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Pediculosis at children: treatment and prevention of

How to bring louses at the child? How to carry out processing of skin part of the head at a pediculosis? The children`s dermatologist Elvira Shabunina tells about modern prophylactics and treatments of a pediculosis.

From where louses undertake?

Knows that louses - group of insects, the small blood-suckers who enough are easily passing from the person to the person. There are they when you contact to the sick person, or take his hairbrush, a headdress. But, unfortunately, it is impossible to expect future infection.

Of course, in public places where children go, tutors have to watch children very carefully. Not only in camp, but also in gardens, schools. Children closely communicate with each other, and it turns out that infection is inevitable. In camp it is enough to be left by pillows, then to settle to sleep - and some child, having leaned against others pillowcase-headed, will already become the next carrier of louses. By the way, teachers, leaders and tutors are included into risk group too.

Before the head of the children infected with louses was processed kerosene, sunflower oil, and some sites of hair completely sheared. What means of disposal are used now?

Yes, it is valid, such methods existed. But they did not affect nits (egg of louses) - they had to be combed out manually. Now protivopedikulezny treatment is based on destruction and louses, and nits. But as at the time of postponement of eggs the female pastes them a special secret, nits can remain with roots of hair.

Before purchase of means surely consult with the dermatologist. Read attentively the instruction to medicine: kids can even apply preparations on the basis of permethrin from 2 months.

to Whom what methods suit

? Perhaps for someone only shampoo, and for another - ointment is effective?

the Most convenient and universal remedy is a shampoo: at its use medicine completely gets into hair. Other means - lotions, balms - can be used for processing of a surface of skin in an infection zone.

How to be with allergic persons and with people of “risk group“?

to Children - allergic persons (and the adult too) it is important to h2 to consult for a start with the allergist regarding use of this or that means. For example, carefully it is necessary to use insecticidal preparations, that is, preparations on the basis of chemistry for extermination of parasites.

Sometimes, that the pregnant woman or the feeding mother can catch from the senior child. In this case selection of a preparation should be discussed with the attending physician too. And, of course, in this question it is necessary to avoid any amateur performance which can lead to unpleasant consequences“.

Unfortunately, it is almost impossible to save the child from infection with a pediculosis. He cannot forbid to communicate with other children or to change with them toys! The most important - in time to find a disease. And for this purpose adults have to examine every week indumentum at children. Of course, before departure to summer camp it is necessary to lead discussion with the kid and to teach him to rules of hygiene.

What to do at infection

the First signs of existence of louses:

  • needs to process at once the head protivopedikulezny means.
  • Boil the things adjoining to insects including hairbrushes, and other sanitary products.
  • If at your place still children are, then it is better to isolate the infected child from the others (or to minimize communication between them).
  • all linen of the house Is desirable to wash and iron
  • and to process soft toys.
  • Within two weeks (and it is a standard course of therapy) needs to follow the recommendations specified in the instruction to medicine and in parallel to comb out hair.

As it is better for li to adjust the child, especially the girl at what proper words to be that he did not feel like “black sheep“?

Of course, it is unpleasant to feel some “not it“. One business when the child is not 5 years old yet, and he not up to the end realizes it and other children do not understand around what occurs. The sociable kid for the period of his discharge from collective can give other opportunities: to communicate with friends by phone, on Skype.

the situation is more dramatic than

At school students: they are deprived of pleasure of communication, and besides can become object for attacks and rough jokes. If the girl strongly worries, say to her more often that it the most beautiful, in every possible way support the child and be not afraid to indulge him.

Should explain with

to the child that any trouble - it is temporary, a pediculosis - annoying incident which can happen to everyone. For many children the similar case serves as a peculiar lesson of how it is important to follow rules of hygiene.

the Child in children`s camp: the rule of hygiene
  • not to measure others headdresses;
  • not to sleep on others pillows;
  • not to use others crests and hairbrushes;
  • it is frequent, especially after washing of the head, to comb hair.