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Forget about everything - embrace darling! Very well I remember

Ya that day - Christmas of 2009. My mother-in-law called me in the evening and told that it is necessary to come to a balcony and to make a wish. The husband was at work a few days ago. Having laid children, I approached to the balcony door. There was about an hour, but could not make a wish as understood that it is absolutely happy. At that time I was just discharged from maternity hospital where gave birth to the desired daughter. Shortly before the daughter`s birth we moved to the new apartment, it was very opportunely as the husband taught hand-to-hand fight, and at us his numerous pupils constantly crowded. I decided that more I have nothing to wish - and went to bed.

was Remembered by me about this day approximately in half a year when the husband sharply grew thin. I thought that I for Christmas forgot about health - it was necessary to wish it to myself and relatives, but was late. On September 16, 2009 in an oncological clinic pronounced to the husband a sentence - “a malignancy of the right kidney, the 4th stage, the remote metastasises“. The only question which turned at me: “How so?“ . He got sick almost at once. The oldest daughter went to the first class, younger - began to creep, and the husband quietly died in a bed. Who knows what is the bed patient in the house, that will understand me. There was nobody to help especially. I appeared with the baby and the dying husband on hands. Senior mother took away, but more she could not help as still worked. Pupils of the husband came more and more seldom. I rushed about between the husband and the child, slept by fits on 2 - 3 hours. Money was not. At work of the husband refused to give me his salary as he could not come for it. The Department of Internal Affairs where I worked to the decree, also denied the assistance.

the eldest son of the husband who brought 50 thousand Rescued me then. They were enough both for drugs, and for drugs. And in general then I understood that near us there are a lot of sympathetic people, it is much more of them, than indifferent. In that time, heavy for me, absolutely strangers gave invaluable support and help. For example, in the summer I drove the younger daughter on massage. The course needed to be repeated in three months. When the husband got sick, I called and refused record. Having learned the reason, the massage therapist Svetlana Ivanovna suggested to make to the daughter massage free of charge. The instructor of a paddling pool Irina also free of charge herself was engaged with my daughter.

the husband at the end of November, in two months Died. Itself I do not understand how I could endure it. My children rescued me then. Passed two years. A lot of things changed. Pain abates, but does not release completely. I still recover after the incident, changed a lot of things in lives, including the outlook. I understood that it is necessary to live in the present, it is necessary to rejoice to what you have, but not to ache from - for what you do not have. I look at the age-mates eternally dissatisfied with the life, and I think: as it is silly - to exchange it for infinite quarrels, offenses. It is much better to seize the happy moments, to enjoy them that then it was possible to remember them and to worry anew, nobody knows when all this ends. It is as if banal sounded, but Life is an invaluable gift, it should be protected. Also as well as Lyubov. As often we use scary words lightly to people close to us, we take offense that we are not heard and we do not listen. And it instead of being glad to the fact that you are each other. No matter, that your claims, perhaps, are proved. Important the fact that today you together, love each other and at this separately taken moment are happy. If you have darling, embrace him. Forget that it is necessary to wash the dishes and to check lessons. Just stay together.