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Housing subsidies: how to buy the apartment cheaper than

Without house to the person anywhere. Also it is desirable separate, spacious and convenient. But on acquisition of the housing money therefore we take loans in banks are necessary, we make out the credits, and sometimes... we receive subsidies. In total about subsidies for improvement of living conditions - in our article.

According to data of the monitoring which is carried out last year, nearly a half of the interrogated Muscovites does not know about existence of programs of subsidizing at all, and more than 40% find it difficult to define whether these programs to solve their housing problems are capable.

What it is it housing subsidies?

the Subsidy for improvement of living conditions are the payments provided to citizens at the expense of the state or local budget for acquisition of housing. Unlike the credit, has gratuitous character - it is not necessary to return money to the state. However “on hands“ too nobody will give money: the subsidy is provided in the form of the state certificate or the certificate.

As a rule, the subsidy does not cover completely expenses on purchase of own apartment (an exception - large families and other categories of exempts and that only in some regions of the Russian Federation) therefore “the starting capital“ is anyway necessary.

Theoretically, very many citizens of our country have the right for assistance of the state in a housing question. Needy and not having housing at all, the people living in rooms, to not conforming established requirements, can apply for granting rooms from housing stock of the municipality. However practice shows that it is necessary to wait for it decades (as of May 3, 2012 only in Moscow 113750 families needing improvement of living conditions are registered).

In Moscow the family needing improvement of living conditions can receive a gratuitous subsidy from city budget within city housing programmes. However, it is possible only if the family is solvent, that is is able to pay that part of cost of housing which exceeds the size of a housing subsidy. Such citizens are called “recognized as the person in need in assistance of the city of Moscow“. By the way, according to reviews, process of receiving such subsidies even not really long - on average it takes from 3 to 9 months though there can be exceptions.

All programs according to which residents of the capital can improve the living conditions are described by

in the Law of the city of Moscow from 14. 06. 2006 № 29 “About ensuring the right of residents of Moscow for premises“ on the website of Department of housing policy and housing stock of Moscow .

Who needs?

At first needs to be found out whether recognize you as “persons in need“.

of St. 51, paragraph 2 of the Housing code establishes the minimum size of the area suitable for normal life which is called registration norm.

the Registration norm is established by local government, that is in all cities and rural lands it different (for example, in Moscow it makes 10 m ² for certain apartments and 15 - for municipal; in St. Petersburg - 9 and 15 m ² respectively; and in Omsk - 15 m ² regardless of apartment type).

If, having divided the total area of the apartment into quantity registered in it, you receive figure, smaller, than this most registration norm - means, you need improvement of living conditions. If neither at you, nor at the members of your family registered in this apartment is not present in property of other housing - safely go to waiting list for improvement of living conditions!

If you already in it cost

- very well. In Moscow, for example, the longer the family is registered in turn, the subsidy size is more.

the Table of determination of the size of subsidies as a percentage
(for inhabitants of. Moscow)

the Number of the full years which passed after registration 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10
and more years
Percent from the standard cost of premises Citizens, the having housing privileges 51 65 70 70 70 70 70 70
the General bases 5 12 20 30 40 51 60 64 67 70

of the Subsidy

of the Subsidy to young families are provided to 10 by 30 for young families within the housing programme “Provision of housing for young families“ (part of the federal target Dwelling program on 2011 - 2015 years ). It is supposed that by means of actions within this program the living conditions will improve 172 thousand young families.

what it is possible to spend for?

the Subsidy can be used by


Who is given?


  • it is Really young - age of each of spouses (or one parent in an incomplete family) should not exceed 35 years;
  • Really needs (see above), and, it is desirable, long ago - first of all enter those who were registered till March 1, 2005 in lists of applicants;
  • Really has own means (what, as well as all above-mentioned, it is necessary to prove documentary). As additional resources the maternity capital can be used by a young family!

How many give?

If couple has

no children yet - 30% of settlement (average) cost of housing; for the families having 1 child or more and also for the incomplete young families consisting of 1 young parent and 1 child or more - 35%.

in case of use of a subsidy for payment of a share its size is limited to the sum of the rest of debt on payment of a share (that is if you needed to pay 100 thousand, then will give exactly so much - and kopek more).

Settlement cost directly depends on a number of people in a family. So, on the family consisting of 2 people (young spouses or 1 young parent and the child) the premises with a total area not less than 42 m ² are necessary;. If in a family it is more than two people (the lonely parent + two and more children or young couple with child(children)) - on 18 m ² on everyone.

the housing Cost used when calculating the amount of social payment is determined by
by a formula:

of StZh = N x RZh ,

N - the standard of the cost of 1 m ² the total area of housing on municipality;
of RZh - the size of total area of premises.
That is if in a family 3 persons, then total area is 54 m ² (18 - 3). At the standard cost of 1 m ² the area of 40 000 rubles (in each territorial subject of the Russian Federation it different, see the Annex to the order of the Minister of Regional Development of the Russian Federation of December 09, 2011 № 562) the settlement cost of housing will be equal 2 160 000 rubles.
of 35% of this sum will make 756 thousand rubles. This is also the size of a subsidy for which the young family of three people can apply.

Of course, it is possible to save and buy the apartment less than 54 m ². But as in our hypothetical family three persons - in any way not less than 30 m ² if it is about Moscow because registration norm as it was already told above - 10 m ² on the person. And here it is not forbidden to buy the apartment of the bigger size: you can receive a subsidy according to registration norm, and buy the apartment of the bigger area - depending on the amount of personal savings.


In Moscow the program “To a young family - affordable housing“ works.

the Program extends to the following categories of citizens:

the Young family the family with children in which both spouses (in case of an incomplete family - mother or the father) are not more senior than 35 years (inclusive) is also considered. And here in a case with a childless couple there is an interesting addition - both spouses have to consist in the registered marriage not less than one year.

It is natural, all members of a young family have to be citizens of the Russian Federation and at least one of spouses has to live in the city of Moscow constantly.

Documents to

For participation in the subprogramme it is necessary for

for receiving a subsidy in local government at the place of residence (as a rule, regional Administration) to provide the following documents:

  • the statement in the established form in 2 copies (one copy comes back to the applicant with the indication of date of adoption of the statement and the documents attached to it);
  • copy of identity documents of each family member;
  • the copy of the marriage certficate (does not extend to an incomplete family);
  • the document confirming recognition of the young family needing premises;
  • the documents confirming recognition of a young family as the family having the income allowing to obtain the credit, or other money for payment of settlement (average) cost of housing in the part exceeding the amount of the provided social payment.

the Local government checks documents and in 10 - dnevny term makes the decision. The young family is in writing notified on a consent or refusal by local government in five-day time.

the Right for improvement of living conditions with use of social payment is granted by

to a young family only 1 time. It is especially important that period of validity of the certificate confirming the right to a subsidy makes no more than 9 months from the date of issue specified in it. It is necessary to hurry!


Where can be bought


the Acquired premises (or the house under construction) have to be in the territory of that subject of the Russian Federation whose executive authority included a young family in the list of applicants for receiving a subsidy. whether

Can extinguish a mortgage by means of a subsidy?

Is not present

, alas, it is impossible. If you already issued the credit, a subsidy to you it is not necessary.

of the Program for young specialists

In many cities the system of the help in the solution of housing problems to young specialists - to state employees exists. The family admits Moscow a family of the young specialist (including incomplete) citizens of the Russian Federation in which at least one of spouses is not more senior than 35 years (inclusive), ended a higher educational institution, works in budgetary organization of system of the Complex of the social sphere or is an employee of the government bodies of Moscow financed by budget funds of the city. The department of housing policy and housing stock on the basis of the arrived applications from government bodies of Moscow provides to such families certain apartments.

at the same time have the privilege families of young specialists in which:

at least one of spouses is recognized by

However, the apartment will not become property, and will be received under the contract of social hiring. The department of housing policy of Moscow on the basis of the arrived applications provides certain apartments to families on terms of the contract of hiring for a period of up to five years inclusive (this term can be prolonged).


to fix young qualified personnel in rural areas, within the “Social Development of the Village till 2013“ program provide subsidies for acquisition or construction of housing to the young specialists who are living in rural areas or showed willingness there to move. The Ministry of Agriculture of the Russian Federation is responsible for implementation of the program. The amount of social payment (that is subsidies) in this case can reach 70% of the settlement cost of housing.


In some cities to citizens provide the budgetary subsidies for payment of part of interest rates for the credits and loans obtained for construction and acquisition of housing. In practice it means what during a certain term (for example, 36 months), pays with of 5 - 10% the city budget for a mortgage loan. And for those who work at the state and municipal enterprises there is a subsidy for payment of part of cost of housing. Conditions in this case are very similar to subsidies to young families, only without age limits. In many cities the budgetary subsidies for repayment of debt on the housing credits in case of the birth or adoption of the child are also provided.

of 7 steps on the way to a subsidy

  1. to study normative documents of federal level (The housing code of the Russian Federation, the target Dwelling program on 2011 - 2015 years, etc.) ;
  2. to find out registration norm of the area on the region;
  3. to study documents of local value (laws, programs, orders) and to choose the program of subsidizing;
  4. in case less meters are the share of each member of your family, than it is necessary - to get registered as the living conditions needing improvement (if it is necessary under the terms of the program of subsidizing);
  5. to descend on consultation in local government and to take the list of necessary documents;
  6. to collect by
  7. documents;
  8. to hand over to
  9. documents and to wait for obtaining the certificate.

Unfortunately, on paper it is simpler and simpler, than in real life. But you should not despair: thousands of people everything are acquired housing by means of subsidies. For example, Marin A. from Rostov-on-Don:“ I filed documents and got in line for receiving a subsidy for experts of the budgetary sphere nearly 5 years ago. Almost forgot about it when I was called and told to come for the certificate. Time for search of the apartment, registration of the credit (own means I had only 300 thousand) and bureaucratic red tape was almost not, period of validity of the certificate only 3 months. But I coped! To me as to lonely mother, 500 thousand rubles granted a subsidy, I added the accumulation, took about one million on credit and bought the small two-room apartment. Under the terms of a subsidy the state within three years pays to me 10% for a credit rate, it very much facilitates life. And I lease the apartment so far quicker to pay a principal debt“.

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