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Immune system: perimeter defense of an organism of

It guards our health. But in it there are gaps into which causative agents of diseases get.

Sometimes diseases pour one by one. At first for weeks the very unpleasant cold - a dull brain lasts, eyes water, paper handkerchiefs are spent on three packs a day. Then cold and cough disappear, but the throat begins to hurt. The doctor prescribes medicine, it becomes easier, but in couple of days - new attack. Now the stomach rebelled. Sentence: a bed rest, from food - crackers and tea. And then there is a sad question: “Why I constantly am ill? Well why all these viruses as if stick to me?“ .

At each person, and at children more often than adults, have periods when it is especially susceptible to diseases, badly feels for weeks, and even months when his own organism as if leaves it to the mercy of fate.

the Reason - frustration of immune system.

Phagocytes win against any aggressor

our organism has difficult system of the protective mechanisms rescuing us from bacteria and viruses. At the healthy person first aid during attack is given by external mucous membranes - for example, in a nose, in a throat and a cavity of a throat or in genitals. They are occupied by microorganisms which destroy causative agents of diseases.

If this microflora is broken by

also in it, for example, under the influence of medicines or injuries gaps appeared, we become more susceptible to diseases: the infecting agent can get into our organism. However there it puts in action of the second - internal - the protective mechanism. At the multistage protective mechanism quite difficult principle of action: if some virus broke a barrier from a mucous membrane, it encounters in our organism so-called cages - devourers, or phagocytes. These cages absorb “enemy“ and decompose him to components. Particles of the activator are pasted to a surface of phagocytes, forming a certain pattern. Other group of cages, lymphocytes, “reads out“ it and develops necessary strategy of protection. Only after this chain reaction in which various cages participate formation of antibodies (immunoglobulins) begins. Though these antibodies can not always prevent an acute disease, they care for “restriction of damage“ and for that at the following attack the activator already could do much harm nothing to us.

Sometimes, that this difficult protective mechanism on some site goes wrong: in microflora on mucous membranes gaps or an education program of antibodies suddenly appear begins to function not as it is necessary because, for example, lymphocytes incorrectly read out a sample from a surface of phagocytes.

can be

of Frustration of immune system congenital. However often it is about passing violations of regulation. There is a mass of external factors which are capable to interfere with work of immune system. If them at once a little, it can weaken the person so that viruses and bacteria have an opportunity easily to cope with him. Therefore everything at whom happens more than four - five infectious diseases a year, and every time should struggle with them more than three weeks, it is necessary to check immune system.

As for children, it is necessary to begin to worry if they have more than eight infectious diseases a year.

during inspection should exclude the main chronic diseases, for example, chronic bronchitis or diabetes. Besides, it is necessary to make blood test to check concentration of immunoglobulins (that is antibodies). At too small quantity of antibodies treatment by immunoglobulin is possible. However as the reason of frustration can root also in any other sphere of protective system, for the doctor it is important to obtain information on living conditions of the patient before an initiation of treatment.

of One of the possible reasons of frequent diseases. The constant tension or a lack of a dream also raise a susceptibility to infections.

Destroy by

protection and some medicines. It is known that antibiotics can break microflora of mucous membranes. And the cortisone is capable to block phagocytes. Treatment of infectious diseases such medicines sometimes causes harmful untwisting of a spiral of negative consequences. It is also impossible to underestimate danger of radiation by ultraviolet rays. The one who often and long lies on the sun should know, than he risks. Viruses which are in an organism, but are not shown in any way, can unexpectedly become more active.

Immune system should train

Of course, also the clinical record is important. There are viruses which can cause permanent frustration of immune system, suppressing function of protective cages. It belongs, in particular, to Epstayn`s virus - Burra (a virus of an infectious mononukleoz). However, pass through such viral infection throughout the life about 90% of all people, and at the majority it proceeds without complications. It is often very difficult for p to distinguish

in what the reason of weakness of immune protection. Many through some time recover without any treatment. Nevertheless, it is possible to undertake which - what measures accelerating recovery and protecting from the next approach of colds.

First of all, it is worth trying treatment by plant extracts - immunostimulators. They stimulate formation of protective cages and have no, except for exceptional cases, side effects. The preparations containing ekhinatsea components are especially well investigated. Them it is possible to treat also children, but in that case the preparation should not contain alcohol. Anyway it is necessary to consult at the doctor about a dosage. It is possible also to try to strengthen protective forces of an organism by means of classical homeopathic remedies. At such treatment tiny doses of active agents of a vegetable, animal or mineral origin are used. Treatment and a dose are appointed by the doctor.

One more measure: to check the food. The one who often is ill should watch, first of all, that the food was vitamin-rich and mineral substances, that is to include in a diet more crude vegetables and fruit, and also products from tselnosmoloty grain. Vitamins E and With, a beta - carotene and selenium are especially important. During the periods of special persistence of an illness it is possible to accept vitamin preparations in addition.

Vitamins and minerals connect by

free radicals which arise in an organism at inflammations, radiation solar or X-rays, and also under the influence of nicotine and toxins from environment. Untied free radicals damage healthy fabric, facilitating viruses and bacteria penetration into an organism.

Soft irritants will mobilize protective forces

Should be tried also (only for adults) an autogemoterapiya: blood from a vein on a hand undertakes and then it is entered into other part of a body - the organism originally reacts to blood as on a foreign matter, and turns on protective mechanisms. Such therapy can help, first of all, at temporary weakness of immune system. However the skilled doctor because side effects are not excluded has to see off it by all means.

to Mobilize a metabolism and by that it is possible to improve autogenic protection also by means of sport, visit of a sauna, brush massage and douches by Knaypp`s method. It is necessary to remember: it is possible to achieve a positive effect only in case of regular trainings.

Why to children can be been ill

more often?

Creation of immune system happens mainly in the first ten years of life. At the birth the baby has only “the borrowed immunity“: the protective substances which got to its organism through mother`s blood. By means of this passive protection he can cope with the first infections and develop own antibodies. And it means: in a childhood of an infection not only the normal phenomenon, but are even useful.

needs to train, so to speak, protective system. With each postponed illness the set of antibodies increases, protection on a case of future illnesses amplifies. Very good help in this regard is breastfeeding because maternal milk stimulates development of a certain group of antibodies.

it is useful for p to add massage of a forward and lateral surface of a neck To morning hygienic exercises. To master it does not represent big work: to stuff up hands for the head and to begin with palms slow stroking of a neck from top to down, slightly pressing on skin and muscles; the movements need to be finished at the level of axillary hollows; to breathe exactly - through a nose. To repeat the movements 20 - 30 times.

the Hardening walking barefoot

As well as all types of physical training, a hardening walking barefoot has to be gradual and systematic. It is the best of all to begin with circulation in the warm room on a carpet or a doormat, then - on a wooden floor. For occupations it is very good to use special rubber rugs with a spiked corrugation. Every morning together with the child you can begin charging with walking barefoot on this rug. Later, using a rug, it is possible to pass to running on the spot and jumps. Daily it is possible to mass feet by means of a rolling pin or a round stick - the child rolls them soles on some minutes a day.

However all this will not replace pleasure of walking barefoot on the ground and a grass at all. It is useful to combine this type of a hardening with daily foot bathtubs, consistently reducing water temperature.

of Research was shown that different types of soils cause various reaction of the nervous centers. Hot sand and asphalt, sharp stones and slag, cones or coniferous needles work as strong irritants. And warm sand, a soft grass, road dust, a room carpet work soothingly.

Considering this circumstance, we advise if there is such opportunity, after warm sand to pass to a grass, then to suffer a pricking of a new-mown eddish and to finish walk on an earth footpath and in soft road dust.