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The Disneyland in America: a trip with children - as when and how much is

the First Disneyland, of course, was American, it appeared in California, in Anakheym. But the most known and visited amusement park - what is located in Florida in Orlando - Disneyworld. When to go what to look at and how to save - all detailed information and useful links - in our review.

the Complex in Orlando - it is not simple land (country) any more, it is already whole world (world): several parks, aquaparks, tens of hotels, restaurants and shops - generally, Disneyworld. About it - that will also go the speech, but I will call nevertheless it the Disneyland - for the Russian ear so more habitually.

So, parks.

the Magic kingdom (Magic Kingdom Park)

there live heroes of animated films and pirates Here, there take place colourful shows around the lock of the Cinderella and fireworks are started.

of pic

the Kingdom of animals (Animal Kingdom Theme Park)

the Kingdom is huge

- Asia, Africa, the Country of dinosaurs, the Oasis, Island, Minnie and Mickey`s Camp. There are routes on the Asian jungle, and it is possible to rush on a roller coaster from the top of Everest. Some “exhibits“ it is possible to feed.

the Main attraction - a safari on jeeps: under your car the bridge breaks, eyes of crocodiles, lions and other inhabitants of the savanna shine from all directions, and over the head bullets of persecutors whistle. Sit down behind - will photograph more conveniently.

of Epkot (Epcot)

of Epcot is an abbreviation which is deciphered as “An experimental prototype of society of the future“.

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One part of park is called Parade of the countries or the World Fair (World Showcase) and as envisioned very much reminds our ENEA (it is the All-Russia Exhibition Centre). These are 11 pavilions, each of which shows culture of a certain country of Mexico, Norway, China, Germany, Italy, USA, Japan, Morocco, France, England, Canada. In each of pavilions there is a children`s corner (Kidcot Fun Stops) where children make hand-made articles.

the Second part of park - the World of the future (Future World). Here all about innovations, technologies, power sources, how it is correct to treat environment, about the underwater world and space - the movies 3D, laboratories, digital equipment, multitouch attractions imitating a river rafting or weeds to Mars.

the Hollywood studios (Disney “s Hollywood Studios)

It is an opportunity to look at a film world from - for the scenes, to participate in show or to popozirovat for shooting. If to fly - by the ships from “Star wars“ if a roller coaster - to the accompaniment of Aerosmith. The most fascinating attraction - “A tower of horror of the Twilight zone“ (The twilight zone tower of terror). Only be not surprised when your elevator fails down approximately from the 13th floor...

to Children of years to 5 in the Disneyland almost could not be done to


of pic, alas. The child will be tired rather by the events, and on many attractions it will not be let just from - for restrictions on growth. Children of years 5 - 6 will suit parks the Magic kingdom (Magic Kingdom Park) and the Kingdom of animals (Animal Kingdom Theme Park), and also aquaparks of Typhoon Lagoon and Blizzard Beach more. To children will be more senior along with their parents interestingly and in two other parks - Epkot (Epcot) and the Hollywood studios (Disney “than s Hollywood Studios).


of Aquaparks in “Disney`s World“ two:

of Disney “s Blizzard Beach looks as a snow-covered ski resort. There is one of the highest and fast hills in the world - want to feel that the free fall means? But there is also a mass of entertainments for all family, including for the smallest.

of pic

of Disney “s Typhoon Lagoon - in tropical style. Here it is possible to swim for a while with a mask with the real sharks.

can buy

In both parks the ticket for 1 day from an entrance: it costs $47 for children till 9 years, $56 - for all others.


of pic

Business hours

C 9:00 everything works till 20:00. The magic kingdom - the most children`s and most classical site of the Disneyland - works till 22:00, and sometimes and till midnight.

the Schedule of work of parks can look at



celebrated “magic hours“ (Extra Magic Hours) In the same place - hour before opening and 3 hours after closing - when parks are closed for public, but are available living in Disney`s hotels.

All for people - interesting features to

is pleasant to

as far as in park everything is thought over: here it is possible to hire a carriage, there are nurseries and special pet rooms. There is a special service which will bring the purchases made by you to an exit from park (or to one of Disney`s hotels) where in the evening you will take away them.

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Can download the free com mobile application / - there is an interactive map, the approximate waiting time for each attraction is specified, and by means of GPS - the navigator the “real“, living Snow White, Pluto or Minnie - the Mouse which will willingly be photographed with your child are found.

the option Rider Swap allowing to drive on one attraction to two adults alternately Is fine

(if the child does not want or does not pass on growth). Turn it is necessary to stand only once - the second passes right there, changing with the first.

But one of the most useful ideas - FASTPASS - “fast pass“. The most popular attractions have automatic machines issuing coupons on pass without turn in certain time (the hour interval - for example, with 13 to 14 is specified). You do not use one FASTPASS new yet will not give - time when it is possible to follow the following, it will be specified on the ticket.

Here - the list of attractions where FASTPASS “works“.



of Movement in one park is included in the cost of tickets. For guests of Disney`s rezort all transport free: it both buses, and boats, and a monorail to parks and between them, and also a transfer from the airport of Orlando. The parking at an entrance to parks is also free. Otherwise, it is possible to park at any of parks during the day for $14.


Disney`s hotels are of

more expensive, than hotels in Orlando, but offer a number of advantages: except visit of parks in “magic hours“, it is possible to order food at once or to please children with the room issued “on - Disney`s“. The prices for number - from $100. In Orlando simple hotels offer the prices from $50 for number with two double beds. But to the Disneyland from there about 30 km, the car is required.


to Fly logically directly to Orlando. However, it is possible to arrive and in Miami is in 380 km from Orlando. The second option is a little cheaper (on of 3000 - 5000 rub for each ticket), and time on the way due to more convenient flights is less. Besides, it is possible to see at the same time and Miami.

When to go?

it is A lot of people for Christmas and in the summer, in the second half of February (school vacation). Most free in the fall (October - November) - though at this time you should not count on a privacy. If you want relative tranquility, choose that park where there are no fireworks in the evening.

That those who visited there speak:

“In the summer in Florida an unreal heat, and I heard terrible stories about infinite turns. Hot, mosquitoes and there are a lot of people. We were at the beginning of October - we were lucky with weather, warmly very much - very much. It is necessary to monitor forecasts. There is a lot of people, but not as in the summer. Speak, the best time - March - April - weather usually very good“. (Anna)

“We were in January. As it is Florida, in the winter there just right: t-shirt, jeans. I think that fall - winter - on weather very suitable time. But to the people, of course, darkness, turns on attractions such that the second time even if there is a strong wish, you will not stand“. (Marine)

of Ticket price and all the rest

the Cost of visit of the Disneyland depends on the number of days: the more days you paid, the less there is each of them. The ticket for 1 day: till 9 years - $83, the rest − $89, for 3 days already turn out cheaper - at the rate of $75/80 a day. If for a week, then each of days costs $38/41.

the Detailed price - here.

in park annual subscriptions and discounts for inhabitants of Florida Are. Masha who lived several years in the States advises: “Before buying tickets, glance in couple of neighboring cafes. We found the mass of discount coupons: 30% discounts, two days of visit at the price of one, etc.“ .


of Everything, by approximate estimates, in the Disneyland spends $200 a day for the person. Also you remember: in Florida the prices did not include a staff tax. So add about 6,5% and be not surprised to the column “for service“ at restaurants - here it makes of 15 - 22%.

of pic

Dissatisfied is not present

18 - summer Marina spent 2 days in “Disney`s World“, but was not enough for it: “Very much it was pleasant to us - me, my 7 - summer to the brother, adults. Everything is bright and colourful around. Disney`s characters constantly turn nearby, attractions based on favourite animated films. Music, noise, din and feeling of mass psychosis (in good sense). Delight!“.

Ania went with the husband and the daughter of two and a half years:“ We were in Animal Kingdom and Epcot. In Magic Kingdom I did not want as, having studied attractions, I understood that they practically repeat that in the Parisian Disneyland in which we already were. Hollywood Studios is more for teenagers and youth which love adrenaline and are familiar with the Hollywood blockbusters. Animal Kingdom is such park - a zoo: both attractions, and animals. Will be ideally suited for small children, all it is possible to be in time in 1 day, very much it was pleasant to us. Epkot is super - mega - abruptly. Two days are necessary at least. On all park there were tents with kitchens of the different countries and regions: it was possible to try also snails on - Burgundian, both the Thai pieces everyones, and the Caribbean kitchen, even alcoholic beverages of the different countries. The Parisian Disneyland after Orlando seemed ancient the moon - park“.

Anna with the husband went to Orlando with 7 - summer the daughter:“ So much interesting, is so much imagination! Not only the daughter, all of us were terribly happy. Infinite representations, parades stunning, musicals for two minutes - just like that suddenly you go - and representation some. Still there is a lock (the most known, it on all pictures is represented) - there a room where do of girls princesses - a hairdress, dresses and other. It costs quite much, but is very much remembered“ .

of pic

the Practical advice

I some more advice to future visitors of the Disneyland ( a set of recommendations can be found here (in English).