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Self-locking device across Europe of

went with the girlfriend to Germany on conference Few years ago. This year decided to go again there with the husband - to add week of rest only to conference - to drive across Europe a self-locking device. The husband never before went a self-locking device.

were Bought in January by tickets for cheap airlines from Tallinn (26 euros) to Bremen is the North of Germany, there we have friends. And back the departure from Frankfurt is the South of Germany where nearby, in Mannheim, there took place conference. To Tallinn from St. Petersburg reached by car which was left on the free parking near the airport.

Bremen was pleasant to

. Began the travel with a Saturday flea market which settled down along the Weser River. Very beautiful center, especially ancient small street Shor (in translation - “cord“, “rope“, “rope“) where there were benches of dealers earlier. Also other known street - Byottkhershtrasse where at 12 o`clock play hand bells was pleasant and figures “leave“. We were after twelve. Walked on the city. Sat in cafe on the river bank, then on the well-known street near hand bells where on all walls the set of pictures of the famous people, is black - white photos even of the last centuries. Surely we will arrive once again there, in one day of much did not manage to look.

From Bremen planned to go to Holland - there close. I found that near Amsterdam there is a park of Kyokenkof colors (32 hectares), there were a strong wish to go there, the last day it worked on May 20, and we are 19 - go only arrived to Bremen. Therefore in advance through the Internet bought the train ticket for 29 euros from Bremen to Sikhpol (it is Amstel`s airport from where there were buses on Kyokenkof). And so tickets were for 89 euros - if in advance to reserve, then it is possible to reach cheap and quickly anywhere.

Very much I wanted to look at

on this huge park of flowers though it was unclear why it works not till the end of May as they wrote but only to 20 - go. But when we arrived, understood: more than a half of flowers already faded. But the park and besides flowers is very good - many sculptures, different platforms for children and adults. There was a steam room + pass - the pool - if it wants to take a steam bath; and some child bathed in a bathtub. Still small “zoo“ with pets: it was possible to come directly inside and to snuggle, for example, a pig - we saw such thrill-seekers. A lot of things interesting, you are tired quicker, than you manage to look at everything. Two big showrooms: one with lilies, another with orchids. Every year there all do in a new way. The park met many Russian-speaking. I think, there it is worth arriving once again with the child, but it is better a bit earlier, for example, on May holidays.

After park of flowers went to Amsterdam. Bypassed all center, glanced on the street of red lamps. Girls in linen stand, sit or turn in a show-window under ultra-violet lamps - anything special. Some men loudly laughed and something shouted to one girl in a show-window. On other street were hung out the gay - flags and people crowded, about something briskly talked. In one hotel saw the gay - the card. Thought, it seemed to me, looked inside - really for minorities: all are noted the places and advertizing, necessary for them, all in the same direction on edge of the card.

the city is beautiful

the houses. Color narrow lodges hold the friend the friend, and sometimes it seems that they grow directly from channels!

5 days were farther than

at us - I planned slowly a self-locking device across Germany to return on the South. But the husband suggested to go to Paris! I agreed quickly, it was is very fascinating: a self-locking device from Amsterdam to Paris! And only already on border with France looked at distance on the card - it is more than 500 km - much.

Left the center of Amsterdam on the suburb of the city and rose with the plate of “Paris“ in the direction to France (and for a start, to Belgium). Many, passing, showed a thumb - type, good fellows! There were minutes five - then the young girl quickly took out us from Amstel and took to other large city. Communicated in English, generally the husband. I set to myself the object by next year to learn English too - now I have a motivation. 2 more cars - and on the fourth the young Belgian brought us directly to hostel in Antwerp. But it turned out that there are no places there. To the second address of hostel did not find, in the third empty seats were not, in the fourth - huge youth hotel - we asked and in what difference of your hostel from others whether it is possible for us at a discount etc. The lovely girl told that there is cheaper a hostel there - that, called, made to us a reservation - and we went there where already were, but did not find since they had no sign, only an inscription at an entrance - “Boomerang“.

were Put by things in number and went for a walk, Antwerp was pleasant - very beautiful city, the huge cathedral in the center impressed. Still came into the round-the-clock shop to the Chinese, bought food. I ask: what do you have national Belgian? Wafers! Oh, precisely! Also took different Belgian corrugations, in Paris then still ate up them.


Very much liked free maps of the city across Antwerp and Brussels with amusing comments. On the map of Antwerp it was written that it is not just a stop between Amsterdam and Paris that very much made laugh me because at us quite so and it turned out!

For the morning went to departure from the city - to submit Paris. Just at once we were taken by the Pole to whom it was possible to talk in Russian. 2 more changes - and we in France! However, the Turk with the Moroccan to Lille delivered us, and it is simpler to go from gas station before gas station on the route.

Lille - the city with modern interesting architecture. Time was lunch, we came into shop, and there on the second floor - little tables, a microwave, the juice extractor, hot water, the coffee maker, napkins, disposable devices and glasses, a toilet. Have dinner, admiring this reasonableness and care of people. Decided that it is more reluctance to wait for car to Paris, went to the railway station, took the train and in an hour already arrived to Paris.

went to a booth behind the card At once, went to look for hostel. On the road asked one Vietnamese how there to pass, and she told that she knows other known hostel closer - and brought us there. It cost 23 or 24 euros with a breakfast, I do not remember any more. Went to watch the Eiffel Tower - it turned out not such huge as I imagined. Looked still at the Triumphal arch and went home to sleep.

For the second day went to watch Bastille Square, Notr - I will give de Pari and other sights. Subway at them quite boring on registration, only at Bastiliya station are painted walls, on the others - just white tile. It was pleasant that quite often came out to the street from the subway, it is especially beautiful on the bridge from which the smart view of the Eiffel Tower opens. Trains without drivers - electronic self-government met - therefore it was possible to stand at the windshield of the train and to represent that you are a driver! At such moments remembered 5 - summer the son who was left with the grandmother. Next year we will take with ourselves.

For the third day was taken cheese and wine again, went to the Champs Elysee, to Louvre and so forth. Came to see Eyfel`s tower with illumination in the evening - it in 22. 00 for five minutes begins to blink, than causes an approving rumble of all Field of Mars. Though our Petersburg television tower blinks all night-time moreover and the flag of Russia burns! Generally, did not surprise. It is a lot of tourists and it is rather dirty on the Field of Mars. Perhaps they just do not manage to clean? In general Paris not strongly inspired, expected much more. Or on the contrary, because there was no long anticipation?

For the fourth day went to shopping - as without it. Bought train tickets Paris - Mannheim (Mannheim). From - for what was not planned in advance it was necessary to pay all-round price - nearly 100 euros. And could for 29 or 39 buy if in two weeks.

Returned to Germany by train Paris - Mannheim in 3 hours, train speed - more than 325 km/h, but not always it was maximum. Trains are very comfortable, now I think that it is simpler to buy tickets for trains at a discount in advance, than to avtostopit! But it was very interesting to communicate with people, drove only 7 cars.

In Mannheim - 3 days conference, then - to Frankfurt from where we took off home.

Frankfurt was pleasant to

still last time. This year there was a holiday of the city or something like that: there were tents, sold different delicacies, there were many musical platforms. As well as in Mannheim, everything passed in the downtown.

went to the airport in the Evening. It is interesting that in Europe it is not accepted to applaud after landing. At once it is possible to understand which of Russia - on redenky cottons which were carried in some parts of the plane.

the Car was found where left - on city free parking, 5 minutes on foot from the airport. Back in 2 weeks reserved a talonchik on departure from the eurozone for 1. 1 euros and 3 more for “parking“ of expectation. Such order there. We arrived the declared time slightly earlier. When it came, we were given the coupon, and we passed border in a minute - was nobody. Conveniently - the main thing, entrance time to border to count.

Already I plan other routes: Portugal, Spain, Italy, Switzerland. The main thing to dream, to set the purposes and to move to their realization, to look for the best ways and everything will turn out! Progress and to you!

of Jan Alekseev