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What diapers are chosen by the advanced mummies?

are difficult to imagine Today modern parents who do not use disposable diapers or shorts for care of the child. Average mother or the father should change about five thousand diapers and shorts from the birth of the kid till the moment when the child already himself is capable to descend independently on a pot.

During this time we try to try various brands of diapers which are widely presented on counters of shops: Russian, Finnish, Turkish, Korean, American and, of course, the Japanese. By trial and error we try to find those which will suit us and ours the baby as health, mood and development of the kid often depends on this important accessory.

I if we were happy with one brand of diapers for the firstborn, we will not necessarily continue by them to use for care and of the second kid. Children change, also diapers change. Nearly an every year there are new brands of these means of hygiene, and they become even thinner, “breathe“ even better and absorb even more.

triangular cotton or linen rags fixed

In the 19th century on a little body of the child and pinned up usual pins. Mass production of reusable fabric diapers which had to be erased repeatedly began in the USA. 50 years later practically at the same time in the different countries the first disposable diapers appeared. In Sweden - it were rubber shorts with the absorbing fabric inside. In the USA - diapers from an oilcloth, but already with plastic fasteners, almost like on modern products. Later by production of a diaper began to use nonwoven fabric which is now used practically by all producers of these means of hygiene. Within several next decades together with development of technical progress the diaper changed the form, the absorbing material, fasteners, a design.

Producers of diapers try not to lag behind the set speed in constantly changing world.

Japan is considered the most hi-tech country: the last scientific developments are applied there absolutely in all spheres of life. Mummies indulge the babies the advanced toys, and modern Japanese diapers give to kids comfort and health.


B the best means on care of children in Japan recognized 2011 production of TM Goo. N. Goo trademark. N became the leader of independent vote in whom thousands of Japanese mothers who estimated favourite means on care of children took part.

TM Goo Diapers. N, as well as the kid, do not stand still - develop, become better. Letting out a new collection, the producer tries to consider requirements and features of each kid.

New TM Goo diapers. N air and very gentle. Soft material of which elastics and sides around legs are made does not allow irritations, natertost and squeezing.“ The diaper surface breathing“ with special cellular structure does not allow an overheat and an intertrigo. Innovative 3D - a relief of an inside layer of a diaper which changes depending on age and the child`s weight, as much as possible reduces the surface area which adjoins to skin of the kid. All materials of which diapers are made are hypoallergenic therefore they are ideally suited for newborns even with the most sensitive skin.

When the double “indicator of filling“ will become blue, it is time to replace a diaper. The diaper is thinner now, but at the same time began to absorb even more liquid. It reliably holds a large amount of moisture thanks to qualitative materials and modern technologies, but not at the expense of product thickness. Wide reusable flypapers which are not afraid of either powder, or creams will help mother to adjust conveniently a diaper on the child`s figure.

the Irreplaceable assistant to parents of lively children. N. Thin diapers - TM Goo shorts. N are almost not noticeable under clothes and do not prevent the kid to move. Their design is developed taking into account anatomic features of little boys and girls. The convenient wide belt, soft elastics and sides will provide fine landing on a figure of the kid, without squeezing at the same time a tummy and legs.

the Fine design of diapers and TM Goon shorts with their amusing pictures - stories about animals will not leave to

indifferent any kid. In each packing of the TM Goo diapers. N of 10 animal species with names in English - and is cheerful, and it is useful.

Production of TM Goo. N is made on the most modern equipment which constantly is updated and improves. Producers of diapers and TM Goon shorts listen to opinion of the consumers, improving the production taking into account their wishes. To quality of TM Goo. N are trusted by buyers of 15 countries of the world, including Russia.

of Goo. N - new diapers of modern times!