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Tatyana Polyakova: at the dacha it is necessary to have a rest!

the Writer Tatyana Polyakova - the founder of a genre of the modern Russian adventurous detective story. And still - the big lover of country rest!

Summer - a hot time for summer residents

in the Summer the country house is filled with the whole symphony of sounds - voices, children`s laughter, a ware ring, bark of dogs sound. Birds sing, the foliage rustles, the bees attracted with sweet smells of the keeping-up berries buzz. Life rages, and together with it also we rage - torn off from daily cares, with the head shipped in cares country. Alas, not always at the same time we manage to stop and remember that country rest is first of all nevertheless rest. And from country duties it is possible and it is necessary to derive pleasure! Let`s look together how to find the place for small pleasures in daily vanity of affairs.

National fitness - weeding of weeds!

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- better not to wait when weeds get a false idea themselves main sadovo - garden culture. But in practice happens so difficult to force itself to be engaged in weeding. Same real Sisyphean task! Where yesterday pulled out one blade, today can already grow three. A good exit - not to perceive weeding as separate Big Business, and to carry out it literally by the way, especially without distracting from the current tasks. You pass by - break! The excess inclination will be reckoned then when you try on a new bathing suit. It is important to connect to this business of all family members (including a dog). Arrange socialist competition! Throw off the broken weeds everyone in the small group, and in the evening solemnly award the winner with a wreath from wild flowers! The dacha has to know the heroes!

the Flower bed - the best place for meditation

Ya I love flowers. In my garden roses of all shades blossom, and I do not trust care of them to anybody. It is sure that each woman has to have such here personal corner where everything will be arranged only to her taste, everything will depend entirely on her abilities and efforts. The flower bed as well as possible helps awakening of our feminity. Care of flowers - meditative occupation which results please eyes and soul. I come to the roses when I want to stay alone with myself, to consider something important, to give vent to imagination and to feed creative mood. If you do not like to cut off flowers and to make of them bouquets, try to show the imagination, using the dried buds. It is possible to make of them a sachet, preparations for production of house soap, they can be reserved for preparation of medical broths or to make fragrant confectionery preparation.

the Aromatherapy on the seasonal dacha

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what smell possesses really magic impact on our nervous system? Creates feeling of rest and security... Aroma of a new-mown grass! Therefore we arm (or we arm the husband) with lawn-mowers and - forward, after the portion of endorphins! You remember only that a well-groomed lawn, as in the English movies, - an additional bonus, but not a main goal.

Each woman - in soul a little bit the witch

Is in the course of collecting herbs some ancient magic attraction. And even if you do not know how to distinguish a dandelion from a plantain which - what grasses nevertheless should be laid up. Fennel, parsley, mint, a melissa, a St. John`s Wort, leaves of currant, raspberry, bilberry, wild strawberry, lime color, a camomile - present yourself for the winter this magnificent bouquet! Collect the most beautiful grasses, carefully dry up them and clean in hermetically closed banks. And on fresh grasses make the most tasty tea in the world and organize the country tea ceremony on a verandah. Friends will be enraptured with such tasting - besides all know that I am eager during a heat best of all satisfies exactly hot tea.

Bumper-crop year - but is not present efforts!

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when there is the first harvest. But how many cares are connected with processing of berries, vegetables and fruit! Twisting indispensable compotes and jars of jam, it is possible to pass also all summer. I found a way out of this infinite labyrinth long ago. For - mo - roses-! It is possible to cook jam and compotes and from the frozen berries - the difference is almost imperceptible, but is what is the time released in precious summer days. And it is better to freeze berries a la carte that they did not stick together in one unattractive snowball.

we Begin with

water procedures!

in the Evening, after the whole day spent in nature it is a high time to be engaged in water procedures. We take a hose and we go for watering. Even from it, generally, quite boring occupation it is possible to arrange the cheerful commotion. Splash, jump, run, arrange tag, let cool water will give to your fun special pleasure. Condition one - nobody has to come off clear! Well and to beds with tomatoes though something has to get too.

do not pass


“If we are late now, we will be late for the whole summer!“ - so told a wise engine from Romashkovo, and to his words it is worth listening! Let the cucumbers which are grown up by you will not break a world record, and will not expose carrot on a show-window as an example for imitation, but you a full breast will inhale this summer! Be loaded with energy, you will communicate to a family and you will prove to all and everyone, as in the “hottest“ time for summer residents it is possible and it is necessary to be able to have a rest! Ride bicycles, walk in the wood, gather mushrooms and berries, bathe if there is such opportunity, organize house performances and evening sit-round gathering in an arbor, call guests, fry shish kebabs, cook ice cream and lemonades! Do not pass this summer!