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What to occupy the child in the car with: 25 cheerful games

Summer - excellent time for travel together with children. And so there is a wish that there was it unfatiguing and interesting from the very beginning - as soon as got into the car. But - children begin to miss, be capricious and howl: “Well sko - about - a shouting we will arrive?!“ We offer you many simple and amusing games - will once miss!

Adult when they have nothing to do, can easily have a good time, having plunged into the inner world. We reflect - we deliberate, we carry on dialogues with ourselves... At children the own inner world for the present was not created, they have only external - the fact that around them.

Having got acquainted with our offers, on association you, of course, remember and/or will think up the mass of the. (And at the same time you will give classes in development of the speech, memory, thinking and imagination).

Council: to begin to play follows before the child starts missing and will be capricious. If it rages - it will be more difficult to calm.

First that should be made is to inform the child, what is the time you will carry out to ways. It will adjust it on a certain expectation. But as preschool children and even junior school pupils badly are guided in time, it is desirable not just to tell what to go so much, and to demonstrate distance. For example, on a spine. If the bottom of a back is a point from where you left, and top - the destination, then it becomes easy to show, where exactly you are now - and how many still remained.

Council: if a long journey - surely show when the stop is planned. The anticipation of fast “release“ will help the child to transfer more quietly motionless sitting in a chair.

we Look out of the window and we play

For a start can be played transfers - simply to look out of the window and to call in turn everything that comes across on the road.

A if the child already knows letters - choose any and call those objects which begin with it. For example, “D“ - the road, trees, the house. As option (very much it is pleasant to children): to call the objects beginning with the first letter of own name, a surname, a middle name.

If the child is able to consider

, offer: “Let`s consider how many to us will get cars of red color“. Or here so: “You consider cars of blue color, I - green. What will meet more who will win?“

can be tired Of the flashing road objects quickly therefore through some time it is worth transferring attention to something more constant. For example, on the floating clouds.

Supervision over clouds

For a start should talk that there, in the sky - clouds or clouds and what they differ from each other in as appear and why from clouds the rain spills.

it will be interesting to observe what clouds are similar to (excellent exercise for development of imagination) as they change, turning... in what?


to yourself on a personal cloud and begin to describe how it changes:“ My cloud is similar to the boat. The boat floats on the sky as if by the sea... here it catches up with another, they merge and turn century.“ . You can begin to tell for an example, and then to pass on baton to the child.

can Approximately also study any objects which are often found on the road. For example, trees, all green yes green flash. And if attentively to look narrowly? Surprisingly, how many it is possible to notice shades of green! Call them in turn, arrange competition: who will think up more?


Can be played “Flourishes“. The essence of game is very simple. The child, without tearing off a hand from a leaf, draws some flourish, and you lick it into shape - that is finish drawing. And so that it became clear that it is a thing, a subject, an animal, part of a body. Then you change - you draw a line, and your child finishes drawing it.

A still can be “drawn“... on a back. You drive a finger on the child`s back, and it has to, having listened to the feelings, to guess that for the picture mother “draws“.

For a start represent something very simple - an oval, a triangle, a heart. If the child easily guesses, draw something more difficult - a bird, the car, the house.



Guess figure. you Think of any figure and you speak:

- Guess

of what number I thought?
- Three, - the child says. there is no
- - you say, - it is more, than three.
- Ten...
- is Less, than ten.


And so on - still necessary number will not be given.


that in a package. you Take a usual opaque package. You put several different objects there. And...


Council: surely put something brand new in a bag. When your child according to the description guesses what at you is hidden, hand a gift - and one more respite will be provided to you.


of Game in words the excess word among. For example: wheels, wheel, cat, chair. “Cat“ superfluous here.


in a word. Let`s tell: cat, dog, crocodile. They are animals.

“All on the contrary“ (game in antonyms). You call the word, the child - an antonym: for example, cheerful - sad; wide - narrow.

About one differently (game in synonyms). “The person goes“ - and how it is possible to tell in a different way? Correctly: the person moves, walks... And still?“

Remember some long word, and make other words of the letters entering it. (For example: a zoo - park, cancer).

“On a chain“. You think out the short offer and in turn you extend it. Before adding the new word, it is necessary exactly - in - to exactly repeat everything earlier told. For example: “We go“ - “We go to the sea“ - “We go to the Black Sea“ - “We go to the Black Sea to bathe“.

to Say a tongue twister ten a time in a row - who will never get confused in it? For example:“ Shchetinka at Chushka Spit, scales at a shchuchka“. Offer kids, of course, phrases easier.

What to take in the road with the child when you go to long automobile travel:
  • drink and food (water, juice in packages of a tubule, cookies - baranochka);
  • wet towel wipes, towel;
  • toilet paper;
  • clothes on a case of sharp change of weather (and just there was an opportunity to change clothes);
  • of the book with pictures;
  • of the book with stickers;
  • board games on magnetics;
  • paper, notebook;
  • felt-tip pens (it is better thick and short - it is so safer);
  • several favourite toys;
  • confidential sack. There put several amusing trifles - from those that it are pleasant to the child, and something new. It will be your “gold reserves“. Only on the way the child will get ready properly to pokapriznichat, you - time! - and, as the conjurer from a sleeve, you get a bagatelle, interesting to the capricious child.

of Game with fingers

If you go with the kid, an excellent stick - a lifesaver - games with fingers. However, and they can be not less attractive to the senior children.

Suggest the kid to spread wide fingers of the left hand properly. Now the right handle it is necessary to bend them on one and to sentence:

This finger - the grandfather.
This finger - the grandmother.
This finger - the father.
This finger - mother.
This finger - I.
Here and all my family! (also twisted a strong cam)

A now on the contrary: the kid unclenches on one finger, accompanying it with the same words. (And if itself is not able yet - you unclench and you read a rhyme, inducing the child to repeat after you at least the last word). Then the same is made with fingers on other hand.


However, for finger-type games will be suitable many children`s poems - it is necessary just to represent what in it it is told about. Let`s tell, you put fingers of one hand on a palm another and - “There is a bull-calf, shakes, sighs on the run...“ . (A. Bartho).

Catch my hand

Simply you give a hand and you suggest the child to catch it. At all the simplicity, this very amusing exercise: try catch if the palm it seems turns nearby, but so dexterously turns aside yes slips between children`s palms.

That it was even more interesting than

to the kid, your brush can turn into a doggie, into a kitty, the hare. For this purpose just squeeze a hand in a fist and raise two fingers up (index and the little finger) - left the hare. If to turn in fingers - there will be a kitten or a doggie. And for reliability it is possible to draw a muzzle - directly with a felt-tip pen on a hand.

the Game “Who Flies“

Just you call various objects. If this object is able to fly - it is necessary to raise hands up if it not flying - to slap itself on knees.

“The pigeon flies? Fish flies? The crow flies? The plane flies? The plate flies?“ Begin to play at slow speed, and then all be accelerated and accelerated. At such acceleration the confusion begins - leaves very ridiculously.

the Task can be complicated: if what you call does not fly, and floats - it is necessary to lower hands down and to chat them as if in water if the object lives on the land - it is necessary to part in sides of a hand and again to connect at the level of a breast, well and if flies - to raise hands up and to look at finger-tips. (Noticed? Game, and small charging turned out not just).

Game “So or Not So“

game Essence: you say the phrase and count up to three, and the child has to manage to tell, it is right or not. Here to you phrases to start game: “We left early in the morning“, “Was still absolutely dark“, “Brand of our car - “Neva“, “Fish has a tail“, “Chicken has fins“.

, of course, choose phrases For the preschool child easier, and count up to three so: “Two with a half, two with a tail...“ . Then the kid will manage to orient and to answer truly. Also will feel the winner.

About animated cartoons and movies

it is seductive to p to include on the way to the kid animated cartoons, the movie - that who is more senior. Hold your horses! At least, you do not look long, keep children`s eyes. The pictures flashing before eyes bewitch kids, they can look and look, and then... roll up hysterics. Not for harm, and for fatigue, from a nervous tension which collected during long viewing.


So, movies, telecasts, mobile games be not fond, please.

here to stock up with

A with audio recordings (fairy tales, children`s songs) - it is just fine. It is possible not only to listen to them, but also to sing along - all together. The excellent family chorus will turn out!