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The unusual master - a class: and cheerful points of

Today we publish dolls from paper simple and very interesting master - a class from Teri from California. Little girls (and big too) will like new original approach to traditional dolls from paper, and to boys - cheerful points - masks. All this to children will be easy to make with own hands.

of the Doll - women of fashion

the Charm of this idea consists that its implementation requires only three subjects which, of course, already are at your place:

Step 1.

Put lengthways in half the sheet of white paper of the A4 format (both usual office paper, and paper will be suitable for drawing).

Step 2.

draw with

On the put leaf a silhouette of completely dressed doll or the girl. The dress has to be rather big that you could give vent to the imagination at its ornament.

Step 3.

cut out on a contour a dress, legs, shoes and hair a model knife or scissors Now. These openings will become “windows“ which we will fill.

Step 4.

Then look for

in magazines of the picture which can be cut on small squares, rectangles and strips of different flowers and invoices. An excellent source of interesting patterns and unusual shades - glossy magazines about fashion and the art photo. There are several examples:

Step 5.

begin to experiment Now: enclose pictures under “windows“ and look for the best, in your opinion, design decisions. It turns out? Hurrah! you are the real fashion designer!

my daughters with the great pleasure selected different combinations. Here some of them:


Well, and now when we dressed up dolls, let`s make something and for ourselves!

Ridiculous paper points

we will a little work as

with paper Again - and we will make to all family ridiculous points. At our place they “live“ in a box with fancy dresses. Even just points, without suits, can easily turn you into old women, sleepwalkers, movie stars, robots and other characters.

Here instruction: to you it is required by

to p:

  • Cardboard not less than 35 cm long
  • Transparent film or thin plastic
  • Adhesive tape, scissors, glue and felt-tip pens / paint

Step 1.

Measure by

the person (distance from one temple to another and distance from a temple to an ear). According to these sizes draw a pattern of points on a cardboard.

Step 2.

Cut out points and unbend handles.

Step 3.

Paint with

points, paste spangles and jewelry and attach an adhesive tape of “glass“ from a film.

There now, magazines ended, points are ready - to walk and be photographed now!