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We eat after six! How to grow thin, without going on a diet of

Every time, finding a new “fashionable“ diet, we sit down on it. The patience is enough for a week, at most - for two, you lose several kilograms, then relax, begin to eat, and these kilograms, even with a makeweight, quickly come back. And so indefinitely. Marina Korpan, the specialist in weight loss and correction of a figure with use of a respiratory technique of Bodifleks argues how to avoid this circulation.

of People, keeping to a diet, the metabolism strongly undermines. Low-calorie diets lead to decrease in a metabolism. Muscle bulk is exhausted and the organism is adjusted on an economical expenditure of energy. Depriving a food organism, giving food, we enter it into a stress which leads to violation, delay of a metabolism. Therefore forever forget about such awful word as “Diet“.

When you occasionally eat something forbidden with laws of healthy nutrition, does not even arise thought of this product in the head. But it is worth going on a diet - and it will want to you it. You begin to become hysterical and break, absorbing everything that comes to hand. Forbidden fruit is sweetest. When this or that dish is under a ban, our subconsciousness works on the contrary. He wants it at once. If bans are absent, then many products in general become unnecessary. Learn to eat to live. For this purpose it is necessary to understand how feedstuffs come to an organism that there happens to them. The food is a power source which main suppliers are fats and carbohydrates, and construction material - protein. What is proteins, fats, carbohydrates and as they help us or prevent to live? Each of you has to know it to refuse unconscious consumption of excess calories.

Rule of food it: carbohydrates are proteins - proteins. You have to have breakfast surely to intensify exchange processes in an organism. It is possible to eat sandwich, any porridge or cottage cheese in the morning. For lunch surely soup and a piece of meat (fish, a turkey, chicken). For dinner - again protein and salad.

When me is asked: “How you eat?“, answer such:“ I eat everything, but a teaspoon“. It is not necessary to forbid to eat that you want. As soon as you cease to do it, problems with excess weight come to an end.

of the Rule of food

  1. of you do not go on a rigid low-calorie diet (800 - 1300 kcal). by
    during occupations spends many calories if in addition to it you consume them a little, then the organism, for fear to lose everything, will not give already saved up fats.
  2. Eat with
  3. everything, but a teaspoon, do not overeat. Can write to
    the plan of food per day and to grow thin very quickly, but I do not see in it any sense. The organism has to receive all nutrients, digest them, utilize, but not lay in store. At daily occupations the organism gets used to excess of oxygen, the metabolism improves, all eaten food is not laid in store, and burns down.
  4. Learn to eat sweet with a knife.
    Yes, you did not mishear. Deceive yourself: if you do not represent the life without sweet, then take a knife in hand and cut a yum-yum on several parts. For example, there is a wish to eat a chocolate candy. What does it look like? we Put it entirely in a mouth and we wash down with tea. On one usually business does not come to an end - there is a wish more and more. Thanks to the language allocated with flavoring receptors - the nipples distinguishing all shades sweet, sour, bitter and salty. These receptors are capable to estimate a consistence of substance and its temperature. When you felt taste of sweet, this signal is transmitted to the central nervous system, comes to its highest department - a cerebral cortex. Here the final analysis of the received feelings is carried out. To deceive receptors, we need a knife. Take candy and cut it on of 4 - 5 parts. Drink tea, putting in a mouth on one cut-off piece.
    the Signal from a receptor will come to TsNS not once, and five - and the feeling of saturation by sweet quickly will pass. What do we receive? Psychologically you are absolutely happy that you ate sweet not once, and five, at the same time you grow thin. What diet will allow to eat in general something sweet? This principle can be applied also to dried fruits, cookies, cakes etc.
  5. Use sticks.
    not to overeat and gorge on quicker, try to eat not with a fork, but the Japanese sticks for sushi. First it can be difficult, but then get used and even begin to derive pleasure. I was really very quickly sated, consuming at the same time a small amount of food.
  6. Replace with
  7. products with useful. It is very easy for
    , it is possible to find many substitutes of the same product in shops now or to prepare it in a different way. For example, you do not think to yourself morning without sandwich. So in what business? We replace white or black loaf on grain, sausage - with beef, boiled pork or the meat baked by you in an oven, cheese of 45% fat content - on 5 - 17%, roast chicken, meat, fish - on boiled, baked or a grill. Potato needs to be eaten surely though slightly - slightly: it contains many useful substances. Only you do not cook it, and bake in a peel. Macaroni is too it is possible, only without sauces.
  8. We eat
  9. after six in the evening!
    Sometimes just wants to beat founders of systems of weight loss who say about what cannot be eaten after 18. 00 hours. I do not argue if you go to bed at 9 in the evening that is improbable, then “to 18.“ Is 00 that time when it is possible to eat before going to bed last time. But we live in the real world of vanity and load and very few people come from the working people home to 6 o`clock in the evening. Well if it is possible to be released hours in seven for now you get home, then there will be both nine, and ten. If you are sure that you will be able not to eat all further life after six then adhere to this scheme. But if to the normal person is not after 18. 00 and then to have breakfast hours in 7 - 8 of morning, that will turn out that it will starve of 13 o`clock and more. It is known that the organism understands any shortage of food as approach of hunger and begins to create in a body stocks - fatty deposits. At the biochemical level special enzyme of a lipoproteinlipaz which directs fatty acids to “eternal storage“ in fatty “depot“, namely in hypodermic fatty cellulose is responsible for it. Rather recently it was established that this enzyme sharply becomes more active at any long restrictions in receipt of calories (for example, at observance of diets for weight loss). If you did not eat more than 10 hours, then almost all next day the eaten food will be postponed in fats.
the main recommendations about food which should be followed at occupations by respiratory practicians Are that

. Do not forget that for achievement of good results - not to overeat the main thing. Eat everything, but on slightly - slightly. And the last: breath is not fitness, and you have to derive from it pleasure maximum.

From the book “Bodifleks. Breathe and grow thin“