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Happiness - a female formula

All of us were told in the childhood that we live in the man`s world. And this is true, someone likes it or not. But we will not dissemble - even in the man`s world the woman to be very pleasant. At desire it is always possible to feel attractive and charming. And nobody will reproach with you that you do not know something or can. On the contrary: at the correct approach of the man opportunities to stay gallant knights, to show the force and kindness are glad. Well, and if there are no worthy men nearby, then as practice shows, women cope - and are not worse at all!

But what there who told about the man`s world, but without women, without their desire to care and share, without readiness to endow himself (at least for 9 months of pregnancy), the mankind would not exist. Owing to the female nature we sharply feel connection between generations, we feel its pulse in ourselves.

Ability to agree

Therefore - that most of women unite the same simple and clear desires. We want security, wellbeing, predictability - for ourselves and the relatives. And at not the closest too let everything will be good - to live - that more pleasant among happy, smiling people.

From this female creative essence originates the surprising fact that women can always agree - and among themselves, and especially with men. Moreover, we love process of communication. To us it is not difficult (and it is even pleasant!) to smile, tell something good, without caring for observance of hierarchy. We are ready to be thrown by a couple of words with any person even if the stranger. Supporting benevolent contact with people around, we also feel comfortable and safely.

In general the word “contact“ is very important

in the female world. You noticed how women are ready to help each other? What illogical (according to men), but they make lovely acts for friendship and love? The matter is that the feeling of mutual support, communication with other people does us happier.

Then now

It is possible, sources of this feeling lie in our gregarious past. If the man - a male had a chance of a survival even alone, then - females support of “pack“ was necessary for the woman throughout all life. In youth and an old age she was insufficiently strong, and at all carried out the most part of childbearing age by the pregnant woman or feeding.

Global distinctions between a way of life of the man and woman were put by evolution. They solved different problems, but only thanks to their joint efforts for the sake of a survival we now and we exist.

the Stone Age passed - now a lot of things simpler.“ Mammoth“, for example, now it is possible to order directly with home delivery! At us (usually) there is not a lot of children, and we can give them more attention, care and education. All that will be extremely necessary for them in further life in society, among people.

Nevertheless, at the physiological level we not strongly changed. And our hormones still dictate us different programs. In particular, for what it is accepted to call “feminity“, women`s hormone estrogen answers: it both gentle skin, and brilliant hair, and a sincere pacification, and thirst for stability, and requirement to care for someone, and many other things.

“Female formula“ in contraception

As for the female genetic program, the monthly periods clearly demonstrate that we are ready to reproduction. But thanks to contraceptives there is a confidence that our children will be born when we are ready to it. And besides an opportunity to plan a family and most to solve when to become mother, in our forces to take care also of the health, and of good health.

Modern women can solve this problem, using contraception with “a female formula“. This latest development - result of long-term researches.“ The female formula“ means the maximum nearness to the female nature. Active ingredients are identical that they are available in an organism of each woman, and arrive in unique - dynamic - the dispensing mode, most precisely repeating natural hormonal fluctuations. All this promotes the most careful and physiologic influence.

Besides reliable contraceptive effect, contraception with “a female formula“ is urged to provide both emotional comfort, and physical wellbeing, and painlessness of periods. So, we not only will feel confident and it is safe, but also we will preserve the female qualities - to rejoice to every day, to enjoy care of ourselves and others, to smile without the reason and always to feel the value and uniqueness.