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about mudflows part 2 - I


Having chosen the place, convenient for the review of mountains, in the next square we continued the subject begun in the subway. - What a pity that we do not have at ourselves a topographic map or at least a satellite picture for orientation in toponyms - Vasily was indignant, we will be defined on representations. Whether you to the right of the Traverse “Mexican see a sombrero“, (so on similarity of a form to a headdress the top is called)? Its height near 4kh one thousand meters, but it absolutely naked from an ice covering. Whether tells it about what? - he addresses me, and right there without waiting for the answer reports: it for my quarter century practice happens for the first time. Hot spring, hot summer, precisely, as was in the 73rd year when a mudflow nearly broke a dam to Medeo. To Talgar that year, though without the victims got too, the protective dam at that time did not exist yet. Now look: if from “Mexican“ to begin descent in left Talgar, then by all means it is necessary to overcome thin lakes which power supply are glaciers, lakes in turn give rise to the river. Owing to the fact that moraines from krupnooblomochny material are put feed is carried out at the expense of a drainage of the last. Nowadays due to fast thawing of glaciers inflow of water exceeded possibilities of a drainage and level it began to arrive dangerously quickly. Threat of an overlap through a moraine accrued. Any preventive measures, except a konstatirovaniye of the facts we could not undertake, hoped that will carry by. Did not carry by: at the top did not throw, but broke through from below: the moraine which is based upon an ice bed slid off it. In a flash tens of thousands of cubic meters of sedimentary material having mixed up in mud-stone weight rushed in the canyon located below which bed was created by multiple streams taking place in the past. By the way about a canyon: it is located on abrupt, to 45 degrees a slope, and depth at almost vertical walls reaches 300 meters. Width it on the top cut does not exceed 75 - 80 m. Here on this huge trench with huge, to 75 km/h to a trench with a cyclopean force the stream directed. Shaft height at the same time reached 40 m. Huge boulders weighing up to 100 and more tons, shaking the district with the same speed rushed in this infernal medley. Pebbles it is less in tens of tons as if tennis balls escaped from a stream, leaving terrible scars on canyon boards. The stream received a new portion of power from a meeting with the river of the same name from the right Talgar`s gorge. Failure accident betonno - a gravitational dam would be inevitable if the mudflow millionno struck with the ton weight and one stream in a barrier. Situation Saviour of estuariya where on space of one and a half kilometers the river breaks up to several sleeves. But even under such circumstances it was rather a case, than regularity. According to the estimates of hydrologists second dumping of a stream reached 100 cubic meters and in these five hours in the top byef there were about one and a half million mud-stone weight. As well as it was necessary to believe, valves were hammered into the first seconds of contact with a dam at all. The collecting water could break through a dam in lateral alignments. It did not occur too - rescued time, To 5 o`clock in the morning, having settled forces, the elements ceased also suddenly, as well as began, but the city with the population about 80 thousand people for the whole week was forced to use imported water. May it repeat in the near or long-term future? There will be elements as in the remote, and less long-term future, the fact that it is almost impossible to predict, predict it with an accuracy over a year because can be the initiating factor is important however not only climatic anomalies, but also earthquakes which happen in these parts not less seldom, than mudflows. The best security measure from unpredictable elements - not to forget about their existence.