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Turkey: rest with the one-year-old child of

Not all relatives and friends supported us with the husband in the decision to go all family on rest abroad. Incredible: to the younger son year was only executed! It is pure egoism, it is necessary to wait a few years more, or, as a last resort, - to go to the South of Russia where the medicine Russian-speaking, and climate suits our children better... It is impossible to tell that we made the decision, without doubting. And a remorse suffered too. But our last rest happened in three years before, we very much were tired and dreamed though for a while to change scenery. The tired, angry, overdriven parents - not the best recipe of wellbeing of the child. And about the Russian medicine and level of service in the Russian resorts we, unfortunately, not the highest opinion. Generally, risked. Also did not lose. Have a rest perfectly, very much it was pleasant to children - each to their own, and the eldest son already starts talking about the following time. It is impossible to tell that everything was ideal, but we did not face the solved problems. Those who say that the most important - a positive spirit are truly right! I will not tire with the detailed description of how we had a rest, than were engaged, and than this trip was remembered. In a sense, the majority of families have a rest in the south equally, presence of small children imposes restrictions for entertainments, food, a sightseeing etc. I will share the supervision which were remembered on vacation and councils for those who only plan to leave far from the house with the child.

the Main thing governed

which I for myself understood:“ rest with children = rest for children“. Well parents cannot even relax and abstract on vacation from household problems and habitual life if nearby the child! All the same in the head the heap of fears for it crowds: whether it is pleasant to it whether well he feels, whether correctly you feed him, and whether small violation of the mode harms it.

the Second rule by which we with the husband will be guided from now on:“ number of adults = number of children + 1“. And this one (at least) the additional adult has to be able and want to spend time with your children. Only in this case at least sometimes parents will be able to receive in turn a respite in the afternoon, and at night - even to have a rest together: to go to discos, concerts of live music, to derive pleasure from evening animation for adults. The grandmother or the grandfather preferring to have a rest quietly in the evenings in number can be this additional adult. As option - very successful because to find such friends or acquaintances it is difficult, - it is possible to go to have a rest two or three families, in each of which there are children. In this case all will be satisfied. Parents will be able to keep the watch with children in turn, kids will always have a cheerful company, and parents will find subjects for talk (about children, of course!) .

Third rule : it is necessary to agree about division of duties to parents “on the coast“, houses - on the place will be already and once, and it is inappropriate. Plus it is desirable to reach agreement that it will be possible for children and that it is impossible in advance.

Fourth rule : the age of the child is not a hindrance for a distant trip with it where - or, including abroad. A hindrance, more precisely restriction, its personal features, character are: if the child negatively perceives new faces, sleeps in others place badly, does not wish to eat unfamiliar food, then, of course, trips for a while need to be postponed, or to go without child. If you are sure of the decision if you tried to expect all possible difficulties and ways of their overcoming if you wait good, but are ready to a miscellaneous, then you will well have a rest - and your child too.

we met by

In hotel in 9 days of stay 4 or 5 families with children of age of our Nikitki, about a year. To the youngest child - and we, naturally, approached and got acquainted - there were 7 months! And he perfectly felt, and took great pleasure from the sun, the sea and a new situation. At the airport we met absolutely fearless travelers with the child about 3 or 4 months, however, it there was a family of Germans - Russians all - with bigger caution take out kids abroad.

Now several councils, perhaps, not original, but important and, I hope, useful.

  1. Buying tour, we tried to choose option with night flights. Thanks to it both children slept the most part of the road both there, and back. Yes, of course, in others place and in an unfamiliar situation it is more difficult to lull the child, but it is it is all the same possible. But if children on the way sleep, parents - have a rest if not physically, then psychologically precisely. If the child still not really surely goes independently and quickly gets tired, he needs a carriage and that it was convenient also to parents, it is necessary to take with itself a carriage - a cane. In travel agency to us advised not to drag with themselves excess freight and to take a carriage in hire in hotel. But we decided to take the, and did not regret about it. It was not necessary to carry the younger son on hands in a waiting time and passings of all necessary procedures at the airports (and the kid at us the heavyweight): it always had an opportunity to have a rest or have a sleep in a carriage, even to planes we carried it (it is not necessary to hand over carriages in a luggage compartment - for them the place in the plane is provided).
  2. At the airports do not neglect
  3. rooms of mother and child if they are there. Yes, I was convinced that such rooms poorly are equipped: several cribs, arena and rubber toys at best. But there is a pure toilet, kitchen with a sink and an opportunity for mother to wash away and change clothes of the child, to remove from it for some time of a sandalika, to allow to play unfamiliar toys, to feed with a breast without witnesses. Generally, there is already a lot of. To receive the direction to this room, it is necessary to have at itself the insurance policy of the child and to pass small medical examination in a first-aid post of the airport.
  4. Collecting by
  5. suitcases, it is necessary to try, of course, that their quantity was minimum. Free hands, at least, to hold by hands of children, and small - and on hands will be required (or to carry in a carriage). Here council two: 1) it is as little as possible clothes for itself - 2 all the same will be no place “to walk“ it) enough basic things for children - we had to change clothes of them on 4 - 5 time put (will at dinner be soiled, during walk, on the beach, plus still they strongly sweated).
  6. needs to pay Much attention to the first-aid kit which you will take with yourself. In - the first, drugs abroad cost much; in - the second, some are called differently, than in Russia; in - the third, not all druggists abroad (and not all Russian tourists) rather well know English precisely to describe symptoms or the necessary medicine; in - the fourth, it is easy to find a drugstore not everywhere. It is simple to make the list of necessary drugs - rather common sense. My council: for children - antiseptics, for mothers and fathers - some demulcent is obligatory. At first on vacation children very often fall - me, in particular, the pustyrnik would be useful there, but I from the house did not take him.
  7. by
  8. Choosing hotel, try that it intended for family rest. Some hotels do not position themselves as family, but in them there is a children`s infrastructure, and it is enough. Moreover, it very much facilitates to parents life. The children`s menu, enough children`s stools at restaurant, pass - clubs with good animation, platforms, paddling pools, hills in aquaparks. Also that evening adult animation was not too loud is important, otherwise children will fall asleep hardly and it is bad to get enough sleep.
  9. If the child does not eat adult food yet, then surely take it with yourself food in jars. Do not rely on the fact that buy food on the place, or it will be in the menu of hotel. At least, take food in the road and on first 2 - 3 day of stay that you could find it in local shops quietly. We had a rest in very good hotel with 5 asterisks “ultra all inclusive“, but baby food there in the menu, even on sale was not. It was necessary to look for in shops of the nearby city and not everything was found in one place. And here with diapers it is easier - they can be found in shops of hotel. And not simple, and even for swimming. I advise to buy the international brands which quality is familiar to you. Local diapers cost, of course, cheaper, but their quality was not pleasant to us at all. By the way, many hotels declare on the pages and the websites that they have a children`s menu. I was shocked by the fact that it actually means. The children`s menu according to resort hotels is the most junk food: fr potato, hamburgers, macaroni with fried sausages... Generally, it is that food which you should not persuade the child to eat. More likely, it is necessary to drag it from it.
  10. couple More of traveling notes. We had a rest in Turkey. Never saw that so many strangers sincerely smiled to kids; that so many strangers sought to do everything possible that the child did not cry; that so easily children were given small gifts. In Egypt successfully to bargain, the man needs to have beautiful, young, preferably white-skinned woman nearby. In Turkey the successful bargaining requires presence of the small nice child. Especially unevenly Turks breathe to “godovasika“.
  11. read
  12. Ya and heard that the menu of the small child has to consist first of products which grow in the region of its birth. Therefore in Russia the feeding up is begun with apples, pears and carefully enter “exotic“ - peaches, bananas. Buying can food for the younger son in shops of Turkey, we with the husband were struck with his structure: since 4 months - bananas, grapes, pears, grapefruit as fruit puree; broccoli, peas, potatoes, tomatoes - as vegetable! However, even more we were surprised by the son to whom we were forced to give these mashed potatoes to try: ate greedily, and any allergy! But here I do not take out any regularity - perhaps, it just has no allergy to these products.
  13. Well, and last supervision. On vacation we learned to trust the children more. In what it was expressed? If the child asks any food unfamiliar to it - it is necessary to allow to try. It will be pleasant - let will eat a little, it will not be pleasant - means, still early. If wants to swim in the adult pool instead of children`s - means, it is necessary with care and at the presence, but to resolve. If refuses to eat - means, just not hungry, the heat beats off appetite. If does not want to be put to bed in habitual time - means, it is necessary to give it still a half-hour, let it will be adjusted, and then - sleeps stronger. Trusting children, we could avoid the conflicts, food allergy, acclimatization, colds - generally, have perfectly a rest!

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