Rus Articles Journal

Poteshki for kids of


Tomato on a bed
Does exercises;
As health, tomato?
- is good! As it should be!
All sweated - but was not tired!
From charging red became.


In a kitchen garden noise - noise - noise,
Hare - hare: hrum - hrum - hrum,
of Pryg - pryg - pryg on stubs, on stubs,
Ate carrot - nyam - nyam - nyam!

of Malines

of Times raspberry, two raspberry,
Directly at a window;
of Times raspberry, two raspberry -
the Whole bast basket!
it is Only necessary to get up early, That a bast basket that to collect


Highly shouts a titmouse:
“Oh as the cheesecake grew!
needs to be broken fast -
Departed to call children!“


That for a roar - boom - boom - boom -
the Apple fell! an apple we will find

In a grass That was not gone.


We bilberry will collect by

In father`s birthday;
we Will cook to the father quickly of
Tasty jam!
will be told by the father:“ Good fellows!
All gifts - lollipops“.

Sweet cherry

We hung in the rain;
Dripped a rain at night, in the afternoon,
That reddened we and sang, That rather us children ate
of All washed us a rain now -
We are sweet cherries - eat us!


our Chesnochok, a chesnochok,
Oh as bitterly - it is bitter!
our Chesnochok, a chesnochok
Eats Bork`s calf; tell
to us - - why?
- That strong to be! Mu - mu.

Cottage cheese

Cottage cheese - cottage cheese - cottage cheese,
Nyam - nyam - nyam - as it is tasty!
Cottage cheese - cottage cheese - cottage cheese,
White, as cabbage!
In a mouth - am! - and the
cottage cheese As a snowflake thaws;
Cottage cheese - cottage cheese - our friend!
strengthens Teeth.

the Small egg

of the Kura - hens: “To - to - to!
We demolished testicles; Ku`s
- ku - eat, to - to,
of the Child - a nevelichka!“


the Small fish - the small fish, well put,
K to us in a saucepan came!
to cook, to feed all. Quickly - quickly - hands to wash

Kirill Avdeenko