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Sea tour with the child: 15 councils how to accustom to water

Sea tour with children - the most popular type of family travel. Air sea is useful, water salty is useful, children it is possible to teach to float - well everything well. And parents, anticipating children`s delight from a meeting with water elements, solemnly bring the child to the whispering wave - and the peanut suddenly with a wild roar is torn back - far away from the sea and the beach.

Yes, many, having arrived to some heavenly spot, appear in easy prostration: children do not want to bathe. Why then we brought the child at the sea?! Alas, so happens often. And it is better to be to it morally ready. Let better you be waited by unexpected happiness, than an unexpected nightmare.

Small children can be afraid of water in principle - and any waves in particular. They do not wish to sit in a surf strip - especially if just learned to rise, and any wave returns them in a prone position. Children about a year and a half are often frightened also descent in water: to them it is unclear why becomes deeper. Then get used, but do not want to float all the same - because soleno, a bottom uneven, pebbles - cockleshells and in general.

A still sea very big. And it is terrible that you do not stand. And it is not clear where you stand and where is not present any more. And some do not love when standing sand. Also want to sit on a laying... What here to be surprised that practically all kids as a result love the pool more, than the sea.

generally, children have many reasons, crises and other. The main thing that parents did not count on what the child on arrival will jump at once in water. You do not hurry him, let gets used. Gets used to the sun, sand, water - to everything that surrounds it now. Even the conscious three-year-old child can become stubborn and refuse to get into the water.

of Some children can be dragged in water with wild cries, and in 5 minutes they will be happy. But usually force has the return action - and on accustoming even more time will leave. It is possible to try different approaches: most likely, you know what method will suit your child better.

my oldest daughter I learned to swim in a circle simply: put in a circle and pushed away there where legs to the bottom did not get the pool. She povopit a little, then looked round, realized that she floats, and since that moment from its circle began not to pull out. Younger closes eyes and shouts. He sees nothing, realizes nothing until you return it on the firm earth - so it is necessary to treat it absolutely in a different way.

Useful tips (from personal observations):

  1. Little children like to enter water on hands at the parent and to plunge together with it. That is it is necessary not to dip the child near itself, and to press to a breast and to come so that to you there were waters up to a neck. My children in this situation did not notice change of the environment at all.
  1. Can sit with the child on hands in the line of a surf, to nurse, sand your legs and pebbles. At the same time to hold the child strong that waves did not wind him. To throw pebbles into water - cheerful and quiet occupation, it is pleasant to all kids. Still good and inspiring occupation: to sit on a sand, at an edge of water and to look at other children of any age lapping in water.
  2. to go with the child by a hand and to gather water in a bucket. It seems as you are engaged in business - both interesting, and useful.
  3. to Follow deep into a toy ship - it departures, and you get it. The child is fond and forgets about fear. any circles and other accessories for swimming it is good to li to allow to play
  4. theories ashore that already then the kid with a favourite toy joyfully ran to bathe. But at me left in a different way: if the child does not want to swim, then does not want - even if a circle for it ashore - the most wonderful toy.
  5. to
  6. at the age of about 3 years are not bad helped by points for swimming - our children agreed to climb under water only wearing spectacles, it was quieter them so. And still they are very much loved.
  7. the Pool (small inflatable) - directly ashore. It is very convenient to put in it to lap the baby. The same water - salty and useful, and to the kid it is not so terrible.
  8. Take
  9. for the child of a slipper in which it will not be a pity to become wet. If ashore there are pebbles - cockleshells on which the child will refuse to go, will put on footwear. Let excess unpleasant factors do not prevent acquaintance to water elements.
  10. the Big pool - a strange thing. Why it if we specially came to swim in the sea? But, nevertheless, children very much love them. Sometimes pools happen in a shadow - in them well to overstay the scorching heat. Children also learn to swim in them better: floor is equal, it it is not terrible, there are no waves.
  11. Can offer
  12. such deal:“ in the morning - the sea, in the evening - the pool“ or others similar. In some resorts it was very convenient when the pool was located near restaurant little tables. While the food was cooked, children swam, but did not stick to adults and did not ache from inaction. Conveniently and in that case, when the pool at your bungalow: those who got up the first do not awake son with requirements to go to bathe, and go and bathe.

I still useful tips (from friends):

Not all babies eat with

Very much - it is very important


Plan rest so that to you there too it was good. That is, that you did not put the interests on a health altar (and bathings) the child. It is better to argue so:

- you Want to swim? Abruptly, went to float!

- you do not want

in water? And it is fine - dig sand, and I will sunbathe.

- At all you do not want on this foolish beach? Well, play in the pool, and I will read in a chaise lounge.

- water Absolutely bothered, want to ride in a carriage? Perfectly, was just going to go sightseeing in the district.

refusal of the child to execute the program planned for his improvement you will transfer

At the correct spirit much more simply. And a cry “Why then we here in general arrived?“ more reserved will turn into something. And pleasure from sea tour will be derived by all.