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Addictions: what disturbs a reproduction of

the British scientists conducted research which changed upside down the settled understanding that addictions can become the reason of man`s infertility. Scientists published results of the scientific researches in the Human Reproduction magazine. They are sure neither consumption of alcohol, nor tobacco smoking, nor excess weight do not exert almost any impact on quality of sperm, reports the Air Force.

Smoking, alcohol: the quantity of spermatozoa does not change

Sperm is formed in the man`s organism, since the puberty moment. Process takes about 72 days. Spermatozoa “live“ in an organism of the woman and capable to fertilization within 2 days.

Scientific of University of Sheffield and Manchester (Universities of Sheffield and Manchester) compared a way of life of 939 men to bad quality of sperm with 1310 men at whom all indicators are normal. Doctors came to a conclusion that there is practically no difference in number of spermatozoa in sperm of non-smoking men and those who smoke 20 cigarettes a day. Norm not less than 20 million spermatozoa in 1 ml of volume or not less than 40 million in all volume are considered.

Doctor Andrew Povey (Andrew Povey) from University of Manchester tells

:“ The conducted research puts under doubts the occurring opinion of doctors that addictions play a significant role in man`s infertility. This role, most likely, is strongly exaggerated“. Doctor Povey is sure: spouses to whom doctors advise for few months to refrain from addictions before beginning treatment for infertility, simply waste invaluable time.

It is important
! Doctors do not advise
to men to work with the laptop, holding it on a lap. It increases scrotum temperature that can have an adverse effect on reproductive ability of the man.
Boxer shorts - what the doctor registered

at the same time the British experts confirmed to

that fact that at men who carry boxer shorts the quantity of spermatozoa in a seed are higher, than at those who carry the fitting underwear. Pants - slipa can increase temperature of a scrotum and testicles. By the nature it is so conceived that these bodies are out of a body as ideal temperature for spermatozoa has to be on 2 - 4 ° With below general.


For this reason the diagnosis “the neostarted-up testicles“ which is put by 1% of newborns is so dangerous. It is one of the congenital reasons of infertility. Spermatozoa are not capable to survive at body temperature, besides such testicles badly function. If in the early childhood to carry out surgical correction, the problem can partially be solved. Operation to some extent improves a spermatogenesis, however after approach of puberty it all the same remains below norm.

Mobility and viability of spermatozoa

And still, research of the British scientists it is possible to call into question, they did not consider such important factors influencing ability of reproduction of posterity as the size and a form of spermatozoa, did not consider their mobility and viability.

By the way, one more factor which considerably influences ability of the man to conceive the child - reception of anabolic steroids. The matter is that production of sperm stimulates not testosterone as many mistakenly believe, and hypophysis hormones. As the main gland the hypophysis regulates also production of testosterone testicles. In case the man wants to become even stronger and accepts in addition men`s hormones, the hypophysis defines their surplus and compensates it, suppressing activity of testicles. Over time testicles become less active and eventually will atrophy.