it so that he did not hear where they put them, and depart. Further team players of B try to explain driving where these stones that he managed to get on feet, without having concerned any of them (having passed all reeves). Team players And watch inviolability (in literal sense) stones. Game can be complicated, increasing quantity and the sizes of stones.


Relay of cuttlefishes

On sand draw lines of start and the finish. Before each participant (cuttlefish) on start about two stones lie. For one course it is possible to shift or throw on the new place one stone from these two, concerning at the same time not movably lying other stone. Throughout all movement to the finish it is necessary to concern something at least one stone lying not movably. The one who will reach the finish for smaller number of the courses wins. If two cuttlefishes reached for identical number of the courses, that which was faster wins. Experience shows that the most convenient way of pro-crawling - legs forward. If the player unintentionally slightly shifts a stone which has to be motionless, it is set off as the made course if throws a stone so far that it will lack growth to reach it, without coming off other stone, then he leaves competition. If cuttlefishes significantly of different growth participate in relay, then distances between start and the finish can be different for them.

of Game in water

Habitual ball games, for example in “doggies“, much more cheerfully if all participants stand and jump on a belt in water. The main thing - not so much to beat off or catch a ball how many to jump behind it and it is beautiful to fall. Beauty of falling is defined by quantity of the made splashes. The UFO is good too and easily turns into a floating plate. But it is the best of all to play in water badminton because a racket it is very convenient to drive away from itself gadflies and flies.

Game in “doggies“

All participants get up in a circle, and driving (doggie) costs jumps, more precisely, and runs in the center of a circle. All players throw each other a ball or an UFO so that driving could not concern it. Long it is impossible to hold a ball in one hand. It is more interesting when players risk and throw a ball by “doggie“. If driving it is possible to touch a ball, the last who concerned a ball before becomes a doggie, and ex-the doggie rises on its place.


the Mattock


For this game need the real sea waves. One of two players (mattock) lays down on water the head towards to a wave. Another playing (plowman), standing on a bottom, takes a mattock for ankles and tries “to plow“ them the sea as it is possible more deeply. Problem of a mattock absolutely simple: to manage to inhale between crests of waves.


This game suits

only able and liking to float. All participants of game sit down in an inflatable boat and come up on the middle of the lake or very much - very slow river. Then scatter oars as it is possible further in different directions and pull out traffic jams from boat boards. Task: to collect oars, to reach the coast with minimum “losses“ of crew. At each danger of flooding of the semi-blown-off boat the volunteer overboard goes (he can push outside then the boat to the coast).