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The loving heart and clean hands of

When in a family appears the kid, much attention is traditionally paid to his hygiene and purity in the house. The baby is washed, wash away, clean a nose. Is more senior than the kid learn to wash handles, to use a pot, a handkerchief. But here the child grows up, and spends more and more time outdoors - attends kindergarten, goes to school, is engaged in circles and sections. And the hygienic habits put in the early childhood sometimes begin to weaken...

Very first, the simply and at the same time the major - a habit to wash hands with soap. Sometimes it seems to us that in the modern world it is not so actual, as at the time of our grandmothers living without water supply system. Really, in most cases our hands and all we touch, does not look dirty - of course if this is not about work with the earth. However the last researches say that numerous washing of hands with soap during the day reduces probability to ache with a SARS or flu during a season of colds and that the dirtiest thing - and houses, and at office are... door handle! Well, and of how washing of hands against any intestinal infections which are especially becoming more active during the summer period is effective all know, probably.

Microbes are indiscernible

with the naked eye, but the modern person living in the densely populated city should face them much more often than fifty and furthermore hundred years ago. What there are trips in public transport, contact with bank notes, counters and packings in a supermarket... Elementary washing of hands with soap - and you and your family are protected from the majority of infections.

manages to be achieved

of a bigger effect, applying antibacterial soap. So, liquid soap for Dettol ® hands; kills with 99,9% of bacteria, including colibacillus and golden staphylococcus. Dettol ® - the expert in the field of hygiene already more than 70 years. Having begun in 1930 - e years with production liquid antiseptics of medical appointment, Dettol ® today; pays special attention to prevention of the infections which are transmitted through hands. Among products of this brand released by the Reckitt Benckiser company, liquid and lumpy antibacterial soap, and also antibacterial gel and wet towel wipes which can be applied when water and soap are inaccessible.

Of course, in the course of washing of hands is present nothing unfamiliar to us - and still experts of Dettol ® advise to pay attention to its main components. It is foam which is formed at hit of soap on moist hands and carries away with itself microbes. This friction - without it will not be sufficient contact of skin with foam. This time - is counted that on high-quality soaping is necessary not less than 20 seconds. And, at last, washing of hands has to come to an end with their rinsing and a wipe dry - on a damp surface microbes will soon lodge again!

So if you consider that the habit to wash hands with soap in your family needs support - let`s get down to work! To children of different age and adults - the approach.

Kids to 2 - 2,5 with pleasure repeat years

after parents and make with toys all that with them is done by mother, the grandmother or the nurse. The baby does not run to wash hands “as mother“? Then we will wash up a favourite doll, a hare or wheels at the car.

Dettol ® novelty is capable to Carry away

process of washing of hands also; - the automatic touch system “No Touch“ for antibacterial liquid soap. Its use is similar to game - and it so is pleasant to children! Adults will estimate vacuum dispensing which allows to avoid formation of drops of soap after use, and a transparent window by means of which it is possible to trace the remained amount of soap.

Several words about toilet affairs: even if you so far completely serve the kid when using of a pot, let it get already now a habit to wash hands after visit of a toilet.

For the independent preschool child
the convenient place in a bathroom is important to equip

: a safe small bench to reach the crane, own towel at available height. Suggest the child most to choose the Dettol ® antibacterial liquid soap; for a dispenser of “No Touch“ - spare blocks are issued with cucumber aroma, with aroma of green tea and ginger, with aroma of grapefruit, with original aroma.


stickers or self-made pictures - the reminders hanged where it is necessary to remember this important procedure will help to Fix skill of washing of hands at the preschool child.

usually the habit to wash hands is brought by

At children of school age to automatism. However it is important that the child followed rules of hygiene not only the house, but in numerous public places. Ask the school student as the situation with washing of hands after visit of a toilet, before visit of the dining room is. Let it always with itself will have wet towel wipes for emergencies (fell, it was soiled, etc.) . Antibacterial napkins of Dettol ® will approach, for example; - they clear hands and contain the moistening components thanks to what do not dry skin.

If to you it seems to

that the child neglects care of purity, tell the story “from the childhood“ from which he will draw the necessary conclusions. The inspired children can allow to read or retell some information of medical character. - to researchers - to show to children under a microscope what life boils in a drop of dirty water...

To adult family members too sometimes should select approach. Someone the reference to scientific research will convince, someone - council of the doctor concerning health of your kid, and almost all - a reminder that the child takes from us, parents, an example, and copies ours sometimes the wrong habits. And it is possible, it is more convincing than words there will be an aroma and softness of the Dettol ® antibacterial liquid soap; which will appear in a bathroom once...

A now small test. Each answer “no“ is a gap in antimicrobic protection of your family. Hurry up to close up it! whether

you Wash with


  • before cooking?
  • before giving to the child or the adult medicine?
  • before meal?
  • before processing of a wound or use of the sterile tool?
  • before use of contact lenses?
  • after use of a toilet or change of a diaper?
  • after cutting of crude meat, fish, other products?
  • after contact with animals, their toys or accessories?
  • after contact with the polluted subject or a surface (a napkin for cleaning, a garbage can, the earth)?
  • after contact with blood or other liquids of an organism (vomiting, allocations from a nose, saliva)?

we Wish health to your family! Begin with care of purity of hands.