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The scenario of the children`s holiday “Treasure island“

the Treasure island, pirates, a treasure - all this inspired us for a holiday which we organized in family camp in Moscow area for children of 4 - 8 years. From origin of idea prior to the beginning of adventures there passed less than two hours.

Children receive the map of the island of treasures. The fact that it is the treasure island on it is written, besides, crosses marked places of storage of the weapon and a treasure and the specifying remarks are given (in the text of the book). Well and the document painted with coffee with the burned edges completely meets expectations of piracy cards.

But time is an island - it is necessary to float. In port there was only one seaman - John Silver (only it, just in case, was not presented to children). Ingenuous children showed it the card at once and promised to take with themselves. But Silver demanded also money for swimming - 11 coins.

Children went for earnings in a tavern “Telescope“: washed vegetables, swept the floors, - generally, performed the most manual labor and earned even 12 coins so they on superfluous could buy provisions to the road.

So, “Ispanyola“ went to plow sea open spaces. For the ship we used a habitual rope ring, and also quickly made a cardboard anchor, a steering wheel of a disposable plate and sticks, a telescope of cardboard tubes. There was still a compass, real. So to all children onboard there was a business. Swimming lasted long enough; overcoming waves of a high grass, the ship floated to the island, and the crew encouraged itself the cheerful song: “Fifteen people on a chest of the dead person, yo - ho - ho, and a rum bottle!“

But here the Treasure island seemed to p. Here artful Silver (who, of course, was the most real pirate) snatched out the card at children and ran away. Children understood not at once what happened and when understood - tried to catch up with it, but Silver on the island had a shelter and armory. He shot back children (water from plastic bottles with a hole in a cover), those ran off, but then began new storm. With some work it was succeeded to persuade travelers to hide and wait. And here Silver left a shelter somewhere, children crept there and took away the card.

So, children hid in a fort (mothers got up a fence) and began to study the card. At first determined by a compass the direction to storage of the weapon, counted steps and found a bag with the guns (which are cut out from a cardboard). It is clear, that having armed, children ran to be at war with Silver at once. But then nevertheless returned to look for a treasure. Here too both the direction, and steps were verified truly, but dug out “treasure“ long - very much diligently we disguised it.

A when was dug out, instead of long-awaited treasures found only a piece of cardboard with an inscription:“ Ha - ha - ha“.

Children appeared

in confusion. Therefore on the offer to go to stock up with the food they quickened and all went fishing. The lake was organized simply: the big bowl covered with fabric. Task: naoshchup to try to discover the small fishes cookies among “seaweed“ - croutons. However, some just liked seaweed.

in the middle of fishing of children someone called from bushes. It was the strange half-naked person with onions and a slingshot (of course, Ben Gunn). Children with it quickly got acquainted and made friends. Then they long ran behind food for Ben and collected acorns on his pointer to shoot back Silver. All this secretly that Silver (and he threateningly went nearby) did not track down them.

A then!“ got on the ship and after small firefight departured. Silver asked aboard too, but he was unmercifully left on the island.


A (a package of candies) children saw

, having only returned on the Continent.