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You want to grow thin? Convince yourself to want it!

to begin and, the most important, triumphally to finish weight loss process, it is necessary to pay attention to several psychological moments. Can begin everyone, but not curtail from the planned way - destiny strong in spirit. The councils are offered by Marina Korpan, the specialist in weight loss and correction of a figure with use of a respiratory technique of Bodifleks.

At first it is necessary to answer with

accurately and honestly to himself a question: “I really want to grow thin and remain harmonous for the rest of life?“ Nobody except you will be able to move you on weight loss. You and only you have to understand for yourself desire to become healthy and harmonous. It is necessary to solve and set accurately a specific objective - to change itself. You will be lazy or not to believe initially in future success - never you will grow thin, you can not undertake and not spend time even. Auto-suggestion - very serious thing. Everything that happens to the person, he creates itself - and itself programs himself on success or on a failure. To you there is what you most of all are afraid of? So stop to be afraid of it! If not to trust in the positive result of the process of weight loss then any the most known and advanced method will not help you.

Decided to change

the life? Read further about what installations helped me and what stereotypes and prejudices you have to get rid.

Important installations

1. You grow thin only for yourself

When you grow thin and it takes long time, friends often ask the same question: “For what or for the sake of whom you so exhaust yourself?“ It is necessary to grow thin only for himself. I had a cherished dream to come to shop and to buy everything that I want and not that suits me by the size from the presented range. And loudly to tell the seller what I have 46 - y the size. Grow thin for yourself, you are worthy to be beautiful.

2. Daily occupations - as toothbrushing

When come to studio women, at once it is possible to define which of them already decided to grow thin and it will do successfully and who will never achieve result. It is clear on what questions of the lady are asked at the beginning of occupations. Women who will never grow thin are those which ask: “And what, I will have to be engaged in respiratory techniques all the life?“ And how you wanted? Why you dared to acquire so many extra kilos? You do not afford, darling to go to work with the dirty head, without make-up, slovenly dressed. So why you dare to be thick?

3. Do not feel sorry for yourself

Not one woman, as well as I in due time, cry slowly with all and feels sorry for himself, keeping to a diet: “What I unfortunate, am able to afford nothing superfluous! Others are lucky - they eat everything, and it is impossible for me...“ It is not necessary to feel sorry for himself. You will not become happier that ate excess piece of cake. Pity to - destiny of persons of no character. Perceive food as a source of the useful substances necessary for your organism, and eat those products which will be useful to you. The unnecessary food, in the form of sweet or fat, gives nothing useful but only it is postponed by vile freight on your stomach, hips or a bottom.

4. Never abuse yourself

Even if you ate something forbidden, then do not tsiklitsya on it at all. It is not necessary to think and the more so himself to abuse all day or evening for what was eaten. Our thoughts are material and as soon as you begin to think that you ate something absolutely unnecessary, this harmful will surely be postponed at you in not put place. Therefore ate - and forgot, deleted it from the head.

5. Fear to recover

Develop in yourself fear to recover again after grew thin. Knock yourself into the head that you grow thin in the life and forever last time! More at you should not be minus of 10 - 15 kg, then plus of 10 - 15 kg! Everything, you grew thin - and have to remain such for the rest of life!

Myths which prevent to grow thin

1. The good person has to be much

When these words, the only thing are pronounced what occurs, it is “loser“. And it is not roughness, but severe reality. Similar statements - excuses for the stout person. Inside to it it is very heavy and awkward for the completeness, and such remarkable words relieve responsibility for his weight from the fat man. When say that thin people angry, it sounds totally ludicrous. The person cannot be kind or angry only from that, thick he or thin. It depends on character with which he was born, and from his vital beliefs.

2. My husband Never loves me such

- never, - to nobody I will believe nobody in it. It is improbable that you married full. Even if it so, then believe, each man wants to see near himself the beautiful, slender and self-assured woman / wife. It is undoubted that the person is loved for his inner world, but not for leanness. But also symmetry in modern life plays not the last role. The most awful is the fact that we, women, are guilty of it, having made a cult of weight loss. We constantly speak about it in the presence of men. We approach the husband and we ask: whether not thick I? oh, and my cellulitis it is strongly visible? Sometimes it seems that man it is not worse than women any more understand questions of weight loss. Opening magazines and including the TV, our men encounter an agiotage around weight loss everywhere. And looking at well-groomed, slender, sports women around itself in transport, at work, on the street, at the subconscious level they begin to compare beauties to you. Perhaps darling will also not tell you that it is time to grow thin, but sooner or later in the head of it this thought will be lodged. As if the person neither loved you and nor adored, nobody cancelled such concept as “esthetic pleasure“.

the Man is initially adjusted to compare and estimate women in the environment. Present how it and you feel, meeting friends whose wives and girlfriends harmonous, and you obviously differ. You will inevitably hesitate. My dear women, do not trust the husbands when they claim that they love you such what you are if, of course, you not the winner of a beauty contest.


Make to the man a surprise, having appeared before it same remarkable, but also harmonous. And then ask it: “Darling, and to what I you am pleasant more?“ It is sure for 100% that new you will be pleasant to the husband much more.

From the book “Bodifleks. Breathe and grow thin“