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Intestines after the delivery - we restore work of

As soon as the child is born, the uterus of the woman in labor decreases in sizes, and abdominal organs begin to get used to a new state. How to eat properly and what rules it is better to follow in the first days after the delivery, the gynecologist Alexander Shlychkov tells.

By the end of term of pregnancy intestines are in the squeezed state. It considerably complicates passability of food and can be one of the reasons of locks during incubation of the kid. Usually in maternity hospital do to women in labor cleaning enemas (in order that there were no involuntary emissions from intestines during a rodorazresheniye). For this reason in the first, second days after the delivery the chair at women is not observed. If the woman was not prepared in this way, did not do her any enemas, then her intestines begin to work right after childbirth in the usual mode.

It is important
! Water in large numbers is simply necessary in the first days after the delivery. It restores water balance of intestines and normalizes its work.

Natural childbirth

If at the time of delivery at the woman happened gaps in a vagina, or it made an epiziotomiya (a section of tissues of crotch), not to do doctors without suture. In similar cases the spastic lock is most often observed by : intestines are in the squeezed state, sometimes everything is followed by belly-aches.

What to do?

the Food allowance after the delivery

the woman`s Diet in first 2 - 3 has to consist day only of liquid food: still mineral water in large numbers, broths. Then gradually young mother has to pass to firmer products, limiting the use of bread and flour products.

Main that the food contained a large amount of cellulose - it actively helps work of intestines and relieves of problems with a chair. It is known that cellulose contains in vegetables and fruit. Considering that almost all women nurse kids, and it is extremely important not to cause an allergy in the baby, choose “universal“ fruit and vegetables. And this list can change depending on a season.

Vegetables and fruit, universal for the feeding and not feeding mothers:

work of intestines in the first days after the delivery is well influenced by a fig, prunes (and here with plums it is worth being extremely accurate). And also olive or sunflower oil (1 tablespoon a day). It is worth consoling the nursing mothers suffering from locks: the imbalance in work of intestines does not influence quality of breast milk in any way.

A not feeding mothers can restore the usual food allowance in a week after the delivery.

After natural childbirth locks because of fear often meet . To young mother, seams, apparently, will not begin to live yet that during a defekation there can be something. It`s not true: if doctors performed operation and imposed seams for 6 days - it does not mean that for it is necessary to suffer and not to go to a toilet until everything begins to live! If the woman cannot cope with the fears, nurses in maternity hospital will help to make a cleaning enema.

Cesarean section

affects work of intestines worse Cesarean section, than natural childbirth as during operation to the woman inject a certain drug which “slows down“ work of intestines. It causes an atonichesky lock . At atonichesky locks apply a certain preparation which stimulates work of intestines.


As a result and extreme degree of atonichesky locks at the woman the abdominal distension and a vspuchivaniye can be observed. It happens if at the time of delivery there was a rupture of a uterus or if the woman in labor had a peritonitis.


Sometimes to emergence of atonichesky locks are promoted by the complications caused by long stay under anesthetic. But now in the Russian clinics the policy directed to that young mothers after the delivery began to move at once actively is pursued: it is reflected in work of intestines - it begins to function much better. So, through 6 - 8 hours after operation of Cesarean section to the woman suggest to rise, resemble - every day more and more.

of Epiduralnaya anesthesia


of Epiduralnuyu anesthesia is done also at natural childbirth, and at Cesarean section. By and large, it does not influence work of intestines in any way. But the easy atoniya of intestines from - for influences of the injected anesthetizing drug is sometimes possible: the vermicular movement worsens, intestines become sluggish, the food passes hardly.


about terms of restoration of work of intestines, it is difficult to predict something as it is individual process. But nevertheless, on average, during 7 - 10 days the organism of young mother is restored. In general, as soon as the woman begins to eat something, intestines intensify the functions.

Should remembering

that besides locks, extremely seldom, but nevertheless such problems with intestines as diarrhea or violation of intestinal microflora meet. Diarrhea, that is a diarrhea, a liquid chair, arises only when the woman is overzealous with the “weakening“ food. It is simple not to allow it: adhere to a postnatal diet.

the Microflora can be broken by

in case did to the woman in labor cleaning enemas. Similar process of clarification of intestines everything is is not natural. To normalize everything and not to allow dysbacteriosis, the doctor will appoint the preparations with bifidobacteria normalizing work of intestines.