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Rest on the Sea of Azov

the Choice.

So, we at the choice of the vacation spot were guided geographical blizostyyuot at home. At the age of a year and five months the climate and conditions can “not suit“ the child, weather also - a thing changeable... So at worst to the nichtena it prevents to be developed fast on hundred eighty.
But, many young parents risk to go also to Cyprus and to go a vpeshekhodny hike across the Crimea with accommodation in tents. Both similar variantapo - to the are good and not really.

Distant exotic trips not really - that give the chance to mothers and a papamvecher to visit interteyment (entertainments), restaurants since kids will hardly fall asleep at 9 in the evening, and nurses (as far as to us met) in number are not caused in the evening - only in the afternoon. And in the majority of solid hotels work dnemprosto Children`s game rooms (without dream and feeding) - under supervision and the sklassny equipment.

the Version of a “wild“ hike - there is a lot of good companions with children of vsekhvozrast that gives the chance to entrust to one - two adults of a vseprelesta of children`s efforts. Though partially and though temporarily. The porridge cooked to a nakostra, bathing and washing in a stream, sound sleep in a pinery. Not bad. There are, however, doubts in as far as mother in a takomsostava will be able to have a rest. I was personally tired not so much physically how many psychologically otvsyaky “and suddenly“ far from a civilization.

the Golden mean dropped out to us in the form of permits in Rest house - sanatorium “Kirillovka“ on the bank of the Sea of Azov.

Geographical characteristic of the place.

Mobilized the grandmother (my mother) to keep us the company and at the same time to have a rest, naturally. Well, as far as it is possible in the presence of the juvenile gangster.:) The father visited us nearly an every evening, regularly indulging all whims iprivozya from the city “one, another something necessary“.

In itself it is a unique corner of the nature on a joint of the Dairy estuary (vozdukhnasyshchen iodide evaporations, curative dirt, a vysokomineralizirovannayavoda, fresh large shrimps) and the Sea of Azov.
the Sea low-appeal, but very pure (any operating enterprise to a napoberezhya), small and warm, the coast sandy (a white gentle sand)... The Naletny period is necessary the bigger average number of clear days, than nakurorta of the Mediterranean.

permit Cost - 780 gr. ($200) for 24 days. Accommodation conditions - three-storyed cases with all conveniences in numbers (double). Balconies - it is important, this place for storage of all beach umbrellas, pools, buckets - pasochek + drying of a junk. Conditioners are, not everywhere, noyest. Refrigerators similarly.

Food in the dining room. Taste of dishes standardly stolovskiya, vegetables podayutdostatochno, juice, water-melons and melons every day. There is a set of cafe, bars of irestoran ashore. Discos, a stripshoa and so forth

booths in the territory with milk in packages, sausages, cheeses, cottage cheeses, juice, drinks Are. There is no baby food and pampers. It is necessary brats itself. But about what should be not forgotten it is stated below.

the Clear advantage of this sanatorium - can have a rest legally with children of a lyubogovozrast, nobody tries to ask a gift “for the admission with the child to 3 - hlt“. On the contrary, in every possible way tried to promote at the settlement and the device vstolovy (picked up change the most convenient for regime of the child).

the Profile of sanatorium turned out

mainly MEDICAL. The good case a dlyaprinyatiya of procedures, with a gym, the pool, bathrooms - souls, gryazyamiya the beautiful pump room (medical mineral waters of different structures and temperatures). The attending physician told that I as any young mother after incubation in sebe on hands of the weighty kid, has to complete a massage course, for ukrepleniyanerv and for appearance - souls (circular and Sharko), for a high and for skin - mineral bathtubs.

It is remarkable - in the hall on fresco walls with sea types, Sashka poseshchalaeto the place as art gallery, everything considered, commented - “ptichik“ (seagulls). A set of metal and wooden sculptures of a zhivotnykha of birds, it is possible to touch, it is possible to scramble and sit (pokamalenky, it is possible, the truth!) . The hall where expect waiting list for procedures - is interestingly arranged. Cool, the twilight, very pleasant quiet klassikazvuchit, the light show floats on walls waves of all shades. You weaken it strengthens medical effect. Sashka was delighted.

the sanatorium Territory for children is not equipped with

. It was succeeded to find couple a sportivnykhploshchadok with adult shells yes two creaking swing. :( If proytispeshky across the neighboring territories - playgrounds and the Amusement park, a water gorkana the beach and so forth festivities - drivings easily are found. In general the beach for children is not equipped - hills, driving on banana, I do not carry bars of an ikioska with ice cream to “children`s subject“.

That with itself to take:

the First-aid kit - all you know

, but I want to note especially “Pantenol - spray“ (postbeach), children`s sunblock cream (SPF20 and more), cream from mosquitoes, ointment “Rescuer“, a children`s cosmetic milk (what you love), and any cream of an otrazdrazheniye of skin (against a potnitsa) - is possible also powder.

We took

with ourselves children`s vitamins since we drink them and did not want to interrupt a course. And the substances maintaining immunity it are their part to pomogayetadaptirovatsya and shows resistance to any viruses (and a bolshinstvodetok ran with cough not of catarrhal, but infectious character).

Gastric and febrifugal no comments.

Clothes - a bag of warm children`s things was transferred with the father home on following zheden after arrival.

of Footwear several couples (during a heat and on the beach lungs, for evening progulokpeshky - with an instep support).


, shorts, T-shirts (not t-shirts - hot in them). It is more than socks. Two hats of different styles were enough for us. Pampers are also necessary and hot in them. Also did not use Myprivezli almost.

the Children`s small backpack - let itself drags any rubbish on the beach.

of the Toy - the pool was useful for photography, and then was blown off and ubranproch. Nothing can be compared to freedom and bathing in the real sea. A ball - a season hit. They were taken a little also changed on the course. A bucket, a shovel, molds - irreplaceable things. The water gun - is bought on mesteil is accepted in gift from the fascinated admirers. :)

of Manuals with themselves intentionally was not carried. Occupations weight and without them, takved? Books of darlings took a little. A small pillow in shape a golovymedvezhonka (this our “security blanket“ without it we will not fall asleep). Pot.

the Player and pair of favourite cartridges - very much and very important!

Sheets and felt-tip pens - to draw


Food - porridges in packs, pechenyekhrustyashchy sticks and so forth took

“tetra-Pak“ milk, juice, mineral water) and fruit. Kulechek of children`s caramels (it is more than a dlyaigra). Fresh curd cakes bought in a booth.

Other necessity - the basin for washing of children`s things. I in hotel do not decide to rinse children`s. Boiler. Naborchik of easy plastikovoykompaktny ware (in the dining room hot, it is not always possible to rebenkanakormit there, and the ware cannot be taken out).

the Beach umbrella - if you do not want the neighbourhood under a canopy.

what played

We brought cockleshells with themselves... Considered them on the beach, displayed, sorted - “big - small“, counted up to five... On sand and clay flat cakes tried a vykladyvatmozaika from cockleshells.

the Beads wanted to paint and string

and this year there is no “kruchenka“! It is the material, most convenient for a beads. And painted with a multi-colored varnish dlyanogty... in mine still the childhood.

began to climb steps not an added step, and to variables “on - to the adult“ (holding crossbeams).

In run there was a flight phase (when legs both come off the earth).

On a short flight of stairs Swedish climbs under a ceiling, and back is not able to get down...

On a balcony were hanged out by kerchiefs and by prishchepochka multi-colored they were fixed. Ropes are tense low.

From a manicure set we pour out all contents, we hide sharp, to dayemraskladyvat other on offices. Funny!

multi-colored and mixed candies in a paper bag Allowed to touch

, displayed, considered.

was Played in the doctor the grandmother`s device for measurement of pressure.

Observed the Solar eclipse (Sashke was not shown, of course, it zanimalozrelishche when all people with x-ray pictures run and through nikhsmotrit).

were Thrown by stones into water - “who farther?“

were Torn (still) to small pieces of a napkin by color dining rooms.


Learned to stop up with forefingers ears. In the dining room very much to nravitsyaigrat in “it is silent - loudly“.

Walked in the evening on paths. The doggie runs towards and claws this little “rat“ loudly knocks on tiles. Sasha was surprised to this sound before! Opened eyes and speaks: “Abachika (doggie). Av - av! Pas - and - and - and - yets!“ also shows the “sharp-clawed pad“. It she decided that usobachka so firm fingers!

In Lechebno the case is costed by a sculpture of an eagle with open wings. The siyeproizvedeniye very much was pleasant to Sashke though it is a little and frightened it the groznymvid. But here the two-meter size of an eagle wing seemed to the baby... EARS! She and declared on all hall - “Tichik! (birdie) of Utsi! Uts!“ iruchonka touches the ears.


the teenager of years 15 - ti which peacefully with the mother collected to a cockleshell naberezhka. Sasha to him this way and that - does not pay attention. Vodichkoyplesnet, will throw a cockleshell... It is impossible anything! Then crept closer, directly to it looked into face and with astonishment so, lingeringly with howling sang: “Ma - and - and - and tts - and - ik!“ Both mother, and the boy of an otudivleniye and courage nearly fell and burst out laughing, of course. And a hrabrayadevushka, having achieved the, it is proud was removed!

So long! yours Olya and Sashisya :))))