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How to meet the first summer?

Each mother dreams to grow up the peanut healthy. And in the summer for this purpose there are so much opportunities! Unfortunately, except pleasures, this remarkable season can cause the baby many troubles, especially if it in his life the first.

Several rules of summer food

Sharp changes in food of the kid are always undesirable

, and in the summer - especially. Therefore if your child is on breastfeeding, try to keep it till fall, thus, you prevent possible intestinal diseases.

to the Child who is on the artificial or mixed feeding and got used to a certain mix, continue to give this product, without replacing it without special need with another.

In hot days the kid, perhaps, will prefer to soups and porridges fruit or unsweetened fruktovo - vegetable broths. There is nothing terrible if in the afternoon he worse eats usual: during a heat release of digestive juice decreases, and the feeling of hunger does not arise. In such cases the meat dish or vegetable puree can be offered for dinner.

the Summer menu of the healthy child includes almost all berries, fruit and vegetables behind a small exception. For example, fresh cucumbers as practice shows, cause violation of a chair in some children. At emergence of the first signs of violation of digestion it is necessary to refrain from the products which caused them. Beet it is useful for p to give

to children with tendency to locks, adding to vegetable puree. Besides, fill boiled, small polished beet with several drops of vegetable oil and lemon juice and offer the kid a teaspoon of this dish as an additional garnish to a meat dish.


to the Child of 10 - 11 months allowed a small slice of fresh tomato. However tomatoes can cause allergic reaction, so they are not recommended to children with displays of ekssudativny diathesis. Same treats also strawberry.

Fruit purees prepare

from fresh fruit in the summer: apples, mature soft apricots, peaches. And here from cherry, black and red currant, raspberry better juice turns out.

it is During the day admissible to give to the child only one type of berries or fruit, new to it, and their general quantity should not exceed 100 - 150 in 6 - 9 months and 150 - 200 - at the end of the first year of life.

About purity and intestines

Main in prevention of intestinal infections - the most strict observance of rules of hygiene. There are enough in the summer several hours that the microorganisms which lodged in foodstuff bred in quantities which are capable to cause a serious illness. Therefore the kid should cook food just before food. The dairy products intended for the use during the day need to be stored in the refrigerator.

Carefully wash with

vegetables and fruit. At first wash up those which the child will eat in the raw under flowing water, and then drench with boiled water. After that it is easy to husk apricots and peaches to make mashed potatoes. The special attention is required by processing of strawberry: on berries the earth, particles of fertilizers, obsemenenny microbes can get.

you Watch purity in the house and in kitchen. Destroy flies. Wash hands with soap to yourself and the kid more often.

If the child had a vomiting, a frequent liquid chair, do not treat him, and at once call the doctor. Before its arrival you do not feed the kid, only let`s it drink - small portions and it is frequent.

Overheated or was cold?

Besides food problems, considerable danger is constituted for the kid by abundance of direct sunshine which excitingly affect nervous system of small children. Their thermal exchange is not perfect therefore the overheat comes quickly and is transferred hard. Besides, skin of kids very gentle, sensitive therefore on it quickly there are burns. First they can and be not noticed, but several hours later after stay, excessive for the child, on the sun skin reddens, temperature increases, the kid becomes whimsical, cries, refuses food. In such cases it is necessary to ask for medical care urgently.

If during walk the child is uneasy

, greedy drinks, and on skin it had small red specks - a potnitsa, so it overheated, and it should be dressed at once easier. In summer day the kid after half a year can be left on the street in romper suit and easy cotton shirts, in a shadow - without headdress, and on the sun - it is obligatory in an easy light hat. It has enough reflected sunshine which fall on it when it is under trees or a canopy.

the flying weather is changeable

In a midland of our country, and from parents the attention maximum that the child not only did not overheat is required, but also was not cold. It is quite possible that today you should dress the kid not as yesterday, and even during one walk or a dream on air to replace to it a jacket more than once and to cover with a flannelette diaper.

we Become tempered!

Summer - the most convenient time for a hardening which has to enter daily life of the child with the same need, as washing. Do not think that the kid should be accustomed to some Spartan, severe conditions - it is about systematic and gradual increase of resistance of an organism to catarrhal diseases, strengthening of its protective forces, increase of its adaptive opportunities.

the softest tempering procedure - air bathtubs. If you already saw off them in the room, now it is possible and it is necessary to transfer this procedure to open air. Begin in warm windless day at air temperature not lower than 22 - 23 degrees. The child can be undressed to a belt or to leave absolutely golenky for several minutes. Increasing duration of such bathtub each 3 days for two minutes, bring it to half an hour. Provide to the undressed kid in a children`s arena or on a blanket freedom of movements - let creeps, sits down, stands up, potters with toys. At the end of summer you carry out such procedures and in more cool days and if it is pleasant to the child, it is possible to increase also their duration.

water has the Fine tempering effect. Damp rubdowns and douches are very effective. It is necessary to rub off the child the terry mitten moistened in water and slightly wrung out. At first only hands, from fingers to a shoulder, in three days also a breast, then - also a back, and, at last, - all body. Water temperature at the beginning - 32 degrees, and days through 7 - 10 reduce it each three days by 1 degree, having finished to 27.

in the Winter of children after half a year can bathe every other day, but in the summer let the baby takes a bath daily: water temperature - 35 - 36 degrees, and for douche - 34 degrees. Rubdown is better to do in the morning, and a bathtub - before a night dream.

In open reservoirs of children about one year cannot be bathed not only from - for dangers of overcooling, but also possible existence in water of pathogenic microbes.