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Where to go to have a rest?

the World is so various, and there is a wish to look at everything. Where all - to go? We offer such routes: to the sea and the sun - to Montenegro, behind gastronomic opening - to Provence, and behind impressions - in Las - Vegas.

of Summer you wait for the whole year and as there comes the time of holidays, instead of carefree mood - the painful choice and throwings. Undoubtedly, there are people who planned still since January. But they rather an exception, than rule.

Montenegro. To have a rest is an art

First of all holiday and rest are associated at us with the sea. It is put in us genetically, approximately the same as draft to trips on the dacha for May holidays. Times of Artek and summer camps on the Black Sea and Azov coasts consign to the past. But offers are not limited only to the Turkish and Egyptian resorts. One of adequately best options of beach rest with children is a family rest in Montenegro. The most interesting country, Montenegro becomes very popular among fans of suntan and sandy locks now. The ancient Montenegro proverb says: “The person was born tired and lives to have a rest“ . And the nature created for this purpose all conditions.

Should visit Herceg Nowi and the city - the island Saint Stephen. The city of Budva, the summer capital of Montenegro, can brag also of various architecture (what only the people did not come to these coast!) beaches for every taste, from melkogalechny to sandy and night life is concentrated exactly here. The Adriatic Sea surprisingly pure, unlike North - the western coast, with a flat bottom. But nevertheless Budva - the megalopolis by local standards.

With children it is better for p to have a rest in Petrovatsa. Very solar city, but you will be able always to have a rest in a shadow of the olives and pines growing here is universal. Water temperature here even in September remains at the level of 20 - 22 degrees. local beaches have a feature which will please quite little travelers: here sand of unusual red color. On a legend, nymphs who combed the hair coral crests exactly in these parts are guilty of everything.

the Holiday of a stomach and a feast of spirit - in France!

Besides sights and the museums, in the distant countries we are interested in kitchen. Are sure: on house specialties of the country it is possible to judge its history and culture. And if you want to go to the sources of haute cuisine - choose tours to France.

Especially to Provence - that where invented mayonnaise. And still provansalets own hundreds of recipes of absolutely delightful dishes seasoned with local herbs. Rosemary, fennel, a basil - not to list them, but it is possible to buy easily for several euro and to take away home. Why not to add also to dishes at a house table of Provencal charm? Also take also local olive oil.

What should be visited in these regions? The choice is big, French Riviera also is a part of Provence (C ô te d “Azur), both Marseille, and Avignon. You will be able to find cafe where for certain will serve you juice pancakes, bouillabaisse or ratatouille in each of the cities and settlements. Yes, for a gourmet here paradise and to understand it, it is not obligatory to visit institutions with stars of Michelin at all. From spiritual food - Roshe`s gardens - - the House overlooking Rhone, Avignon Seong Bridge - Benezet, palaces and small streets of Avignon, a promenade and the museums of Nice. Well and port Marseille for fans of big cities.

Las - Vegas - the casino for big, attractions for small

For the most curious families will be a set of entertainments over the ocean. The neon, shining all fires Las - Vegas is suitable not only for game in a casino and sleepless nights in clubs. It is suitable for family rest too: there special conditions both for adults, and for children are created. A set of world sights (not full-scale, of course) will allow to tell children about England, to be photographed at the Eiffel Tower and to guess a riddle of the Sphinx. And what amusement parks in Vegas! For example, Adventuredome is a similarity of Grand Canyon with a water and roller coaster, laser show and movie theater; the chocolate factory and garden of cactuses rounds in the USA are for every taste.

the World is open for


before you and your children. It is so healthy: to see the child shining from delight! Summer in the heat - successful to you holidays!