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whether Russia is capable to do without economic sanctions of the West, East, North WHETHER the South of


everyone whom the international and domestic policy interests asks Such question in connection with the Ukrainian events. And of course everyone, owing to vision of a situation from the foreshortening gives as “ultimate truth“. And everyone, owing to “importance“ is worthy tracings on tables of world history. Which of respondents of the rights and who is deeply mistaken will show time - it the best judge. Give however, without accepting a pose and without indulging in aplomb we will address sokratovsky dialogue:

1. Whether you agree that the Russian Federation by definition being the self-sufficient country, at the same time on the food for 70% dependent on import of the last? Yes, is not present?

2. Whether you agree that our agricultural, only for 30% and that on foreign equipment and the same technologies providing domestic market is capable during 2kh - 3kh years to be reconstructed in a new way and to provide desired “self-sufficiency“, having completely refused foreign deliveries. Yes, is not present?

3. Even under rather favorably developing conditions where for restoration of the province (sat down) to take due amount of capable age of people if 80 their %, without being going to come back, migrated to the cities, other part passed into the category of lumpens. Agree, is not present?

4. Whether you agree that Russia loses friends more and more, without getting reliable new, also as former are cooled to us? Yes, is not present?

5. What the USA, ANGLIYA, KANADA, YAPONIYA, AVTRALIYa without serious consequences can do without cooperation with us? Yes, is not present?

6. What scientifically - technical, economic and VP the capacity of these countries in the union with NATO much more exceeds that Russian Federation, and to wait when Russia on these indicators catches up with them, do not gather? Yes, is not present?

7. What with the USA of the end 80kh, began 90kh years having approximately equal military potential including and YaO, could, without having applied a uniform shot against the USSR to disorganize the equivalent power. And only promotion at that time worked and there were no sanctions. It is now untwisted both moreover and To the full extent agree, not agreed?

8. In case of effectiveness who first of all will suffer from the carried-out sanctions: vast majority, small medium business or overwhelming minority?

9. How it will be reflected in activity of firms of the West and Russia on already concluded and operating trade relationship? Positive or negatively?

10. Whether the alternative method of a solution is possible? Whether the governments of the parties correctly arrive, influencing not the reason, and a consequence in the created situation? It is senseless to treat an illness without having learned its reason. Yes, is not present?

11. Whether Ukraine how the independent sovereign state is able, by own forces to solve the imminent especially internal problems without any foreign intervention long ago? Yes, is not present?

12. How life of Russians including Crimeans after return of the peninsula of Russia changed? In the best, worst aspect, in no way?

13. Whether the Crimean campaign by the initiating factor, and events on Hugo - the East of Ukraine its continuation is? Yes, is not present?

14. How on the place of Ukraine the U.S. Governments or Russia would arrive, happen at them two staff, and at us two areas suddenly would like independence, separation, self-determination? Without the knowledge of the White House or the Kremlin they in this respect would decide to hold referenda, votes moreover for example to swing in their territories Mexican, and at us the Turkish flags? The answer I think will be unambiguous: force force, beats with force. To one party, without any negotiations it would be recommended to lay down within a day arms, to hand over leaders under tribunal, and another to become in the gun.

15. Any war whatever it was long fair or unfair, with sanctions or without, comes to an end in the world. Yes, the world will be signed, sanctions are removed, diplomatic apologies, handshakes, but for many years are brought and even generations hostility between once fraternal peoples will be seeded.

16. Whether not too we overestimate possibilities of the self-sufficiency? To be mistaken God forbid. Reflect, estimate, weigh.