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Art - to children. The best an art - studios for kids of

Ya herself studied at traditional art school. It is impossible to tell that to it I am not glad - but the child so strongly would not like to load. Therefore, on the advice of organizers of the Bright People project devoted to development of additional education I decided to examine art studios in Moscow where children are learned to draw, mold and at the same time teach fundamentals of history of art.


is A lot of occupations for children who like to create, and it is possible to draw even on wall-paper here. There are studios “Laboratory of Hooligan Arts“, “Fashionable Class“, school of ceramics. I most of all liked “masterful Zzzzzzzzzzinina“ - creative the master - classes for children of 4 - 12 years which are conducted by the famous illustrator Zina Surova. In children`s hands color paper turns into the huge painted cakes, and from old plastic bottles the spaceship wonderfully turns out.

the Crimean Shaft, 10 (the Building of the Central House of Artists) of
+7 (499) 238 08 64

Children`s workshops on “Winery“

For fans to paint, cut out and glue on “Winery“ there are several studios at once: an animation circle, the master - a class on creation of toys, “A workshop of miracles“ of Pavel Kozlov. In the workshop “Black Triangle“ it is possible not only to draw, but also to study art history - under the leadership of the artist and an art - the therapist Ilya Kovalenko. To learn something new about the main directions of the fine arts, about pictures and artists not only children, but also their parents will be able.

5 - y Syromyatnichesky Lane, house 1/8, p. 6, an entrance of 6
+7 (495) 782 - 51 - 87

the Tree of fairy tales


children Here... since seven months. However, to draw to such kids still early. But it is possible to be engaged in children`s fitness or to take part in numerous the master - the classes aimed at development of small motility, the speech and hearing. For children is more senior - a set of courses: molding, origami, fine art studio “A plasticine crow“. I liked occupations by a mosaic: they develop small motility and imagination - the most important that, “what eyes will not see“ as Little Prince spoke.

Leningradsky Avenue, 76, the +7 (929) 905 - 28 case 3
- 01

Flew and Walked

As teachers of this studio emphasize, lack of pedagogical pathos and any edification is important for them. Core of occupations - “hronolent“ of history of arts. Having discussed at occupation this or that phenomenon in art, children and adults every time perform solemn ritual: place this phenomenon on a hronolenta, at that time and in that place where it arose. And suddenly it becomes visible: while in Italy Chimabue was born, the teacher Giotto, the Kiev St. Sophia Cathedral suffered from the Mongolian army of the khan Batyya. And, of course, children there is a lot of here and with pleasure draw paints, pencils, brushes and fingers.

Red Army, the house 4 (the metro station of Dynamo) of
8 (916) 670 - 86 - 69

Children`s experimental studio of synthesis “Kolor“ of Moscow Zoo

the Idea to combine a zoo and studio of arts belongs to the organizer of Kolor studio Mark Morgulis. Children pass on occupations by tigers, peacocks and giraffes, being gathered by bright impressions which can be expressed then on paper. Occupations take place in a game form. Children draw, mold, make and arrange own holidays. And after a lesson it is possible to glance still and in planetarium which was restored recently.

B. Gruzinskaya, 1
+7 (905) 788 - 83 - 57

Soap manufacture in “Bottle“

to Cook soap - business serious. And scary interesting! On classes in soap manufacture children choose a form and color of the soap, get acquainted with fundamentals of chemistry. And then take away the turned-out soap home - and it is rather in a bathtub! Who knows, maybe, your child so will be inspired by new hobby that will grow and will become the famous perfumer.

B. Novodmitrovskaya. 36
+7 (495) 604 - 41 - 25

Drawing by sand of SENDPRO

If your child cannot be pulled out from a sandbox, and it passed from a molding of a Kulichiki to construction bashen and locks, perhaps, it is a signal to send him to studio of drawing by sand. As teachers from SENDPRO showed, by means of sand and water it is possible to create difficult patterns and intricate pictures. Occupations are both for the smallest, and for adult visitors.

of Bolshaya Molchanovka St., 30 / 7
of +7 (495) 691 - 16 - 71

to bypass all listed studios, it is necessary to spend a lot of time and money. And if to arrive differently? To look round and understand what studio will suit you most of all, will be possible in one day - on August 18 when at the Bright People festival in Gorky Park these and other creative studios carry out free the master - classes for all comers.