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mudflows are elements moreover what


If any counter person “on a vskidka“ to ask to call elements known to it, then most of respondents will be limited to four, five face values: earthquakes, tornado, eruption of volcanoes, tsunami, flood and even meeting of Earth with an asteroid. Seldom who and that mainly inhabitants of mountain regions will include in this list mudflows - the powerful muddy-debris flows generated by active thawing of glaciers, landsliding and break of the thin lakes located at transcendental Alpine heights. On the destructive force they can be not only commensurable with consequences of earthquakes, on and much more exceed those. An example of that catastrophic paroxysms of elements 20 - x years for. True and 73 - go for Alma - Ata, and also numerous for the village Sofia, nowadays Talgara.

my hobby mountaineering to which traditions I do not change throughout all conscious life. Especially I love Tien Shan on which on travel I use all the holidays: unique beauty, the purest air, crystal clear water of the mountain rivers, grandeur of glacial boards, are everything and as a hobby and for a body here. Also this, extremely hot summer did not become an exception. Already below on the plain stem of thermometer began to approach the end of May to 40, and in mountains to 30 - 32 hail of Page. For all June and July any millimeter of rainfall did not drop out. The border of glaciers against traditional long-term 3000 m rose to 3,5. Moraines did not manage to pass water, its level and consequently also danger of break of the lakes of the same name threateningly increased. Glaciologists began to sound alarm. But there`s nothing to be done? Here you will not deliver pumps for pumping of excessive water and such means are too weak, to blow up - especially. There were hopes for god and a dam on “exhaust“ from the gorge. And hour of “X“ punched.

Along my present two-day route I assumed to climb the Left Talgar on the pass of the same name, 3100 m, to visit a plateau Chimbulak and having had a rest, on a kanatka to go down to Medeo. Well knowing insidiousness of the mountain rivers, and for safety, pitched tent as above from the course is possible. To a limit the charter and having hardly closed eyes, instantly indulged in Morpheus`s charms. However blissful rest was short. Somewhere in the middle of the night woke up from the gorge of noise accruing from a bottom. No, not noise, more precisely than the roar accompanied powerful to extent of shudder of the earth in blows of boulders about a river bed. Mechanically looked for hours: there was exactly 12. 00. Mudflow! - instantly rushed in the head. It is good that in advance thought to rise above, here it under no circumstances will not get. Very terribly, it is perceived, felt, but nothing is visible. Mudflows of a thin origin usually proceed absolutely not for long, at most 40 - 45 min. but this despite the hour which passed from the beginning was not going to subdue the force, moreover, it only increased it. It was terrible to present what demonic forces worked there below. It began to cease only by the dawn when the first beams of the sun lit tops of mountains. In the same time over the gorge began to patrol the helicopter: survey, clarification of the reasons, assessment of destructions, filming. As far as forces allow and without having had a rest at all I begin rise on the pass, being surprised to ease with which I overcome the thirty-degree steepness and very much regretting that it did not happen to observe elements in the afternoon and from nearer distance. By 13 o`clock I already on the pass. There, as one would expect the police is already on duty, descent towards the gorge is closed at all. It also is clear - there is nothing to do to idly unsteady tourists there. For my part attempt to visit the gorge on the fourth and even for the sixth day did not lead to success. The case helped to receive event particulars: I met the old acquaintance who as is impossible useful was near me in one car of the subway. Long ago did not see, got to talking. Whether accident it or the phenomenon of synchronism, but turned out that it works as the glaciologist, the biologist, the huntsman and the cameraman in one person and in the Talgarsky gorge. It, assessing a situation with team Mchsnikov flew that day on “revolving object“. Our conversation instead of momentary greetings and farewells lasted for kind two hours. In a short view and with small additions and explanations I offer it for readers. Watch part the second.