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How there was a continuation of m / f “The Bremen musicians“?

the Animated film “Bremen Musicians“ got unprecedented success. But here one of typical paradoxes of the Soviet era: the animated film with might and main was already broadcast, and the planned plate with songs all did not leave...

the Arts council carped at the most unimaginable trifles. According to Entin, in a line “We have to save majesty from all to it unnecessary meetings“ saw a hint on Brezhnev`s protection, and a line “To us palaces the tempting arches will never replace freedom!“ confused because there could be wrong associations with recently built Kremlin Palace of Congresses.

I often use a turn “according to Entin“ because quite often his memoirs disperse from memoirs of other participants of events. For example, the poet said in one interview that Anofriyev somehow sang the song of the Bremen musicians in the Palace of congresses and at the same time led round “the palace arches“ hands then the necessary bodies led with it explanatory discussion.

Anofriyev to a similar legend was extremely surprised: “In - the first, I - rather intelligent and cultural as I consider, the person to afford such “features“ which are afforded by present estradnik... In - the second, at the time of Brezhnev I also did not sing in the Kremlin Palace of Congresses, it occurred much later, and not because I was bad or good, simply then there were other “stars““.

As for a song about “protection“, Entin likes to tell an amusing story how to it the husband of the former girlfriend of the wife who appeared was on a visit filled up with a bottle... real security guard of Brezhnev.

Yu. Entin:

“... the man told that they - Leonid Ilyich`s protection - on the way to the residence of the secretary general of the Zavidovo sing every day my song “Oh, Protection Gets Up Early“. It appeared, they went to it really early, at six in the morning. Moreover, it became clear that once security guards sang my creation to Brezhnev and that laughed loudly with all the heart. The most ridiculous that this visit helped me to let out a plate which was detained by 9 months. I declared at studio that “Leonid Ilyich approved the text personally“! Here so Brezhnev, one may say, helped me“.

Anyway, the plate left. To connect songs together without video series, on it the additional text performed by Vasily Livanov was written down.

Yu. Entin: “At peak of success I took an interest in

how many it is sold plates. 28 million (i.e. the plate to the American measures became 28 times “platinum“! - S. K.) “.
Today - - difficultly to believe

in times when the success “gives milk“ to the last that initially nobody planned shootings of the sequel of “The Bremen musicians“. Yury Entin thought of continuation, only when the Soyuzmultfilm studio was just filled up with letters - requests.

At first Entin`s idea in anybody did not cause enthusiasm. Process moved a little when the poet thought up the new character - the detective who gave an impetus to all plot. After Entin read to Vasily Livanov the lines

Ya - the ingenious detective,

the help is not necessary to me,

I even Will find a heat-spot

On... e at an elephant...

... that laughed loudly, and work on the second part of the animated film began to boil. However, Inessa Kovalevskaya refused to participate in it, and the director it was necessary to become Livanov.

In the new animated film decided to refresh everything - both images of characters, and performers. Main voice of the first “Bremen...“ - Oleg Anofriyev - slightly took offense at it though he, according to Entin and Gladkov, was guilty itself because he “was capricious a little, something was not pleasant to him“.

G. Gladkov:

“As there passed some time, and we decided to make the Troubadour more adult, more baritonisty - for what invited Magomayev“.

the Idea to invite Muslim Magomayev appeared not only because it great opera and the crooner. Everything began with the fact that Entin very much liked material of the flexible plate which is written down by Magomayev for the Krugozor magazine. There Muslim Magometovich ridiculously and skillfully parodied other performers, namely ability to reincarnate and was the main valuable quality for scoring of the animated film.

It is no wonder that the ballad “Beam of the Sun Gold“ became the most long-living hit of the second part of the animated film lyrical vital. Here Entin even departed from the rule when at first he wrote the text, and then the composer set it to music. As a result, when Gladkov wrote a melody, the poet had to suffer the whole two months before words were born.

The beam of the sun of gold

of Darkness was hidden by a veil.

I between us again

Suddenly grew a wall.

Night will pass, morning clear will come, I Trust

, happiness with you waits for us.

will pass Night, there will pass the time rainy,

the Sun will ascend...

“A sun beam“ were rehashed subsequently by many, but Magomayev`s original with his baritonisty “rifts“ still is a standard. Though it were pleasant to Entin also fate - covers performed by Yu. Shevchuk and E. Letov.

Yu. Entin:

“When the late Egor Letov from the punk - groups CIVIL DEFENCE asked for a permission from me to sing “A sun beam“, I at first was against. He began to convince me and asked to listen to the execution. I listened and understood that it is very sincere, and the singer really passed the song through himself. Therefore I signed to it permission“.

Only from what Magomayev, so it refused party of the King. Having heard on a demo - record as it is executed the jingling voice by the composer, the singer declared that it is very healthy also it is not necessary to change anything. Probably, the role of the King was firmly pasted to Gladkov after the first part.

Except other, the composer decided to make now the open parody to fate - music. At the end of the animated film the heroes who are changed clothes in western fate - stars, quickly execute the stadium anthem “The Whole World at Us in Hands“ and the priblyuzovanny heart-breaking version of a lullaby “Do not lay down on the edge“.

G. Gladkov:

“In the Troubadour saw Elvis Presley, in these four animals - Beatles. Parody elements if took place, then benevolent, friendly. Not satire, namely soft humour“.

as a result the second part which left in 1973 “In the wake of the Bremen musicians“ made a bigger success, than the first. Phrases from songs it seems of “And a scent - as at a dog, and eyes - as at an eagle“, “Ah, you are my poor trubadurochka...“, “Workers of a knife and the axe, romantics from main road“ - right there became winged.

Besides, in 1974. based on the animated film the musical performance “Troubadour and His Friends“ was put on the stage of Lensovet Theatre. It is interesting that a role of the Troubadour was played there by young Mikhail Boyarsky, and a role of the Princess - Larisa Luppian, his future wife.

Later quarter of the century Livanov and Entin tried to repeat success of the animated film once again. In 2000 the third part under the name “New Bremen“ (nearly direct sending to “new Russians“) the director Alexander Gorlenko came out. The plot and performers the next time was refreshed. History where the major role is played, of course, by the Ataman (and nowadays rich banker trying to marry the King), such representatives of variety elite as Philip Kirkorov, Sergey Penkin, Nadezhda Babkina executed, etc.

But a miracle did not happen. The animated film, of course, brought together cash desk. And songs were rather professional and even samoironichna. Here only any of them in the head of the people was not hooked. At times it seems to me that in the air of a Post-Soviet era there is something decomposing and leveling any creative attempts.

However, Yury Entin`s creativity was not limited to “The Bremen musicians“ at all. About stories of its other well-known songs - next time.

P. S: I remind that songs everyone interesting can be found in 1 - m comments to this article.