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The revealed secret of adoption

Tosya with the husband were couple, so rare on the relations, that was not believed people in their mutual tenderness which is carried by through dozen of years together. They lived as if having happily embraced and smiling to the whole world. Only one afflicted with Tosyu: it was impossible to it to become mother in any way. All doctors were bypassed, and result zero.

I then they were solved on what was a rarity in the seventies: adoption. Having pestered many instances, having collected imaginable and inconceivable pieces of paper, a family Zarubinykh became one smother more. To brown-eyed Kiryushe was only a year and month when mother Tosya, being thrilled with happiness, the first time took it on hands.

Now on daily watch to Tosya`s mountains with the little son went together by the working bus. The son learned to take the first steps on a carpet from mountain herbs, and on evening walk - to see Elbrus pink at sunset - went at the father on hands.

No sidelong glances and a gossip stuck to this family impregnated with love and pleasure.

the Little son every day became more and more similar

to the father Anton. Every summer the kid was carried to the sea, the benefit of a salary allowed. Gave to both parents huge pleasure to potter with the inquisitive peanut, mastering the designer, studying small insects and a plant. Mother noticed that the kid has a desire and abilities to draw, but there is not enough strength of mind to correct errors and not to throw, having inflated, drawing in a corner.

“Let`s finish drawing your picture. She so wants on an exhibition, and there is not enough sky over mountains“ , - mother said.


palmed off drawing on the little son, trying to obtain from it ability to complete begun. Then several complete drawings collected, and the father made the exhibition stand. Even guests were invited to watch pictures and to drink tea.

the Trouble burst

, as usual, unexpectedly. Life burst as a ripe water-melon, with a crunch and forever, on two halves. Anton went to a family, battling against autumn bad weather. But its old “Zaporozhets“ did not stand against a stream mudflows. The mountain road which is washed away by rains threw off the car together with Anton from break.

Having buried the husband, two months Tosya lived as the robot. Any feelings, except pain; any movements, except mechanically learned. Only when six-year-old Kiryusha frowned in the morning: “I will not eat this porridge, it is salty!“ - Tosya regained consciousness.

Porridge was salty from the tears which are constantly streaming from eyes. Just now paid attention that at the son tights and long nails are torn. And in general look some dirty. Having shaken catalepsy from soul, started making up for the missed control over life.

the pressing grief began to release

I. Now the little son became light in a window. Life should be remade under a new situation. Time to think of school came, so, it is necessary to leave favourite work: there is nobody to leave the boy when it has a daily watch.

Kirill became a first grader, and mother - the laboratory assistant in scientific research institute. Now finance became very little, pulled from a salary to a salary... But pleased Kiryush: he studied easily and with pleasure. And mother and the son spent all free time together. By the bicycles bought in a consignment shop visited all neighborhood of the city, in the evenings the son taught mother to play chess, that returned the favor - acquainted Kiryusha with cookery. But most of all son still liked to draw. Having tightened still a touch a belt, Tosya sent Kirill to art school.

“Mothers, you at me wrong some! - the teenager when mother gathered in a cycle campaign with Kirill and his friends laughed loudly. - Mummies should stay at home and socks to knit“. But itself it was proud that it has the coolest mother: also will go hiking, and will play volleyball, and the mat will be able to put on a chessboard.

the Son grew at

. Somehow by all it was forgotten long ago that Kiryusha - reception. But “kind soul“ was - and once the fifteen-year-old son came back home green from rage:

- You, appear, me not the mother! You to me anybody! Do not come into my room. Never!

of the Wall floated before eyes, crawling over the woman and crushing new trouble. Cruelty of words and a look of the darling can kill. But in fifteen years only the feelings and feelings are aggravated, only the offenses are important. And the world in a family failed as the lock from matchboxes.

did not manage to Talk. Kirill began to stay seldom at home. And in June disappeared absolutely. Having asked all familiar children, Tosya learned that Kirill moved to the neighboring city - filed documents to technical training college. But how to find in other city of the boy?


wandered about unfamiliar streets, hardly rearranging the tired-out legs. As suddenly saw the poster of movie theater. Then each movie theater enticed the audience self-made posters. And she learned the hand which wrote these mountains...

- Forgive who did this poster? - it asked a question to the cinema manager.

That vzjyaritsya suddenly by


- And that? And you were swindled by the brown-eyed fellow? Too robed? Three months everything was good, and here pulled together twenty rubles. I file a lawsuit against it! - the colored blonde splashed saliva.

- Here, I will return money. Only tell where he lives. Please!

Having agreed with the dumbfounded head mistress about increase of “salary“ to the artist, Tosya left home almost happy. The boy needs warm clothes, and in general money for life. Will not take from mother, and for work - quite...

Now evenings stretched long and empty. The son did not wish to see it. Tosya grew old in three years on all fifteen. But once called a door. Adult Kirill and the young woman with the child on hands was on the threshold.

- Hi, mother. Forgive me. I understood everything. To me Katya helped to understand. And Vanechka, - and the son transferred to Tosa to hands of the one-year-old brown-eyed kid.