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How to have a rest in the summer … in the city of

What to do if holiday far, and summer - already here? And in the heat! To have a rest and be gathered new impressions, without leaving at the same time the hometown, councils of the writer Ksenia Bazhenova will help.

It is good, has to be, live in tropics where the violent vegetation blossoms and fructifies all the year round, and locals see snow only on the TV, managing the most part of year one shorts. Well, but... somehow dullishly, perhaps.

All - existence of four seasons in a year diversifies with

our life, helps to make more accurately plans and forces to appreciate in own way every time. And especially the summer which comes always imperceptibly and flies by so promptly that sometimes you begin to doubt whether there was it in general... And if was, then where at this time there were you?!

However all these doubts can be avoided

easily even if summer holiday this year at you is not expected, and the family budget it is transparent hints that the most acceptable type of rest is at the weekend a lethargical sleep. Council simple: not to lose courage, not to be lazy and not to give in on provocation at all! And it is better to make spisochek things, pleasant for itself which will help to stock up with impressions and vitamins to worry rainy fall and cold winter in good mood! To attach it on the refrigerator and with satisfaction to delete point behind point always to have near at hand a material evidence of the fact that this cozy, solar time was lived not for nothing! For example, our list can look so...

  1. of to Get easy suntan. the Summer is good the fact that any free minute at desire can be turned into small holiday! Try to be more often in the open air - and you will manage to get fine easy suntan even in the city. Investigate unfamiliar areas and parks, visit suburban estates or just go to the next public garden, having taken with themselves a rug for yoga, the book or a player. Each caught sunbeam will work for you, only do not forget about creams with UF - protection.
  2. to Visit cultural actions under the open sky. competently built cultural program can serve as good support of the first point. In each country of the world there are hot tourist days connected with carrying out various carnivals, concerts and holidays. But also we have them too! The choice of such actions is huge: for example, Muscovites can visit the annual country Arkhstoyaniye festival, an exhibition of flower compositions in Kuzminki, and for children small holidays are spent every weekend in this or that park - to monitor the poster enough.
  3. to Decorate the house with a bouquet of fresh seasonal flowers. can refuse, at last, pretentious roses and stuffy lilies in the Summer in favor of charming seasonal flowers which so often sell from the grandmother`s hands at the subway. In the winter of such beauty you will not find not at any price! So it is possible to add safely to our list this point - and to repeat as required.
  4. to Arrange to
  5. picnic with friends. Perhaps, even not one. It is necessary to sit on some nice summer verandah with all to whom you promised to meet the whole year, but could not. It is the simplest to carry out it in the summer. And it is even better to get out to the nature - for the big company of the best format not to think up: here to you both a holiday table, and active games for children, and expanse for pets. You do not want that the meeting reminded banal departure on shish kebabs? Think over details and add unusual entertainments - a hookah, driving by boats, the full-fledged campaign with tents - it can be anything.
  6. to Visit movie theater under the open sky. By the way, in the summer it is under the open sky comfortable not only in the afternoon, but also at night. Managed to forget about how it is romantically possible to spend time at a moonlight? It is worth remembering! The received feelings will not be compared to a usual visit of cinema, it precisely!
  7. to Change a hairstyle! step, Remarkable on speed of performance and duration of effect. Ahead there are some more months when it is possible not to remember headdresses, so why not to change image, having tried on the most courageous and ultrafashionable color which is in harmony with summer dresses?
  8. to Practice yoga. you Want to be always in a tone and all to be in time? Do not forget about the body, especially, if owing to professional need you for days on end have to sit in front of the computer. There is no time for full hour occupation? It is not terrible - to choose enough a simple complex of asanas, but to do it regularly. For example, it can be extremely popular complex “Surya Namaskar“ (“the Greeting to the Sun“) which is the best of all for carrying out right after awakening. By the way, it is very useful to rise in the summer for an hour before usual - when light day long, to wake up in the morning not so hard. By means of this small cunning you save up during the summer nearly four “bonus“ days!
  9. to Prepare for
  10. seasonal dishes. Fall all are closer, so, time of gastronomic experiments with exclusively fresh and useful products came. Forget for a while about traditional borsches and cutlets, in the winter they still will manage to bother you! Now vegetables and fruit have to become the main decoration of a house table! A gazpacho, okroshka, marrow fritters, fresh vegetables on a grill, the baked pumpkin - all this is unimaginably tasty, it is useful and it is easy in preparation! And as drink any summer meal will be ideally added by sangria - the light wine with soda, syrup and pieces of fruit which looks is also delightful, as well as is drunk!
  11. to Bring together by
  12. children to school. For that who have children - school students preparation by September 1 can turn into real hell, especially if to leave everything the last day. But if to implement this clause gradually, will be much quieter - and to you, and children.
  13. by
  14. to Make the photoreport. you Want to have material confirmation that the summer not just passed before eyes, but passed remarkably? Are not lazy everywhere to take with itself the camera - and photograph as much as possible! In a bright sunny day, outdoors, when all stay in great mood, even the nonprofessional will be able to make a bright photoshoot which will decorate any album. And as it will be pleasant to consider these pictures in the winter!