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The sea on a floor: the master - a class for group of children

the Famous illustrator and mother of two children Zina Surova offers the master - a class for group of children. This densely populated sea was made during occupation in “the Zzzzzzzzzzzzzininy workshop“ in “Shardam“.


Age: from 4 to 10 years.

Usually on my occupations each child does to

the separate work. Often at the beginning of occupation when all are already involved in process, children ask and whether it is possible to take away result home. It is important to show to the father, grandmothers. It is important to make something special. But it is not less important to children to do some general work sometimes. Therefore I will tell about the panel “SEA“ which we made not so long ago.


to Children it is clear to

when the adult takes some big empty leaf at the beginning of occupation and says that it is the sea, the wood or the city. It is very easy for children`s imagination to fill such empty leaf.

In a case with the panel “SEA“ the leaf has to be really very big. It is better to take several sheets of the A2 or A1 format and to stick together them from a reverse side an adhesive tape. Sheets not necessarily have to be blue, they can be just white, can be and color.

of the Panel maybe not rectangular.

children gather So far, I stick together sheets, and they burst with curiosity - what is it will be? Further we watch the presentation about the underwater world, we examine in books of fishes, octopuses and an alga. I tell that such panel.

Children is at heart owners, right there declare: “And whether it is possible to cut off then the piece of the sea and to take home?“ Still speak:“ And suddenly I do here - I do, and my neighbor will take and will cut out a shark, and she will eat all my fishes?.“

Then we agree:

So, we have the general field - the sea (the size 2 × 1. 5 m) which lies on tables or on a floor. We take color paper and we begin to cut out!

One of important conditions - to cut out, without planning a contour a pencil. It very much develops the child, does his work more courageous, the cut-out application turns out more dynamic. Not all children agree to this condition at once. But the aspiration to fill the huge sea with the fishes wins - to the middle of occupation usually already all safely cut fishes - hedgehogs and octopuses.

the Exit workshops “Shardama“ and other children`s studios can be visited - absolutely free of charge - at the Children`s creative festival “Bright People“ which in Gorky Park will organize on August 18, 2012 the Moscow credit bank in honor of the twentieth anniversary.