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As we gave birth to Bali

of Bali - the island of Gods, tropical beauty, original culture, the blue ocean and friendly locals. It is the environmentally friendly piece of sushi which got lost among 17 thousand islands of the Indonesian archipelago. With Bali at us love at first sight which it is already a lot of years. Here we arrive to have a rest, here we with the spouse had a wedding (by Bali traditions), our son with whom we lived the first 9 months of his life in this grace was born here.

Of course, and then before childbirth, and even now, people from my environment who say that it was the thoughtless and rash act are. And we realized our dreams.

To Bali I arrived being on 7 - m month of pregnancy. 12 - the sentry passed flight well - the kid showed activity only on take off and landing. In 2 months prior to this day the spouse flew to choose clinic. Chose Kasih IBU hospital (the lane“ Thanks, mother“) in Denpasare. They still have a branch in Dzhimbarana - quite shabby hospital, but where we gave birth, all at the high level. Especially attracted attentiveness of personnel, level of patrimonial and postnatal chambers, and the most important, equipment with modern equipment and the equipment. We chose the doctor when we for the first time arrived to hospital. Doctor Kusumadana was the cheerful person: all the time laughed loudly and joked, I do not know what so amused him. But approached the work responsibly. Once I opened bleeding, and we quickly arrived to clinic. On the road called the doctor - on hours there were 3 o`clock in the morning. When we came tearing along in hospital, Kusumadana already waited for us. In general I, as well as many future mummies, read much stories about childbirth, about how they pass at us. Childbirth on - Bali and in Russian has a number of differences. But all one after another.

All two months before childbirth each 2 weeks we went on reception to the doctor. Did ultrasonography, asked questions, discussed how we will give birth. Communicated in English. In advance agreed that as soon as fights begin, we will report about this Kusumadana at once. Also began to wait. It is not necessary to say that in recent weeks before childbirth the woman cannot wait to give rise, see quicker the child, to have a sleep, at last, on a stomach. And I went in delightful expectation.

To Bali - a cult of children. They are adored here. Also there are many various signs, the ceremonies and rituals connected with the child`s birth. One morning my housekeeper came and told that the day after tomorrow I will give rise (date of childbirth which to me was delivered in Russia!) also gave me a coconut, told to drink coconut milk. And next day - on October 12 - I began fights.


of Fight in 23. 00, in 10 minutes we were in hospital. The doctor already waited for us, looked at me. We prepared by sleepless night. The husband was with me all the time, supported, did massage of a waist, made laugh. At 7 in the morning brought... menu. Here, unlike our maternity hospitals, the woman not only do not forbid to eat, and, on the contrary, recommend - ahead hard work, forces are necessary.

throughout the entire period of childbirth of fight were tolerant, the anesthesia was not required. Though we discussed this question with the doctor and stopped on epiduralny anesthesia. In 11. 00 on October 13 near me 3 (!) midwifes... And there is no doctor. To Creech all bad words which only I know and - oh, the miracle - appears my Kusumadana in fine Bali clothes, in a skirt and with a floret behind an ear! It turned out that at birthday of my treasure to Bali the scheduled ceremony some very important which my just doctor could not pass in any way happened. Several minutes - and before me the same Kusumadana, but already in high gumboots and a rubber apron - such is a form for acceptance of childbirth. By this moment patrimonial activity is for some reason slowed down, I am stimulated, midwifes do massage. Nobody falls on a stomach, tries to squeeze out the kid as it often practices in our maternity hospitals. The doctor supported all the time. After the first attempt he declared that in the following attempt I will give rise. There was it much later, but confidence, of course, gave. At midpoint of the husband sent for a blind: he heard everything, but saw nothing. It had enough also what heard. And here our miracle was born. In the patrimonial pediatrician who examined the baby weighed, wiped, swaddled. The son was put to a breast at once.

In 30 minutes we already in our chamber. In clinic they different level: standard, superior and deluxe. We have superior. Fine spacious chamber: 2 beds - for me and the husband, a sofa, chairs, a dining table, the TV, a bathroom with a shower, the Internet. Conditions are excellent, and also 6 - single food and the round-the-clock supervision - is worth pressing the call button. And, above all, our treasure nearby - between my bed and a bed of the husband there is his bed. No restrictions in food to me were set, the doctor recommended to eat more fruit and vegetables. Very attentive sisters, helped to rastsezhivatsya, learned to put correctly the kid to a breast and to look after him.

By Bali traditions a placenta (or an afterbirth) can be dug in at a house ladder where there will live parents with the child, or to throw out to the ocean. We chose the second. Right after an extract we asked our maid to help us. The husband together with it went to an ocean coast, she long said prayers then she told the husband to throw out a placenta in water.

Childbirth, three-day stay in clinic after the delivery, all my analyses and the child cost us $1300. The same will be 3 times more expensive if you have no working visa of KITAS. KITAS is provided to those, citizens who officially take place of work to Bali.

needs to be noted that after an extract we regularly went on survey to the pediatrician, to the little son inoculations became - at the same time there were never allergic reactions. When we returned to Moscow, our pediatricians verified the Indonesian schedule of inoculations with Russian, it turned out that they are almost identical.

During 2 - x needed to fly months to Jakarta in Embassy of Russia in Indonesia to enter the son in our passports. As at us is with the husband of the passport of a new sample and could not enter in them, to our child made the separate international passport and granted the birth certificate.

Thanks to my spouse Alexander for the fact that embodied and realizes my dreams.

of Anastasius Lakhtin