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Sex during pregnancy: whether the most frequent questions

It is possible to have sex on early and on late terms as the orgasm influences a fruit whether sexual rest when the diagnosis of prelying of a horion or placenta - on the most important questions of sex is made during pregnancy which are asked by future parents is necessary, doctors of the Moscow versatile medical center “Art - Honey“ answer.

About what month can have sex during pregnancy?

Pregnancy is not contraindication for occupations by sex. However, at some complications of pregnancy (pregnancy interruption threat, an abnormal arrangement of a placenta, istmiko - tservikalny insufficiency and some other) sex can lead to aggravation of these complications, up to premature interruption of pregnancy. In this regard it is expedient to consult previously at your attending physician, to exclude possible complications of pregnancy.

As can have sex during pregnancy?

First of all, it is necessary to exclude situations when it is undesirable to have sex. It is not necessary to do it at pregnancy interruption threat, at a low arrangement of a placenta or prelying of a placenta, at a mnogovodiya, at pelvic prelying of a fruit, at inferiority of a hem on a uterus after the previous Cesarean section, at the expressed fruit hypoxia. In various terms of pregnancy it is necessary to choose the corresponding convenient positions, considering the stomach size not to provoke premature interruption of pregnancy.

me on ultrasonography in 12 weeks made to

U the diagnosis - a low platsentation, without overlapping of a pharynx (so, in my opinion). My doctor did not tell about possible consequences - I learned about need of sexual rest from the Internet. The doctor told that the low platsentation happens on early terms and before the following ultrasonography the placenta “will rise“. It happens? To us now 19 weeks, but the second ultrasonography was not yet. Whether it is possible to have sex?

Most often the placenta “rises“. If it rose, then sex can have if there are no other contraindications to it. Make ultrasonography and specify a condition of a fruit and localization of a placenta.

On what term the fruit finally accepts a pose headfirst? Whether it is possible to have on late term oral sex with the woman?

Usually the fruit holds rather steady position by 36 weeks of pregnancy. But in certain cases it can “spin“ up to childbirth. The issue of any sexual contacts is resolved individually depending on features of a course of pregnancy.

, It is how dangerous to masturbate during pregnancy?

during pregnancy the orgasm and sexual excitement is not really desirable

, especially at pregnancy interruption threat. If pregnancy develops normally, neither masturbation, nor sex will be able to damage it.

Ya on the 7th week (obstetric term). How the orgasm influences a fruit? Same reduction of muscles? What happens to the kid at this moment?

during an orgasm a series of muscular contractions of a uterus happens, at the normal course of pregnancy this situation does not make negative impact on an embryo and a fruit. But at the adverse course of pregnancy (interruption threat, an otsloyka of a site of a horion, a hyper tone, a low platsentation, the “slightly opened“ uterus neck) it is necessary to refrain from sex life as aggravation of these pathological states is possible.

U me 14th week of pregnancy and cyst of the right ovary. Whether it is possible to have sex?

If the cyst small (less than 4 cm) is also not present pregnancy interruption threat, then sex is not contraindicated.

On the term of 10 - 12 weeks by results of ultrasonography - prelying of a horion. As far as it is dangerous? Whether honestly that it is better not to make love at all? What precautionary measures I should apply now?

by Predlezhaniye`s

of a horion it can be transformed to prelying of a placenta that, in turn, is fraught with its possible otsloyka and massive bleeding. Any situation which leads to increase of a tone of a uterus including sexual intercourse can provoke an otsloyka. In this regard it is expedient to you to refrain from sex life. It is regularly necessary to be followed up by a doctor the obstetrician - the gynecologist and to strictly implement all recommendations.


Ya she is pregnant, term - 6 weeks, and we absolutely ceased to make love to the husband. He is afraid to do harm to the child and is ready to refuse pleasure. But I worry also for health of the husband: and for it long abstention is undesirable. Whether are dangerous sex to the kid? And in what terms of pregnancy really it is worth waiting a little with love games?

If do not have

of contraindications, then sex life during pregnancy is admissible. The main contraindications for sex life at pregnancy are: pregnancy interruption threat, an abnormal arrangement of a placenta, abundance of water, polycarpous pregnancy, bleedings of unspecified character, a hem on a uterus, uterus myoma, pelvic prelying of a fruit, fetoplatsentarny insufficiency, infections of an urogenital path and a number of other states. On the other hand, sexual intercourse in itself can provoke a number of complications of pregnancy which can have the failure. In this regard each married couple, proceeding from the specific features, itself decides that it has priority value. For specification of a situation it is better to consult at your attending physician.

U me the term of pregnancy is 17 weeks, age - 32 years. Yesterday on inspection the doctor told that I have a hyperactivity of a uterus and registered but - to a shp. What means this diagnosis as it is correct to behave in this situation (I mean the mode, food etc.) ?

It is probable, during inspection by the doctor signs of threat of interruption of pregnancy which were expressed in increase of a tone and sokratitelny activity of a uterus were revealed. At threat of interruption of pregnancy it is necessary to abstain from sex life, to avoid physical activities and stresses, to avoid increase of intra belly pressure from - for chair delays, to adhere to all basic principles of food of pregnant women.

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