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Sex during pregnancy: the most frequent questions.
Part 2

the Beginning

Lack of an inclination in the first trimester and a woman`s secret in the last, sex at the raised tone of a uterus and a low arrangement of a placenta - features of sexual life during pregnancy are discussed by doctors of the Moscow versatile medical center “Art - Honey“. whether

Can make love on the early term of pregnancy, that is in the first - the second months?

In early terms it is expedient to strong to abstain from sex life - in order to avoid premature interruption of pregnancy and pre-natal infection.

me pregnancy is slightly more than 9 weeks of

U - and almost from the very beginning completely there is no sexual desire. My young man hard transfers it though I both explain, and I ask to suffer. Whether this situation will change? Whether the truth that it can occur in the I trimester, and then, on the contrary, a sexual inclination at the woman raises?

The matter is that in an organism of the pregnant woman there are certain hormonal changes that can be shown in the form of decrease in intensity of sexual treatment. At the woman other dominant directed to preservation of pregnancy and incubation of the child is formed absolutely. In this situation - the nature so disposed - sex life is not priority as it in some cases can do much harm pregnancies. Try to explain to your partner that it is not a whim, not a whim, but the law of the nature. He submits to the law of the nature too, hardly transferring the compelled abstention. But the person on that and the person to understand that successful incubation of pregnancy and the child`s birth, but not satisfaction of momentary physiological requirements is more important.

U me pregnancy of 17 weeks. At the beginning (on the term of 6 weeks) the stomach hurt - made the diagnosis “a uterus hyper tone“ and forbade sex. After treatment I do not test any weight in a stomach. With the husband renewed sex life. On the last ultrasonography it turned out that a uterus still in a tone (and by the end of a session of ultrasonography it for some reason was gone). What is sex dangerous to the child by? According to testimonies of the doctor both the weight, and the size of a fruit correspond to term.

during sexual intercourse the mechanical irritation of walls of a uterus occurs that can lead to increase of its tone, and also a rush of blood to bodies of a small pelvis and to a uterus. At women with initially raised uterus tone in this case perhaps further increase of a tone, increase of real danger of an otsloyka of a placenta and bleeding. Besides, at excessively raised tone of a uterus intensity matochno - a placentary blood-groove and intake of oxygen to a fruit decreases. It is necessary to be convinced of your case whether there is a real threat of interruption of pregnancy or not - survey of the doctor of the obstetrician - the gynecologist is for this purpose necessary. whether

Can have anal sex while my wife on the 9th month of pregnancy? It can have an adverse effect on a fruit?

Pregnancy is usually considered not in months, and in weeks: so more it is clear about what its term there is a speech as the beginning and the terminations of one month differ from each other, at least, for 4 weeks, and it is quite wide interval of time for pregnancy. If pregnancy proceeds normally, then it is possible to be engaged in any kind of sex. If are available: threat of interruption of pregnancy or threat of premature birth, danger of bleeding from - for low an arrangement or prelying of a placenta, an infection, that it is expedient to refrain from sex life. Closer to the term of childbirth, from the beginning 39 - y weeks, it is better to have vaginal sex (if there are no contraindications and the possibility of an infection) is excluded as it promotes process of preparation of a neck of a uterus for childbirth.

How many time during pregnancy can be made ultrasonography? Whether it is harmful to the child? I have a term 17 - 18 weeks, I already made two ultrasonography - both showed that I have very low placenta and a small tone of a uterus. Whether it is dangerous? Whether it is possible to have at a low placenta sex?

should be made

during pregnancy surely at least three planned ultrasonography: in 10 - 14 weeks, in 20 - 24 weeks, in 32 - 34 weeks. If necessary it is possible to make so many researches how many it is necessary for control of a situation. Long-term clinical experience and numerous scientific data show that ultrasonic research does not constitute danger at pregnancy.

At a low arrangement of a placenta danger of its otsloyka, developing of plentiful bleeding and interruption of pregnancy substantially increases. In this regard, at a low arrangement of a placenta it is expedient to refrain from sex life not to provoke these dangerous complications. The reasons of emergence of a low arrangement of a placenta are very various, and in each case the issue is resolved individually.

To what term at pregnancy can have sex?

If do not have

contraindications, then sex can have till the end of pregnancy. The issue of contraindications is resolved individually on the basis of results of inspection.

Pregnancy - 39 weeks. On occupations advised “to hint“ the child at the birth, including by means of sexual intercourse without condom. Whether it is possible to use this way if a week ago the mucous stopper departed?

sperm contains special substances - prostaglandins capable to soften a neck of a uterus and to cause reductions of a muscle of a uterus. Therefore sexual intercourse at the full-term pregnancy can be used as one of ways of preparation of a neck of a uterus for childbirth and stimulation of development of patrimonial activity.

my wife on 35 - y to week of pregnancy. Throughout all pregnancy we have sex. But at it the woman`s secret (greasing) disappeared. It is normal? And whether it will pass after the delivery?

And has to be

. Sexual intercourses are conceived by the nature only for the purpose of conception. During pregnancy they are not physiologic, from here and normal reaction of an organism. After the organism of the woman is ready to the next conception, the amount of greasing will be restored.