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Children`s little table the hands: Children like to draw easy and convenient

- especially sitting at the same time on a floor or on a sofa. In total nothing, but they sit in the crooked poses which are not useful to normal development of their growing-up organisms at all.

My name is Evgeny Kudryavtsev. I am an architect and the father of the little girl Irishka for whom I invent toys and objects from a cardboard and improvised materials. Once, having seen as the daughter once again creates, having bent in the form of the letter “zyu“, I thought that it is just necessary to make for it a special little table.

absolutely usual materials which will be in any house Will be necessary for


1. We mark a cardboard a pencil and we cut out a knife one detail, 55 in size × 31 cm. Then we cut off at a detail corners with a radius of 5 cm. Round corners are good the fact that they are safe for children and are not rumpled when throwing and falling a little table. What is important - because a little table easy, and children will throw it. In the last turn mark compasses and cut out openings under legs. These openings have to coincide on diameter with diameter of tubes - I have them with a diameter of 5,5 cm. Using the first detail as a template, we lead round it a pencil and we cut out three more identical details.

2. Now on the same template it is necessary to cut out a little table cover without openings and to pick up cardboard tubes of the necessary length. The cardboard, both for details, and for a cover has to be strong, corrugated and it is desirable three - or five-layer. As a rule, from such cardboard pack household appliances or furniture into boxes. And usually reel up rolled paper on such tubes.


If to you it is difficult to strong to get tubes from paper, then it is possible to use tubes from food wrap or a foil for roasting. Only they will be smaller diameter and it should be considered at a marking of openings under them.

3. By means of glue and a press we stick together three sample layers with each other and we try on legs - tubes. In my case legs left 13 cm long - so that the cover of a little table settles down slightly above legs of the sitting child.


By the way if tubes do not pass in openings at once, then it is possible to straighten openings with an emery paper. Only do not overdo! Than the touch a tube enters an opening, that stronger it will keep.

4. After fitting of tubes paste from above a cover which can be decorated then somehow. I just pasted a white self-adhesive film: she perfectly washes and as required she can always be changed. Besides, the child with pleasure draws directly on a table, and I artfully erase then its masterpieces a damp rag.

5. A look before final assembly. Layers and a cover are stuck together with each other, tubes - the necessary length.



accurately to cut off quite dense cardboard of a tube, it is necessary to draw at first in the right place an equal cut edge, and then rotating a tube in a hand, to slowly make an incision a cardboard on the line, all the time strengthening pressure.

6. Well and now it was necessary only to paste legs - tubes - and our little table is ready. Now you can decorate it or to leave in natural cardboard shape.


Glue it is the best of all for strong to apply

not on walls of openings, and on a bottom and at the same time on walls of tubes. Please, keep in mind that some types of glue have a specific smell and can be toxic for small children - you carry out works on pasting in the aired room. After full drying glue stops being dangerous.

on this little table can draw, mold or be engaged Now in other creativity - both on a floor, and on a sofa. I intentionally did not begin to cut through a cover through and to do of tubes glasses for felt-tip pens that was possible: if the child kicks a little table, or will incidentally fall to it, it is necessary that all sharp objects at once rolled down, without having done harm.

the Little table turned out easy, safe, convenient in creativity and operation. The child (mine, for example, 13 kg) can quietly get up on him and even to jump.

Such little table can be useful also to adults. For example, for romantic morning from darling - to serve coffee or the whole breakfast to a bed. Or for workaholics who need a support for the laptop that it did not heat up.