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Scratches and burns are not terrible!

Going with children on the vacation, in travel and just on the dacha, we by all means assemble the road first-aid kit. Of course, in seaside hotel we will have a doctor and the health insurance as it should be. And phones of the hospital, nearest to giving, and urgent help always near at hand. But it for cases serious - and let they will avoid us. At easy indispositions and insignificant injuries of mother can independently give members of the family first aid - there would be near at hand competently assembled first-aid kit.

Here - that sometimes also difficulties arise. Studying lists of the medicines and dressings intended for the road first-aid kit, mother clutches at the head - it will borrow a half-suitcase! But and really both febrifugal, and antihistaminic preparations, and means which are used at digestion violations are necessary. If the child constantly takes any medicine - not to forget about them. Drops for a nose and ears - that at whom also otitises are frequent cold. And still dressing means, something disinfecting on a case of injuries, burns medicine, from stings of insects...

of Feet! There is a way to significantly reduce the volume and weight of the road first-aid kit. From small wounds, cuts, other violations of an integument, skin allergic reactions, stings of insects, and also burns, including solar, you need only one means - Pantenol - spray. The barrel with an aerosol takes very few place, is convenient in use. Pantenol - spray - a universal preparation which will suit members of the family of any age also is released without recipe. The eldest son rubbed a leg? The kid in hot climate had intertrigo? The father burned, having been fond of beach volleyball? Pantenol - spray will help to restore quickly injured skin, pain and an itch will calm.


As this means works? Thanks to an aerosol form Pantenol - spray is evenly distributed on skin, quickly absorbed, without leaving marks, and well gets into fabrics. It is not difficult to them to process big surfaces - for example, at solar burns. At the same time painful contact of the injured skin with hands, tampons and other objects is excluded, and means has the cooling effect reducing pain and burning.

Active ingredient Pantenol - spray - dekspantenol - possesses the anti-inflammatory and healing properties, and also humidifies and softens skin, promotes preservation of moisture in it. Clinical tests and long-term experience of use proved efficiency Pantenol - spray not only at household injuries of skin, but also in surgery, during the postoperative period, at is long not healing wounds and ulcers. Pantenol - spray is well had by adults and children, has no smell, approaches all-type skin and is recommended for daily application.

Every year in a threshold of a summer season doctors and mass media urge parents to be more careful than

with stay of children on the sun, especially during rest in sea resorts. It seems, all already learned by heart time of “fire“ on the beach - to 10 and after 17 hours, know that it is not useful for child to be on the open sun, are able to use sunblock creams. And all the same children burn, especially in the first days of holiday. Here the baby spent too much time in the pool - most well, cool, and a coat hanger burned. Or put to bed in a tenechka - and over time legs appeared on the sun. To follow the senior children even more difficult. How it is correct to work if the solar burn did not manage to be avoided?

At first apply to the burned skin cold (ice or wet cold fabric) on of 10 - 15 minutes. Then carefully drain skin. Stir up a barrel Pantenol - spray and spray an aerosol from distance of 10 - 20 cm the Damaged site of skin will become covered with foam which will quickly be absorbed. After that it is possible to cover skin with clothes, but to leave better for the greatest possible time than it open. Process the burned leather several times a day before improvement of a state. At deterioration - pain, a fever, see a doctor.

Also act with

at thermal burns. After foam will be absorbed, to the place of a burn it is possible to apply a sterile bandage.

Small injuries, grazes, scratches - not a rarity on vacation, especially at the dacha, in the village where our children have more freedom where they learn the world more actively. Mother having near at hand the first-aid kit will cope with small injuries of skin. It is necessary to wash out a wound water, it is possible even with soap if it is polluted. Then to process hydrogen peroxide. If the cut or a graze on a hand or on a leg, touches clothes - it is possible to use a bactericidal plaster or to apply a bandage.

Usually we it are also limited to

, both cuts and scratches begin to live by itself. But there are extensive grazes which it is difficult to apply a bandage and which badly drag on. There are children at whom simple scratch does not become covered in several hours by “crust“, and begins to become wet. Happens that prevents bad restoration of the injured skin... climate - too damp or just unusual for an organism. In all these cases - and just for the fastest healing - right after disinfection of a wound apply on it Pantenol - spray. The gentle cooling aerosol will provide fast healing, and your little patient will be able soon to return to the active games.

So whether there are you with the baby of the house, you go all family to the dacha or to the sea - carefully choose means for the home or road first-aid kit. And surely put in it Pantenol - spray - a well-tried and universal remedy at burns and injuries of skin.